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5 Easy Tricks to Save On Your Mobile Recharge

Gone are those days when we used to get offline recharges. Today, we all prefer to recharge our phones online. This is not only convenient, it also saves time. And the best part is that it’s so easy! Simply explore the prepaid plans for recharge from any platform, choose one and you’re done. You can even save money with PayZapp mobile recharge coupons.

We all know there are tons of offers available online, yet we fail to utilize them as most of us are not aware as to how and where to get those. To solve this problem, we have got you five super easy ways to save on your mobile bills. Check them out.

1. Telecom Operator Apps or Portals

The telecom companies offer amazing deals every other day to attract new customers. You can get free data coupons, free OTT platform subscriptions, music apps, HelloTunes, and much more, when you recharge from their apps.

The free subscriptions they offer are a bit more expensive than mobile recharge plans and having access to so many things at an affordable price is undoubtedly a terrific deal. Therefore, plan wisely to get the most out of online mobile recharging.

#Tip1: It doesn’t matter which site you use. Don’t allow apps or websites to store your credit/debit or card details.

2. UPI and Bank Deals

Most UPIs offer scratch cards, cashbacks, vouchers, or other promotional offers and it’s also quite easy. You can also check out bank deals. Several banks offer discounts when you pay using their debit or credit cards. Some credit cards give bonus points on shopping to the card holder. These bonus points can later be redeemed for top-up payments. Also, transactions from bank apps are safe too as there’s no third-party platform involved in initiating payments.

#Tip2: Don’t refresh the page in the middle of a transaction, this might make your entire transaction process go wrong or fail.

3. First Time Recharge

If you’re topping up online for the first time, some sites offer great cashbacks and discounts. The first time top-up is eligible for a 50% cashback, and they even offer cashbacks for subsequent recharges too. Well, that’s a great deal!

#Tip3:  Verify the source, before using it.

4. Referrals & Loyalty Points

Pay your utility bills and earn loyalty points that you can redeem for cash. Also, you can invite your friends to buy sims and earn money together. That’s some friendship, I swear! You can use this cash to recharge your mobile phones online.

#Tip4: For coupons, make sure to read the terms and conditions as they are valid only for a limited period.

5. Cashback Sites

Instead of going directly to an online recharge website, you can simply visit a cashback website and then a recharge website through the link provided by it. You will have to make a recharge payment on the recharge website and can successfully earn some money from the cashback website. It may take up to 90 days or longer to have a cashback confirmed.

#Tip5: Never rely on promised guarantees.

6. BONUS is Here!

Just like the telecom operators, I have a bonus for you too!  Some apps give you rewards only for using them. Yes you heard that right. Just for using them!

All you have to do is register and every day you get a certain amount just for logging in. To earn more, you can participate in games and competitions. Earn points by referring to friends, shopping online, and using the app to stream videos. Later, redeem your collected points for talk time or data pack for your mobile.

Hope you find this helpful. Happy Mobile Recharging!


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