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Best Criminal Defense Attorneys in Anaheim

24/7 Legal

day in and day out Legal connections clients to criminal guard lawyers in their neighborhood. The firm uses its association with north of 20,000 experts to find the right supplier in light of the client’s extraordinary circumstance. These lawyers work with people having to deal with crime and offense penalties. They explore the argument against their client and gather proof by speaking with cops and auditing the capture strategy. all day, every day Legal furnishes open correspondence with clients to guarantee that they are associated with a legal advisor that can save their lawful freedoms.

Aristocrat Legal

Noble Legal is a law office serving clients in the Anaheim metro and the encompassing regions. It offers legitimate direction and portrayal to people who have been accused of a wrongdoing. It chips away at different cases, including threatening behavior, drug ownership, DUI or DWI, probation infringement, and rape. What’s more, it handles misrepresentation and phony, manslaughter, burglary, and robbery accusations. Its different areas of training incorporate family and probate regulation. Brian Baron, the lead lawyer, has been providing legal counsel for over 15 years.

DUI Lawyer Anaheim

DUI Lawyer Anaheim is a full-administration group of law enforcement lawyers in Anaheim. With over 25 years of involvement, the firm means to clean clients off of fault and keep their records clean in criminal cases. It looks for options in contrast to detainment, including probation, work discharge, home imprisonment, and medication or liquor recovery in cases including driving impaired, drug dealing and ownership, prostitution, abusive behavior at home, and other lawbreaker matters. The firm likewise handles regulatory permit suspensions after a DUI allegation.

James M Crawford

James M. Crawford is a criminal protection lawyer who has been serving Anaheim occupants for more than 25 years. He safeguards the privileges of people having to deal with penalties for abusive behavior at home, murder or homicide, legally defined sexual assault, shoplifting, and robbery. He additionally addresses careless drivers managing DUI infringement. He assists respondents with recording questions to settle required punishments, including permit suspensions and detainment. Crawford has taken care of in excess of 600 requests. He keeps a connection with the California Public Defenders Association.

Regulation Office of André J. Ausseresses, APC

The Law Office of André J. Ausseresses, APC offers criminal safeguard portrayal in family legitimate issues in Anaheim and all through Orange County. In family courts, the firm addresses those confronting claims of badgering, abusive behavior at home, and hatred. Controlling and insurance arranges likewise fall under the association’s areas of training. Also, establishing lawyer André J. Ausseresses handles separate, kid support, kid authority, appearance freedoms, and divorce settlement cases. He is an individual from the Orange County Bar Association.

Regulation Office of Heena Patel

The Law Office of Heena Patel gives criminal legal counselors in Anaheim to lawful offense and misdeed accusations. A previous Los Angeles County Public Defender, Patel has north of 10 years of criminal safeguard insight, and her training regions incorporate DUIs and liquor related cases, drug wrongdoings, robbery, abusive behavior at home, weapons, and probation infringement cases. Legitimate protection is additionally accessible for clients with driving-related issues going from constant criminal traffic offenses to permit suspensions and vehicular murder.

Regulation Office of Michael L. Fell

The Law Office of Michael L. Fell helps clients accused of criminal offenses in Anaheim, giving forceful portrayal beginning around 2009. It addresses clients confronting DUI, aggressive behavior at home, burglary, Title IX, misrepresentation, and medication ownership charges. The firm assists clients with putting their previous behind them through expungements. Fell is a California board-ensured criminal regulation trained professional and has very nearly twenty years of involvement as an investigator. This foundation furnished him with a profound comprehension of the case indictment process and the prerequisites while submitting proof.

Regulation Office of Sheny Gutierrez

Outfitted with over 15 years of involvement, the Law Office of Sheny Gutierrez gives legitimate guidance and portrayal to occupants in and around the Anaheim region. Its group upholds clients accused of and blamed for intoxicated driving, youngster misuse, and abusive behavior at home. The lawful experts likewise handle criminal cases including murder, burglary, and medication ownership. Likewise, they construct safeguard procedures for individuals confronting torching, attack, defacing, and prostitution charges. The company’s lawyer, Sheny Gutierrez, is an individual from the California Public Defenders Association.

Regulation Offices of Natalio Pereira

Regulation Offices of Natalio Pereira serves people in Anaheim. It gives results-driven portrayal in different parts of criminal regulation. The firm offers lawful direction to clients managing abusive behavior at home, robbery, attack, and medication wrongdoings. It additionally prosecutes DUI infringement, helping first-to fourth-time wrongdoers settle serious punishments, like permit suspension or repudiation, fines, and detainment. Pioneer Nate Pereira has been a criminal guard lawyer for north of 10 years. He started his profession filling in as a public safeguard in San Bernardino.

Regulation Offices Of Rodney Nosratabadi

The Law Offices Of Rodney Nosratabadi guards criminally charged people in Anaheim. Rodney Nosratabadi and his group handle cases including pyromania, burglary, thievery, and robbery. They foster protection procedures that can diminish the punishments or invalidate different offenses coming about because of medication, sex, and traffic wrongdoings. Working with the higher standards when in doubt rule, they acknowledge just various cases each month to convey customized legitimate portrayal. Nosratabadi is knowledgeable in DUI protection, adolescent criminal safeguard, and adolescent reliance cases. They are knowledgeable about taking cases to the court.

Regulation Offices of Rudolph E. Loewenstein

The Law Offices of Rudolph E. Loewenstein offers criminal protection administrations to Anaheim inhabitants. The confident handles instances of brutal violations like attack, abusive behavior at home, crime, and vehicular murder. It likewise protects people in middle class wrongdoings and doctor prescribed drug extortion. Rudolph E. Loewenstein is a previous representative lead prosecutor who utilizes his experience with indictment methods and strategies to take the proper countermeasures. He was guaranteed by the state bar as a criminal regulation expert in 1991.

Malcolm M. Guleserian

The Law Offices of Malcolm M. Guleserian is a criminal safeguard firm with over 30 years of involvement. It offers lawful types of assistance to people in Anaheim and the close by metros. It addresses clients in both state and government courts, focusing on elective condemning. The confident handles an assortment of wrongdoing and crime cases like manslaughter, guns, robbery and extortion, shoplifting, and criminal traffic offense cases. Malcolm Guleserian is a previous cop and has filled in as an adjudicator favorable to tem.

Mark Fredrick Attorney at Law

For quite some time, Mark Fredrick Attorney at Law has been addressing clients in Anaheim and the encompassing regions. It safeguards the opportunity and protected freedoms of people blamed for perpetrating violations, like abducting, murder, attack, assault, and extortion. Establishing lawyer Mark Fredrick has addressed clients in complex cases in state and government courts. He filled in as Judge Pro Tem in Orange County and was recorded in America’s Top 100 criminal guard lawyers. He is likewise an individual from the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Sam Salhab Law Office

Sam Salhab Law Office offers legitimate portrayal for people all through Anaheim and the close by regions who are confronting the danger of criminal arraignment. The store law office means to keep clients out of prison by diminishing or even totally disposing of the charges made against them. Its lawful group completely audits proof, creates safeguard methodologies to precisely depict the case, and breaks down whether clients will probably be absolved or sentenced at preliminary. A portion of the cases it handles incorporate mail misrepresentation, middle class wrongdoings, and DUI.

Shouse Law Group

Laid out in 2004, Shouse Law Group is a firm of criminal legal counselors in Anaheim. With workplaces all through the United States, Shouse Law Group has insight with criminal cases, including DUI, drug, sex, monetary, and vicious violations. Its staff lawyers have past involvement with policing, assists them with completely examining each case. They work to find proof and examination body of evidence subtleties to represent clients against the indictment. Extra practice regions incorporate clinical class-activity suits, individual injury, and aggressive behavior at home.

Simmons Wagner, LLP

Simmons Wagner, LLP, takes care of people in Anaheim. It shields individuals confronting criminal cases like bothered attack, incendiarism, manslaughter, group violations, seizing, and murder. It likewise handles abusive behavior at home contentions like criminal dangers, irritated intruding, kid peril and misuse, and corporal injury to a mate or occupant. Likewise, it takes on specialists’ comp misrepresentation, imitation, and extortion cases. Scott Simmons, one of the company’s lawyers, was granted as Prosecutor of the Year by the Orange County District Attorney’s Office after 118 jury preliminaries.

The Chong Firm

The Chong Firm addresses people having to deal with criminal penalties in Anaheim. The company’s group of criminal protection lawyers in Anaheim upholds clients in cases including DUIs and other criminal infractions. Also, the confident handles cases including traffic offenses, common prosecution and guard, and family regulation. The firm was established by Jason J. Chong in 2010. He is enrolled to provide legal counsel in California, Massachusetts, and the District of Columbia. He involves his past involvement with common system and practice to battle for his clients’ freedoms.

The Law Office Of Alexandra Kazarian

The Law Office of Alexandra Kazarian serves local people in and around the Anaheim metro. It gives extensive lawful direction and portrayal for clients requiring criminal safeguard, dealing with cases like medications and weapons ownership, probation infringement, driving impaired, robbery, and threatening behavior. The law office additionally has insight in dealing with cases connecting with kid and adolescent wrongdoings. The Whittier-based firm has been in legitimate assistance starting around 2006 and has dealt with north of 5,000 cases.

The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs

The Law Office of Barney B. Gibbs has been rehearsing criminal protection in Anaheim and the Orange County region for north of thirty years. With in excess of 2,000 lawbreaker counts excused, the firm shields against charges of threatening behavior, aggressive behavior at home, drug wrongdoings, disdain wrongdoings, state misrepresentation, and probation infringement. Gibbs has broad involvement in the California Three Strikes condemning regulation for rehash lawful offense guilty parties and is an individual from the Orange County Criminal Defense Bar.

The Law Offices of Charles M. Farano

The Law Offices of Charles M. Farano gives criminal protection administrations to clients in the Anaheim region. This firm aides those blamed for and accused of violations like pot ownership, aggressive behavior at home, and misrepresentation. Lawyer Charles M. Farano has been evaluated by Martindale-Hubbell and is guaranteed by the National Board of Trial Advocates. He is a previous investigator with inside information on California’s equity framework. Different areas of training incorporate business suit and work regulation.

The Law Offices of John W. Bussman

Serving clients in the Anaheim region, The Law Offices of John W. Bussman handles a wide range of criminal cases. That incorporates DUIs, as well as wrongdoing and crime offenses like burglary, extortion, and manslaughter. Moreover, the group at this firm assists clients with seeking after expungements for old crook records or get controlling requests against a harasser. Lawyer John W. Bussman is confessed to rehearse in state and government courts all through California.

The Law Offices Of John W. Bussman

The Law Offices Of John W. Bussman offers lawful direction and support to clients who are being scrutinized or have been accused of violations. It helps grown-ups and adolescents all through Anaheim and handles cases including burglary, DUI, aggressive behavior at home, weapon offenses, chronic drug use, and sex wrongdoings. Its lawful group additionally helps with record fixing and expungement, as well as probation infringement and limiting requests. The law office was laid out in 2012, and its lawyer has been named in The National Trial Lawyers’ Top 40 under 40.

The Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena

The Law Offices of Staycie R. Sena serves clients in Anaheim. It offers lawful help to people confronting criminal cases like hid convey, thievery, drug deals and ownership, misleading detainment, and legally defined sexual assault. What’s more, it handles cases including aggressive behavior at home, youngster disregard and attack, and spousal maltreatment. It additionally gives legitimate guide to those managing charges concerning defacement. The law office has been upholding clients for over twenty years.