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What to fill balloons with top ideas and advice?

We all know that balloons are an invariable bright attribute of any party. Yes, the balloon is perfect by itself, and it will still bring joy… But have you ever wondered how much fun it will be to fill it with other festive items?!

You can fill your beautiful and shiny balloons with smaller balloons, rose petals, small LEDs, touching wishes, or bright confetti like these to get stunning elements for your decorations.

Now we will share with you some tips on how to fill the balloons to create unique decor or a nice gift!

Led lights

Glowing balloons look quite unusual! To make such a magical item, place a small battery-powered LED (you can easily find them in party decor stores) inside the ball.

In the evening, such balloons inflated with helium look simply irresistible: get ready to have real fun launching them in the sky at the end of the celebration!


Balloons and confetti are two essential attributes of any party. But if you combine them together, you will get an extremely bright accessory for decorating children’s parties, graduations, birthdays, and weddings.

To make multi-colored confetti look as beautiful as possible inside the balloon, choose transparent balloons and experiment with various types of confetti. You can choose:

• small monochrome particles of foil and paper;

• classic round confetti, like those they use to fill firecrackers with;

• large figurines;

• regular glitter.

Smaller balloons

You can easily create a classic DIY surprise balloon. To do this, you will need one large inflatable and about 15-2 small colored balloons.

Don’t forget to experiment with the colors: skillfully mixing shades, you can get unique color combinations and extraordinary color depth!

As a rule, people hang surprise balls under the ceiling, popping them at the end of the competition or dance. At that moment, its contents beautifully and smoothly float in the air/ covering the guests. Get your cameras ready!

Rose petals

This is just the perfect decoration for a wedding or anniversary!

To create it, take a balloon (or better, a whole bunch of balls!) and fill it with rose petals (you can use petals of any other flowers — it depends on your preferences and the tastes of your soulmate). Then, inflate the balloon with helium: such beauty should float in the air!

At the end of the party, you can pop your balloons: at that moment, your guests will be showered with a rain of petals! To make a real surprise, choose opaque balls. And the higher your balloons rise, the longer the petals will float in the air!

Notes and wishes

If your loved one has a birthday, you just have to give him a pleasant surprise! One of the simplest and most relevant options is to fill the room with helium balloons, stuffed with pieces of paper with touching wishes.

If your manage to complete your décor before your loved one wakes up in the morning, then consider that your surprise was a success! Also, you can fill the trunk of a car with such balloons (don’t forget to fix the balloons inside the trunk), and then call your loved one and open the trunk. We bet she will find it very romantic!


Yes, you can stuff balloons with lots of small toys; it is a perfect decor option for a children’s birthday, as well as it can become an amazing gift!

You can easily stuff the balloon with smaller toys using a plastic bottle. But if you want to make a big ball with a bigger toy (for example, a Teddy bear) inside, then you will need a more complicated “technology”: a plastic bucket, a lid with a cut hole into which you need to insert a piece of plastic pipe.

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