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                             Amalgam Mods

Mixtures are units hybridized with Sentient innovation, created by Alad V to be utilized as weapons for the Sentients.


Corpus Amalgams

Sentient Amalgams


Wolf of Saturn Six and Saturn Six Fugitive

Amalgam Mods




Patch History

Corpus Amalgams

Corpus Amalgams generate solely on the Corpus Gas City tileset, with Alad V reporting their presence. Up to three Amalgams can generate, drawn from the pool beneath;

Mixture Alkonosts are Crewmen completely changed over into Sentient. They can get their kindred Crewmen and infuse enhancers into their cerebrum, expanding their harm and strength all the while.

Combination Heqet are expert sharpshooter units that can make Spectralyst duplicates of their foes. They are outfitted with the Komorex.png Komorex expert marksman rifle.

Mixture Kucumatz are drones that can shift back and forth between quick fire shots and a profoundly harming laser.

Blend Machinists can send a quickly beating area of impact which mends them and can convey Amalgam Ospreys. They employ Cyanex.png Cyanex guns.

Blend MOAs can move themselves out of stage, permitting them to recover enormous pieces of wellbeing.

Combination Ospreys can make Spectralyst duplicates of their partners.

Combination Satyrs are biped MOAs with two sets of legs. Contingent upon which they stand on they go about as one or the other skirmish or went units.

Conscious Amalgams

All Corpus Amalgam units, except for the Alkonost and the Osprey, have variations that can be experienced in secret rooms or seldom in the field. They consider part of the Sentient group and will subsequently go after Corpus units. These variations act somewhat not the same as their typical partners.

Blend Arca Heqet use an ArcaTitron.png Arca Titron hammer rather than rifleman rifles.

Blend Arca Kucumatz have their repeater turrets supplanted with an ArcaPlasmor.png Arca Plasmor.

Blend Cinder Machinists come up short on capacity to send Amalgam Ospreys, and are outfitted with a flamethrower rather than the Cyanex.

Mixture Phase MOA gain the capacity to toss energy circles.

Mixture Swarm Satyrs have their run weapon improved to homing shots.


Fundamental article: Demolisher

Demolysts are an extraordinary variation of Amalgams that just show up in the Disruption game mode on Ganymede, Jupiter. They are basically a sort of Demolisher that generates once a conductor objective has been set off, hurrying in to obliterate it. Demolysts discharge an uproarious sound and, when sufficiently close, are given a red marker. They will quickly straight shot for any dynamic channel and will start to fall to pieces when they’ve arrived at one, obliterating the course in the event that not killed in time.

A Demolyst will beat out a red air like clockwork with a sweep of 6.5 meters, quickly scattering and crippling all Warframe capacities close enough and on itself, like a Nullifier Crewman’s air pocket.

Wolf of Saturn Six and Saturn Six Fugitive

The Wolf of Saturn Six and his Saturn Six Fugitives are professional killers who were presented in Nightwave: Series 1 – The Wolf of Saturn Six. The Wolf, previously a Grineer maverick criminal who got away from the Saturn Six Max-Pen jail, began to seek after the Tenno with his pack effectively. As displayed in the fourth lifelike model, the Wolf and his pack were tricked into a snare by Alad V, who infused them with “Conscious juices” transforming them into a significantly more impressive and fearsome rival. Be that as it may, the fifth lifelike model shows the Wolf breaking liberated from Alad V’s grasp.

They are the principal Amalgam units in the game not made by hybridizing a Corpus.

Mixture Mods

There are 9 Amalgam Mods altogether:

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Argonak Metal Auger

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Barrel Diffusion

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Daikyu Target Acquired

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Furax Body Count

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Javlok Magazine Warp

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Organ Shatter

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Ripkas True Steel

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Serration

Mod TT 20px.png Amalgam Shotgun Spazz


Combination safeguards won’t recover subsequent to being totally taken out.

Mixtures don’t bring forth on Themisto, Jupiter, Alad V’s and Zanuka’s Assassination hub, because of the Amalgam Project being the replacement to the Zanuka Project. They do notwithstanding, show up as would be expected in Secret Labs that generate in a similar mission.

Blend Alkonosts are totally invulnerable to Status Effects and certain Warframe capacities.

Random data

A combination is for the most part portrayed as a blend or mix of numerous things, and is gotten from Amalgamation, which is the method involved with consolidating or joining different elements into one structure.

In science, an Amalgam regularly alludes to a combination made out of Mercury and another metal; all Amalgams experienced in WARFRAME are crossovers of Sentients and another group.

Sequentially, the principal Amalgam presented was Ballas during the occasions of Chimera Prologue, changed into an Orokin-Sentient crossover. The following arrangement of Amalgams, and where the term previously started, became an integral factor during Nightwave Series 1 where the Grineer Saturn Six Fugitives and Wolf of Saturn Six were changed into “Combination Dogs” by Alad V.

The Battacor.png Battacor and Ocucor.png Ocucor, as well as the Orb Mother battle stages, are Corpus made weapons incorporated with Sentient innovation. Be that as it may, these are not viewed as Amalgams, as they were made under Nef Anyo as opposed to Alad V.

Humanoid Amalgam can be viewed as cyborgs. For instance: Amalgam Alkonosts, Amalgam Heqets, Amalgam Machinists, the Wolf of Saturn Six, and the Saturn Six Fugitives have all been modified with robotic and Sentient innovation, while as yet holding their humanoid structure and natural matter.


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