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Best Bankruptcy Attorneys in Alhambra


Anglin Flewelling and Rasmussen LLP is a liquidation law office serving the Alhambra region. Established in 2002, it gives legitimate portrayal to people and organizations looking for help with liquidation related matters. The company’s chapter 11 legal counselors are focused on offering responsive and proficient support, assisting clients with petitioning for the fitting liquidation claims. They have insight in dealing with redesigns, exercises, liquidations, and restructurings. The firm can speak with clients in clients in Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Italian.

Aratta Law Firm

Aratta Law Firm gives different prosecution and conditional administrations in Alhambra. The insolvency law office helps clients with part 7 and section 13 chapter 11. It works with them in assessing administrative work and records to comprehend which chapter 11 choice would best suit their necessities. It additionally gives direction through the complicated insolvency recording process. Aratta Law Firm gives discussion administrations in Spanish, Armenian, and Russian. It likewise rehearses in regions including individual injury regulation and movement regulation.

Glendale Law Group

Glendale Law Group is a liquidation law office in Alhambra that assists people and organizations with taking care of their monetary levy. Lawyers at the law office recognize what kind of insolvency is reasonable for every client. They guide individuals through section 7, part 11, and section 13 procedures. They likewise safeguard clients’ pay when they declare financial insolvency and just exchange a part of their resources as installment for obligations when essential. Other practice region of the firm incorporate criminal guard and individual injury.

Khach Law Group, PC

Khach Law Group, PC is a legitimate office that assists candidates with managing the chapter 11 cycle in Alhambra and close by regions. The workplace centers around points in sections 7 and 13 of the US Code. The lawyers at this office additionally help clients in looking for pay for wounds that are because of car collisions, slip and fall, and misbehavior. It additionally handles matters that include wills and trusts, business development, and common settlements.

Lagerlof, LLP

Lagerlof, LLP is a chapter 11 law office serving Alhambra and different regions all through California. It takes special care of the requirements of private people and organizations. The association’s liquidation lawyers are focused on laying out dependable working associations with their clients to offer individualized support. They have helped clients in safeguarding their resources and keeping away from the outcomes of monetary emergencies. The firm additionally handles business-related legitimate matters like duty, work, and corporate regulation.

Regulation Office of Joseph Collier

Regulation Office of Joseph Collier is a law office addressing clients in part 7 liquidation cases in the Greater Alhambra region. Joseph Collier, the liquidation lawyer of the firm, has been by and by for over 20 years and has taken care of various insolvency cases all through Riverside, Los Angeles, and Santa Barbara Counties. Joseph adopts an individual strategy by talking with clients broadly before they show up at the Meeting of Creditors. The insolvency law office additionally offers prompt help from wage garnishments, abandonments, and expulsions.

Regulation office of Terrence Fantauzzi

Regulation Office of Terrence Fantauzzi has north of 10 years of involvement with documenting section 13 and part 7 liquidation petitions. The liquidation lawyers teach clients on the various sorts of chapter 11 choices, including qualification, options, and obligation help choices. The legitimate firm prompts its clients on their lawful privileges with regards to obligation related claims. It additionally directs clients on the most proficient method to deal with badgering from Visa organizations and different banks. Besides, it handles cases connected with educational loan obligation and domain arranging.

Regulation Offices of Hector Vega

The Law Offices of Hector Vega addresses people in liquidation cases in Alhambra. The cases dealt with by the training incorporate section 7, part 11, and part 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Its central lawyer is chapter 11 legal advisor Hector Vega. The law office likewise chips away at forestalling dispossessions and pay garnishments with insolvency filings. The Law Offices of Hector Vega’s office is situated in Burbank and starts help with a counsel meeting.

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP

Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie LLP is a multidisciplinary law office situated in Alhambra. Its chapter 11 legal advisors have given portrayal to debt holders and legal administrators engaged with formal insolvency procedures. Additionally, they have likewise pushed for clients in liquidation settlements beyond court. At the point when a client decides to petition for an insolvency, this regulation office guarantees that resources are secured. It has likewise helped borrowers who are confronting dispossession or repossession issues.

Lo and Lo LLP

Lo and Lo LLP is a liquidation law office laid out in 1981 serving the Alhambra region. The company’s lawyers have a joined regulation encounter of more than 60 years. They assist clients with petitioning for part 7 liquidation, which wipes out debts without collateral, section 11 insolvency, which redesigns business obligations, and section 13, which forestalls abandonment. They manage wage garnishments, account duties, and decrease of interests and installments. The firm likewise handles common suit, business regulation, home preparation, and criminal regulation.


The Law Offices of Herik Mosesi administrations Alhambra region occupants that need assistance through the liquidation cycle. The Glendale-based firm backings people and organizations seeking declare financial insolvency and attempts to alleviate coming about effects like abandonments, repossessions, wage garnishments, and bank calls. The firm additionally takes special care of organizations that should exchange their resources subsequent to seeking financial protection. Mosesi has been providing legal counsel in California starting around 1997 and has more than 19 years of Papian and Adamian. A Professional Law Corporation

Papian and Adamian. A Professional Law Corporation has been addressing people in chapter 11 cases in Alhambra for over 15 years. The training handles part 7 and section 13 of the Bankruptcy Code. Its group of liquidation legal advisors incorporates Hasmik Jasnube Papian and Araksia Adamian. The law office likewise addresses individual injury and family regulation practice regions. Papian and Adamian. A Professional Law Corporation’s office is situated in Glendale and furthermore serves individuals in the Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura provinces.

Reganyan Law Firm

Reganyan Law Firm gives legitimate portrayal to individuals and organizations overpowered by obligation. The Alhambra-based chapter 11 law office assists clients in each step of the liquidation with handling, from recording a request up to posting their pay, resources, and liabilities. Robert Reganyan, the lawyer, tries to limit the departure of a client’s resources through section 7 and part 13 chapter 11 and assists clear off the obligation with recording if conceivable. The firm additionally handles understudy loans, obligation settlement, and foe procedures.

RJB Law Offices

Serving the Alhambra region, RJB Law Offices is a law office with more than 20 years of involvement with insolvency cases. The firm has insolvency lawyers who are committed to giving legitimate portrayal to clients dealing with monetary issues like obligation, bank provocation, late installments, and pay garnishment. These lawyers present feasible legitimate arrangements that are customized to fit a client’s one of a kind requirements and conditions, like petitioning for section 7 or part 13 liquidation. They additionally handle obligation settlement cases.