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30 Ideal Self-Improvement Subreddits on Reddit

When you’re discovering a new ability or attempting to develop a brand-new routine, it can be valuable to immerse yourself in a helpful area. Reddit is a treasure trove of neighborhoods like that, as well as it can be a wonderful source for information as well as ideas on a wide array of self-improvement topics.

Reddit has countless subreddits devoted to enhancing on your own in countless methods. To save you a long time and effort, we’ve assembled a listing of the most effective self-improvement subreddits organized by what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Start with the Basics

If you’re making an effort to deal with yourself, these 4 subreddits can aid you quickly develop new practices.

  • SelfImprovement: This subreddit is loaded with approaches you can immediately implement.
  • Productivity: It just takes a few new routines to consistently get even more accomplished at the workplace as well as in your individual life.
  • GetMotivated: Even just scrolling through this subreddit can put you in a better frame of mind.
  • GetDisciplined: Are you a slow starter? This is a great location to request suggestions, share ideas, and also discuss techniques for enhancing your self-control.

Decrease Your Brain

You absolutely can educate your mind to slow down, as well as virtually everyone can gain from discovering this ability. Go to these subreddits to discover to be much more existing in the moment.

  • Meditation: Find out to peaceful your mind and also come to be a lot more mentally and also mentally secure. This subreddit has overviews on just how to start practicing meditation, summaries of various sort of meditation, and an advised reading list whether you’re a newbie or a skilled professional.
  • Mindfulness: Find out how to pay attention intentionally and reside in the minute. You’ll discover memes, quotes, ideas, and individual posts concerning the mission to remain favorable as well as focus on what’s occurring around you.
  • ZenHabits: This subreddit needs that you practice what it preaches: “You can think an unfavorable thought without sharing it.” Maintain your unfavorable ideas to on your own while you surf photos, videos, and also conversations about individual growth.

Enhance Your Wellness


It’s difficult to focus on anything else if your body isn’t really feeling great. These subreddits offer recommendations as well as motivation to care for the only body you’re ever before going to have.

  • Fitness: This subreddit is loaded with sources, consisting of a whole wiki, guides on weight loss and structure muscular tissue, and also suggestions on workout regimens.
  • LoseIt: If it’s weight reduction you want, this is the subreddit for you. This community will certainly aid you find healthy and balanced, lasting means to lose the fat.
  • StopSmoking: Are you a cigarette smoker? This subreddit will aid inspire you to quit. You’ll be so thankful you did.
  • StopDrinking: Whether you’re trying to stop consuming alcohol totally or you simply wish to lower, this subreddit contains encouragement.
  • Yoga: This community intends to help you obtain the most out of the group of physical, psychological, and spiritual practices called “yoga.”.
  • Nutrition: When you’re informed concerning nourishment science, you can make much better, a lot more educated choices concerning what you put in your mouth.
  • MentalHealth: Getting healthy and balanced isn’t almost your body– your psychological wellness is just as vital.

Think about the Alternatives.

  • Stay open to other points of view and ways of approaching the obstacles in your life by going to these subreddits.
  • FoodForThought: This subreddit stresses “longform short articles as well as essays that stimulate intellectual discourse.”.
  • FreeThought: Use principles of reasoning and scientific research to examine society, religion, politics, and also more so we can all reside in an extra affordable as well as logical culture.
  • Skeptic: A healthy and balanced dosage of skepticism can stop you from succumbing to frauds and misinformation.
  • ChangeMyView: When you have an open state of mind, you can better comprehend other viewpoints. People post their point of views on this subreddit, and afterwards others provide different means to consider it.

Eliminate the Additional.

We’ve all heard that “contrast is the burglar of happiness.” When you discover to want much less, it’s much easier to be pleased.

Minimalism: In other words, less is more.

  • SimpleLiving: The motto of this subreddit is, “Live Better With Less.” It worries sustainability as well as cooperation.
  • ZeroWaste: Lower your environmental impact by adhering to the recommendations uploaded in ZeroWaste.
  • Stoicism: You don’t have to completely submerse on your own in the ideology of stoicism to gain from the recommendations on this subreddit.

Find Out Something New.

Finding out a brand-new skill or immersing on your own in a new subject are both outstanding courses to self-improvement.

  • IWantToLearn: Whether you would like to know where to start or you need suggestions on leveling up, people in this subreddit will give you guidance on exactly how to learn whatever it is you have an interest in.
  • Ted: Members blog post web links to the very best TEDTalks available. These video clips regarding “suggestions worth sharing” are generally under 18 mins.
  • HowTo: You can ask how to do something details, and other people will offer you directions. Or you can publish recommendations on how to do something you’re efficient. From identical car parking to beginning a podcast, this subreddit has obtained you covered.
  • OpenEd: You’ll locate messages with resources like textbooks, on the internet training courses, complimentary talks as well as other academic products.

Enhance Your Surroundings.


Your instant environment can have a big effect on your well-being. These subreddits help you deal with the space you occupy.

Declutter: Exactly how to do away with the stuff around you that you don’t need or want.

DigitalNomad: Maybe taking control of your environments means altering where you live and work. This site is for remote employees who do not stay in one area as well long.

Gardening: Find out exactly how to expand points on your little slice of the world. Whether you have a giant garden or a few pots on a porch, this below can encourage on anything pertaining to growing plants.

Homestead: Homesteading is a way of life based on self-sufficiency. This subreddit covers all elements of homesteading such as angling, permaculture, aquaculture, beekeeping, canning, etc. You understand.

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