Wednesday, December 7, 2022

7 Best Fashion Magazines in The World You Must Subscribe Today

There can’t be a better Sunday feeling than lazing on a hummock and reading a fashion magazine. Being a fashion buff, this can be the best way to unwind yourself and stay inspired. Not only will you be unwinding your nerves but will also enrich your knowledge of the fashion world.

A good fashion magazine is filled with all the hottest grapevines about the world of fashion There is fashion gossips. There is tittle-tattle about your favorite celebrities. There is reviews about the latest fashion products. And there is analysis of the fashion pundits about the trends that will dominate the fashion arena.

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You get all these spicy stories from a fashion magazine. Being myself a fashion nerd, I have been reading these magazines to get the first-hand information about fashion trends. A story in one of these magazines made me fall in love with the denim jacket with custom back patches. Earlier, I didn’t even know the name of the jacket. Today, it is my most valuable clothing piece in the wardrobe.

So if you are also an inquisitive fashion nerd who wants to keep tabs on the most current happenings in fashion and style then here are some of the best fashion magazines you can read to turn to get the information:

  1. Vogue

Vogue is one of the oldest magazines that covered the many aspects of the world of fashion. It was started in 1892 as a weekly newspaper and then it started publishing stories on socialites, fashion and lifestyle. With time, it became a hugely popular fashion magazine and became a go-to source for millions of fashionistas, style artists and fashion critics to get the most authentic information regarding the who’s who and what’s what of the style as well as the ‘ins’ and ‘outs’ of fashion.

The incredible influence of this magazine has made it one of the most widely-read magazine in the world with a readership in 23 countries. So the next time you need insights on style, want to read about the emerging fashion trends or want to peep into the life of one of your fashion idols, just get a copy of this magazine and you will get all that information.

  1. Elle

Elle is the largest fashion magazines in terms of circulation and is available in 60 countries. It covers everything about women fashion and shares the latest stories on fashion trends, runways and fashion celebrities. Elle has been instrumental in raising the many issues associated with women lives and has been a voice of women empowerment.

This French magazine literally means ‘she’ or ‘her’ in French which insinuates its inclination towards feminism which is a big part of being an independent woman. Launched in 1945, it started its publication in the Paris and later started its publications in the other regions of the world.

  1. GQ

If Elle is the voice of the women’s fashion, GQ is the lens through which every man can learn about the nuances of style. It began circulations in 1931 when it was called as ‘Apparel Arts.’ It changed into Gentlemen Quarterly in 1957 and later rebranded as GQ in 1967. Since then, it has remained the best fashion guide for every man who needs advice on style and fashion. 

Whether a man wants to know the tips on how to wear a blazer with custom made patches or need to know the upcoming fashion products, this magazine provides the most accurate and trustworthy information on every matter regarding men’s style.

Besides, men can get tips and advice on health, sports, movies and everything that is related to men’s life. GQ is published in 25 countries where men can buy this magazine to get the latest information about the panache.

  1. Marie Claire

Marie Claire was launched by Jean Prouvost and Marcelle Auclair in 1937. The sales of the magazine skyrocketed right from its first edition and it was sold for more than half a million, while its second edition reached the 1 million mark. It was an exclusive magazine for women and featured stories about fashion, style divas, entertainment industry and fashion shows.

Apart from highlighting the fashion and lifestyle themes, the magazine also voiced opinions on the many aspects of women’s lives and their role in the society. It continued to be the top-selling women-centric magazines and today it is published in 35 countries in 24 languages.

  1. Harper’s Bazaar

Harper’s Bazaar started publications in 1867 to serve the elites with informative and inspiring stories on fashion. It was initially published in a newspaper layout and featured the articles and reviews on style and fashion products. Later on, it began publishing as a fashion magazine and was available once in a month to the subscribers.

Harper’s Bazaar has authors and fashion critics who write news stories and insightful articles on the changing landscape of women’s fashion. Besides, the magazine provides scoops and editorials on the happening events like fashion ramps and style affairs of celebrities.

Harper’s Bazaar has also entered the digital platform and it has a top-ranked fashion website where people can go to get timely updates on what is happening in the fashion scene. They can learn about the fashion choices of their favorite fashion celebrities and get a sneak peek into their Instagram posts. It also shares blogs regarding the dominating style trends and sheds light on the different facets of the fashion industry.

  1. InStyle

This American fashion magazine is just a few months short of its 25th anniversary. In a short span of time, it has garnered international readership and is ranked among the leading fashion magazines in the world. It is a women-centric magazine that publishes editorials, stories and critiques on the various aspects of lifestyle and fashion.

The magazine drills deeper into the different domains of fashion and the style divas. It covers the major ramp shows as well as delves into the lives of fashionistas to share their hottest fashion assets to the world. From offering styling insights and makeup tips to giving you an access to the best lifestyle topics and fashion moments, the magazine covers an array of themes on the broad subject of fashion. InStyle is available in 16 countries including Germany, Australia, Brazil and South Korea.

  1. Allure

Allure is one of the major fashion magazines that have a huge number of female readership. It enjoys an average readership of more than 8 million and has over 5 million of subscribers. The magazine shares articles primarily on beauty, health and lifestyle choices of women.

Started in 1991, the magazine is now a household name for every woman who wants to get experts tip on the topics of self-grooming, health and lifestyle all which fall under the broad subject of fashion. Allure also shares in-depth reviews on beauty and body enhancement procedures and products. 

Some of its reviews have raised eyebrows of people who rely too much on body enhancement procedures and products to look beautiful. Allure has earned many awards over the years and is considered one of the most authentic publication to get information on lifestyle and fashion topics.

Well, these are some of the best fashion magazines you can count on to enrich yourself as a fashion buff. Subscribe them to start your journey from being a novice fashion nerd to a veteran style expert.

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