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Best Car Accident Lawyers in Alhambra

Lawyer Ness

Lawyer Ness addresses clients in the Alhambra metro and the adjoining networks. The legitimate firm mostly handles cases on fender benders, individual injury, slip and fall, and inappropriate behavior. The firm is driven by Paul Ness, who moved on from Loyola Marymount University. Ness began his vocation as a lead prosecutor and at last devoted his training to addressing clients who have been exploited by insurance agency. The firm has recuperated more than $100,000,000 worth of client settlements in auto collision cases.


Serving Alhambra, EAccidents intends to make the lawful cycle simple for its clients. It deals with each part of auto crash claims, from alluding clients to clinical experts and auto body shops to address their wounds and property harms to haggling fair settlements and disputing their cases in court. The firm purposes a cloud-based framework and an application that give clients admittance to live help and online arrangement plans. EAccidents has been highlighted in news sources like NBC, Fox News, and ABC.

Into Champon and Assoc.

Into Champion and Assoc. is a law office serving clients in the Alhambra metro. Albeit principally known to take on offended party cases, its legal advisors have insight in addressing both offended party and respondent in the state and government courts. Its training regions cover injury, liquidation, and movement. Some injury cases its group has taken care of incorporate car crashes, premise liabilities, and canine nibbles. Establishing lawyer Into Bo Champion established the firm in 1992 and is familiar with Thai, Lao, and French.

Regulation Office of Peter C. Lee

The Law Office of Peter C. Lee works with clients in Alhambra. The firm addresses individuals engaged with vehicle drops in on in claims against the party to blame. They can request pay for clinical expenses, property harm, and vehicle fixes. Its group additionally helps in other individual injury suits like cruiser mishaps, bike mishaps, and risky premises, alongside unfair demise claims. Lead counsel Peter Lee has contested many common cases and serves clients who communicate in Mandarin, Cantonese, and Vietnamese.

Regulation Offices of Elvis Tran

The Law Offices of Elvis Tran serves the inhabitants of the Alhambra metro. Lead Lawyer Tran and his group address casualties of mechanized vehicle mishaps, particularly those experiencing awful cerebrum wounds. They haggle with insurance agency and careless gatherings in getting pay and dispute cases in the event that need be. In 2017, Tran contested and settled an individual injury case for 6,000,000 bucks and a horrendous mind injury case for 2,000,000 bucks.

Regulation Offices of Pius Joseph

Laid out in 1990, the Law Offices of Pius Joseph serves clients in Pasadena and its encompassing regions, including Alhambra. The firm addresses people and organizations in cases including vehicle, truck, bike, cruiser, walker, and development mishaps through legitimate techniques and preliminary strategies. It likewise helps survivors of canine chomps, illegitimate passings, cerebrum wounds, premises, and item responsibility. Organizer Pius Joseph has been providing legal counsel starting around 1987. He has additionally drilled in both state and government courts all through California.

McGee, Lerer and Associates

McGee, Lerer and Associates is a law office that solely handles individual injury claims, including fender bender claims. Serving Alhambra, the lawyers at the firm aide clients all through the official procedures and assist them with deciding a fair settlement as per the wounds supported in the vehicle mishap. Establishing lawyers Daniel McGee and Catherine Lerer, a couple with 40 years of joined insight, laid out the firm in 2001. The group is likewise an individual from the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

McNally Law Office

McNally Law Office has been addressing clients in Alhambra and the adjoining regions for over 25 years. The firm assists clients who with having been engaged with vehicle, cruiser, or truck mishaps and guides them in getting claims for horrendous wounds. It likewise helps clients who are uninsured and underinsured. Head lawyer Frank McNally intends to acquire most extreme pay for the client and their families by careful examination with mishap reconstructionists and assessment of current and future harms.

Mendez and Sanchez

Mendez and Sanchez is a law office that gives legitimate portrayal to clients engaged with fender bender cases in Alhambra and the encompassing regions. It assists harmed casualties with guaranteeing remuneration for lost compensation, doctor’s visit expenses, and different harms brought about by another party’s carelessness. It additionally directs in guaranteeing harms from to blame drivers. The lawyers at Mendez and Sanchez are focused on taking on extreme cases and getting greatest pay for their clients. The firm has prevailed upon $50 million in decisions and settlements.

The Shahbaz Firm, APC Attorney at Law

Framed in 2018, The Shahbaz Firm, APC, Attorney at Law, addresses clients in Alhambra and the encompassing regions who are confronting movement or individual injury cases. Proprietor Danish Shahbaz and his group handle an extensive variety of individual injury claims, including fender benders brought about by occupied driving, plastered driving, vehicle mechanical deformities, and inadequate street plans. They assist harmed casualties and their families with getting remuneration for harms like doctor’s visit expenses, lost compensation, and close to home affliction. Danish is conversant in both English and Spanish.

Vardanyan Law Firm

Vardanyan Law Firm guards the freedoms of vehicle and engine vehicle mishap casualties in Alhambra. It offers portrayal in cases including car collisions, rideshare mishaps, horrendous wounds, government responsibility, and illegitimate demise. Its lawyer looks for remuneration for profound pain, broken bones, loss of motion, whiplash, and financial impacts like clinical costs and loss of wages. The strong handles a couple of cases at some random opportunity to give its clients the required individual attention.Z

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