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10 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Painting Your Home

There is much to be said about what a lick of paint can do to your home. It can breathe some new life into your home and make it look almost new. Whether you do it yourself or get it done by professionals, painting your house can be a considerable undertaking, and you might need to do your share of research before diving into the project. While it is a fun adventure to take in, there are certain things that you must remember when it comes to painting your home. If your drywall is in need of immediate repairs or replacement in Edmonton, then consider hiring our professional drywall contractors.

If you are looking for a good quality painting company for your home, look no further than Stubbins Painting San Diego; A top-quality painting company for residential and commercial property, Stubbins Painting San Diego is one of the best names in San Diego whether you are looking for interior painting in San Diego, cabinet refinishing, or commercial painting service. However, these are some common mistakes to avoid when you start painting your house!

  1. Not preparing the painting surface enough: Any signs of flaking, dirt or previous paint peeling must be removed entirely and correctly scraped away before going in for a fresh swipe of paint. The paint won’t stick well to your surface if this is not done.
  1. Not using painter’s tape: Painter’s tape is essential for a flawless painting project. This tool will assist you in painting every portion of your wall like a pro. Use the tape to secure challenging locations like corners to avoid a mess. Make sure the tape is removed before the paint dries. Remember to use painter’s tape instead of masking tape. Like painter’s tape, masking tape produces less effective results and makes the work appear sloppy.
  1. Not using primer: A primer is an essential aspect of the painting process, whether you’re painting a new, unpainted area or one already painted. Before painting, use a primer to ensure that the paint is applied evenly and smoothly. Also, a primer ensures that the painting on your walls appears as fantastic as it did the first time you applied it.
  1. Overdripping the brush or roller: Don’t immerse your brush in the paint. Dip a tiny section of the top in the paint and wipe away any excess before painting it to prevent you from applying more paint than necessary to your walls, negatively affecting the ultimate finish.
  1. Not waiting for the first coat to dry: Another mistake is not letting a coat dry completely before applying a second. Painting a second coat to wet paint can cause the paint to peel later or create undesirable brush strokes.
  1. Leaving fixtures exposed: Cover door handles, light fittings, and anything in the area except the area to be painted before beginning. You don’t want your door handles or wall plates to be sprinkled with paint.
  1. Painting from bottom to top: If you’re trying to paint your ceiling and the walls, start from the top, which is the ceiling. Otherwise, there’s a significant probability that droplets from the ceiling would ruin the new paintwork on the walls.
  1. Not getting the best tools: There are instances when a rolling brush is an ideal tool to use, and other times when a paintbrush is a perfect tool to use. There are many various types of paintbrushes, and it’s well worth the money to invest in the best brush for the area you’re painting and the paint you’re using.
  1. Not storing touch-up paint: Don’t forget to store some surplus paint in a jar once you’ve finished painting your inside walls. You’ll be ready to touch up the paint when the time comes. Shake your paint and use a cotton ball or a smaller brush to apply it. When a dab of touch-up paint is needed here and there, you’ll be in a pickle if you don’t have the exactly matched touch-up paint.
  1. Not asking for help: You can indeed perform an excellent job painting your walls. You might have creative ideas and big plans. However, some areas and fields should be left to the professionals. Don’t be shy to contact one if you feel like you need one!

Painting your home can be quite a learning experience, and it is okay to make mistakes, but it’s always great to know what mistakes not to make beforehand. While we tried listing down a few common mistakes, there are many more out there. 

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Cary Grant
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