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How To Give Your Room A Makeover?

Giving your room a makeover can be a real challenge! There are many design concepts to choose from and ambiances to consider. You may not know what you’re going for yet and want to improve your aesthetic considerations. Here are suggestions on how to give your room a makeover, so you can start finalizing your room ideas and get started.

Start With Colors And Design Concepts

First, decide on the colors you want to be included in your room makeover. If you’re planning to paint the walls, you’ll want to choose colors that reflect the general concept you have in mind for your room. Do you want something simple and minimalist or something with some drama and boldness? 

Depending on where you’re at with your color concepts, plan to incorporate the main colors you want on the walls and the primary accents in the room. For example, if you are going for a white and sage theme, you could paint the walls sage green and include white curtains as your primary accent piece. You might also consider a white comforter, affordable bamboo sheets, and green pillows.

Get Painting Supplies And Start Painting 

Once you’ve settled on a design concept, it’s time to incorporate the right supplies and materials. Get drop cloths, painting brushes, the correct paint, and something to wear that you don’t mind getting paint on. Once you’re all set, clear out your space and start painting. Remember to line the trim with painter’s tape so you can avoid drips. Let the paint dry for a good while before you apply additional coats. 

Start Decorating Your Room

With your painting finished, it’s time to arrange your furniture and start decorating. Make sure that you are organizing your furniture so that you are maximizing the amount of space that is in the room. 

Try not to put too many bulky items next to each other to avoid making your space feel crowded. You want to give yourself enough walking space and a sense of balance in the room to feel settled. Once everything is in place, decorate with your chosen accent colors.

black and white bed linen

Decorate The Walls

Now it’s time for the finishing touches with your room set up. Now is the time to add framed wall art and photographs to add a personal touch and personality to your space. Additional décor items that complete the look you want for your room can also be incorporated at this time. You want to decorate mindfully to avoid adding too many items at once and ultimately, creating a distracting space. 

Consider The Lighting

To make your new room complete, consider the lighting in your space. Depending on the type of lighting you prefer, aim for a balance of warm and bright tones to create depth and dimension in your space. You can even include some wall sconces if that fits your style. Remember that your room is a place to relax and wind down. 

Make it a relaxing oasis as you see fit with the right ambiance based on your lighting choices. Check out the lightbulbs that are set up on display at your nearest hardware store. You can get an idea of the tones available that may suit your space.

The Bottom Line

Giving your room a makeover means considering the themes and color concepts you have in mind and then implementing the steps to create your new room. Take your time painting and considering the furniture arrangements that suit your space, so you’re satisfied with the results. Most of all, have fun getting creative and dreaming up possibilities for your new space!

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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