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8 Fabulous Hand Tattoo Designs For Women

The tattoos signify a lot to one’s self and carry a distinctive message. Body art may be a very tough decision and should thus be made after much thought. Tattoos are incredibly personal and not everyone likes them. They can be hip and fashionable, but it’s a lot more.

I gathered some of the greatest designs of hand tattoos woman for which are both beautiful and meaningful:

  1. Semicolon Tattoo

Those obtain semi-colon tattoos to portray their struggle with—and wins over—suicide or sympathy with people who suffer mentally. The semicolon is a way of saying: “I am still here”.  

  1. Rose Tattoo

Roses are prevalent because they are physically attractive, but also rich in significance. The bloom is frequently related to love, beauty, and fresh beginnings and because of its adaptability is a popular option. Color also plays a significant role in your choices, red stands for passionate love, and black is used to mourn or convey sadness for a loved one.

  1. Butterfly Tattoo

Because of their intricacy and light colors, butterflies make for aesthetically attractive body art. Nevertheless, they are also rich in symbolic meaning, apart from being one of the most beautiful animals on earth. This can be a good reminder to keep us positive and calm.

Butterfly tattoos look great as chest tattoos women too.

  1. Number Tattoo

Numbers are a big part of one’s life. Some believe in numerology, some have their favorite special date or a lucky number. Choose your favorite font, and your numbered tattoo will look more interesting on women hand tattoos.

  1. Wings or bird Tattoo

Tattoos of wings and birds represent real liberty, optimism, and trust. It signifies the freedom to express your sentiments and to do what you like in your free will without limitation. They are symbolic of a guardian angel, a supernatural presence to protect and sustain you throughout your life. This women hand tattoos are loved by all because of its significance.

  1. Favourite Quote

Every person has a favorite saying for him or her. For some, they see it as a noteworthy moment of their lives or a life lesson. So if you want your body to obtain a new tattoo, be sure it’s just precisely what you want. It is extremely wonderful that you have an encouraging quotation that might encourage you in your life every morning.

  1. Rosary Tattoo

If you are a believer, you may be inspired by a tattoo that pays tribute to you or reminds you of the influence of religion on your life. Rosary tattoos are beautiful because they wrap around your wrist and make it look like a bracelet. Beads or knots are a symbol of the Catholic faith, symbolizing devotion, or can help people focus on motivation in life. It is important to conduct research to avoid repulsive or uncomfortable tattoos.

Since this is a complicated tattoo make sure to get it inked by a good tattoo shop

  1. Lion Tattoo

Popularized by supermodel, Cara Delevingne, this lion tattoo signifies power, royalty, and self-confidence. The tattoo of a female lion is emblematic of every woman as moms, spouses, and family caretakers. The tattoo can be positioned on your finger or the back of your palm.

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Cary Grant
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