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ACTUALLY Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Moms

If you also have a mom who always says that she doesn’t want anything for Christmas but still gets moody when she actually doesn’t get any presents, welcome to the team! Shopping for Christmas gifts for such a mom can be dreadful, especially since all gift guides are limited to mugs, cards, and sweaters. To make this holiday season easier, here are some of our favorite gift ideas that are truly different from all the others!

Towel Warmer 

Most people probably haven’t even heard of a towel warmer, but this boujee thing makes a fantastic present for Christmas. It is exactly what it sounds like: a device that warms the towels, but don’t confuse it for the towel radiator, as it is something completely different. Your mom can use this heater to put in her towels and pajamas before going in the shower so they can be all warm and snug once she’s out. Not only that, but it can also be used for blankets, throws, and accessories such as mittens and scarves so she can stay extra cozy when leaving the house. 

Makeup Brushes 

If there’s one thing we know for sure about moms, it is that they tend to use the same brushes for ages, almost developing an emotional attachment to them. This Christmas season, upgrade her collection by giving her a fancy and high-quality set of makeup brushes that can finally replace her old and dusty ones. You can find plenty of great brushes for under $50 on Sephora, and your gift will be even better if you choose the set that comes with a handy makeup bag and makes storing easier. 

 Irish Hat 

Hats are usually pretty basic Christmas gift ideas, but now when it comes to such a distinctive thing as an Irish headpiece. Irish hats are available in a variety of styles and designs like tweed flat caps, knit beanies, and plaid newsboy hats. Our personal favorite is the flapper cap, since it is a hat style that makes the passers-by take a second look when your mom walks down the street. You can find all of these Irish caps online at Gaelsong and with this stylish twist, even such a common present as a hat becomes a distinctive gift idea that your mom will definitely appreciate. 

Smart Mug 

Now, be prepared to find out about a really unique present that you’ve most likely never seen in other Christmas gift guides: the smart mug. The smart mug is a device that can be controlled with an app on your mom’s phone and it allows her to set an exact temperature for the coffee that can be maintained for up to 1.5 hours, so her beverage will always be perfect and she won’t need to microwave it anymore. These cups come in different sizes and colors, all looking luxurious and although such a present does indeed cost a pretty penny, it is well worth the price, having more than 8000 positive reviews on Amazon

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Cary Grant
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