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Best Divorce Lawyers in Alhambra

Barcena Law Offices

The Noreen Barcena Law firm addresses clients all through the Alhambra metro region. Its family regulation practice offers help to clients who are going through separation and helps them with related issues, for example, youngster backing, support, and kid guardianship and appearance. Notwithstanding family regulation, Barcena’s firm practices criminal and movement regulation. By and by starting around 2012, Barcena has filled in as a chief board individual from the Mexican American Bar affiliation and offers her administrations in English and in Spanish.

H Bui Law Firm

H Bui Law Firm is a full-administration law office close to Alhambra that upholds people and couples with issues connected with separate, invalidation, local area property division, support, kid care, and appearance. It offers a free starting discussion, has a custom-made, customized way to deal with clients, and can oblige administrations in English, Chinese, Spanish, and Vietnamese. H Bui Law Firm additionally has practice regions in family regulation, criminal regulation, common regulation, and bequest arranging, supporting people both in court, during settlements, and in intercession meetings.

Optimal Legal Group

The Ideal Legal Group gives lawful portrayal to people going through the difficult course of separation in the Alhambra region. The strong handles cases including cooperative separation, high-total assets people, division of property, and kid support. Its lawyers have broad involvement with global separation regulation. Ideal Legal Group additionally assists clients with care, guardianship, surrogacy, and reception. Its multi-lingual lawful group offers administrations in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Spanish as well as English.

Landers Law Corporation

Landers Law Corporation is a separation legal counselor close to Alhambra that covers youngster guardianship matters, appearance, support issues, prenuptial arrangements, and implementation of court orders. With more than thirty years of involvement, it offers a free starting conference to examine the choices accessible to people and couples, including intercession, prosecution, and settlement. Landers Law Corporation has upheld people in no-shortcoming divorce cases and has practice regions in movement, individual injury, business suit, and criminal regulation.

Lara Law Firm

Serving people and families in Alhambra and the encompassing regions, Lara Law Firm offers legitimate exhortation and portrayal in separate and other family regulation related cases. It likewise handles various cases including individual injury. These incorporate premises obligation, devastating wounds, slips and falls, and vehicle, bike, and transport mishaps. The association’s establishing lawyer, Richard L. Lara, accepts that a country ought to safeguard its residents’ freedoms and is respected to be a piece of the lawful local area.

Regulation Offices of Bradley Hochberg

The Law Offices of Bradley Hochberg can give a family legal counselor close to Alhambra. The firm helps clients confronting a potential or real separation, and it helps address different complex issues like kid and spousal help, conjugal resource dispersion, and guardianship. Establishing lawyer Bradley Hochberg has been providing legal counsel for over 25 years. The Law Offices of Bradley Hochberg additionally takes on criminal safeguard, individual injury, and migration cases.

Regulation Offices of Jesse A. Verdin

The Law Offices of Jesse A. Verdin is a separation legal counselor close to Alhambra that covers local area property division, youngster guardianship, appearance, spousal help, and controlling requests. With more than twenty years of involvement, it offers a free starting meeting, furnishes a customized approach with normal correspondence, and supports in the court, in intercession meetings, and during settlement arrangements. The Law Offices of Jesse A. Verdin can offer their administrations in Spanish and have addressed clients in aggressive behavior at home cases, paternity suits, and prenuptial arrangements as well.

Regulation Offices of Meisa Banh

The Law Offices of Meisa Banh addresses clients in all family regulation matters. The association’s group of Certified Family Law Specialists and lawyers in Alhambra helps with issues connected with separate, paternity, youngster care, appearance, kid and spousal help, prenuptial and postnuptial arrangements, limiting requests, property division, and so on. While the firm offers intervention and cooperative separation administrations, they additionally dispute when vital and to the greatest advantage of their clients. The legal counselors moreover offer discussion administrations and handle uncontested separation cases, aid conjugal debates, and address clients in conventional and forward thinking connections, including same-sex associations. Ms. Meisa Banh has been perceived as a top lawyer for a long time inside her local area in Family Law, Pasadena Magazine, and as a Super Lawyer, Los Angeles Magazine.

Regulation Offices of R. Ross Jacinto

The Law Offices of R. Ross Jacinto is a firm close to Alhambra and has offered counsel in separate from procedures starting around 1994. Separate from administrations incorporate kid guardianship, appearance freedoms, divorce settlement, and kid support. The firm additionally offers counsel in prenuptial arrangements and spousal help. Its lawyer, R. Ross Jacinto, is ensured in family regulation by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization and is an individual from the Los Angeles and Pasadena County Bars.

Regulation Offices of Sabrina Li

The Law Offices of Sabrina Li is a separation lawyer in Alhambra that has helped people and couples with custom fitted legitimate administrations beginning around 2012. It covers cases associated with separate, property division, youngster guardianship, prenuptial arrangements, and postnuptial arrangements. It offers a top to bottom conference to examine settlement arrangements, intervention, and prosecuting in a court. The Law Offices of Sabrina Li has other practice regions, including criminal regulation, corporate regulation, and movement regulation.

Martha M. Avila

Martha M. Avila is a lawyer close to Alhambra offering counsel in separate from regulation. Its administrations incorporate separation procedures, kid authority and appearance, kid support, spousal help, paternity, and aggressive behavior at home. It offers counsel during the entire course of family regulation procedures, including court portrayal. The association’s lawyer, Martha M. Avila, is an individual from the California State Bar, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Pasadena Bar Association, and the San Gabriel Valley Bar Association.

The Graves Law Firm

The Graves Law Firm is a training that serves clients in and around Alhambra. It gives lawful portrayal to people in high-total assets, competitor, challenged, and uncontested separation cases. It additionally handles other family regulation matters, for example, youngster authority and appearance, resource and obligation division, spousal help, kid backing, and judgment changes. Its other practice regions incorporate chapter 11 and paternity issues. Head Demetria L. Graves is the previous leader of the Black Women’s Lawyers Los Angeles, Inc.

The Law Help Center

The Law Help Center is a firm giving portrayal to individuals who need a legal counselor with experience and comprehension of all family regulation matters, including divorce. It handles situations where kid related questions, for example, care and appearance should be settled, as well as those with conjugal property or resources for partition. The firm serves clients with empathy and regard all through their meetings. Its lawyers exhort in legitimate divisions, outline disintegrations of marriage, cancellations, and separation procedures.