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Construction accidents are not uncommon. According to Louis Law Group, a West Palm Beach-based Construction Accident Injury Insurance Claim Firm, between 2007 and 2011, the construction industry had the highest level of fatalities. This is to say many people working on construction sites might need a lawyer.

If you get involved in an accident at a construction site, there are some things you should do even while you are waiting for your lawyer:

  • Seek medical attention: It would be wrong for you to neglect your health in a bid to get compensated for what has happened. You should prioritize your health and reach out for medical help. You do not want to suffer more simply because you refused to seek medical attention when you should have. 
  • Collect Information: One of the things you should do after such an accident is trying to gather as much information as you can. Although your injuries might make it difficult for you to collect information actively, you can seek the help of a close one. They would help collect Information that could be useful in the course of getting compensated. 
  • Take notes and photos: The trauma from the accident can make you forget certain important details that would be useful while seeking compensation. To avoid this, you should take notes and photos if you can.
  • Call the police: You would want to inform the police as soon as possible if you get involved in an accident at a construction site. This is because a police report would go a long way in helping you get a fair settlement. 
  • Do not be in a hurry to sign anything: This is one of the tactics of insurance companies; getting you to sign something that looks appealing only to discover their true intents. Thus, you should avoid signing anything without a go-ahead from your attorney.


It would be difficult for anyone involved in a construction accident to receive fair compensation without the help of an experienced attorney. Below are a few of the ways they’d help out:

  • Your lawyer would let you know what you’re up against: After an accident in a construction site, the owner would most likely try to find a way to evade compensation. However, with the assistance of an experienced lawyer, you can be well informed of these tactics and know what you are up against. This way, you would be prepared to do whatever it takes, with the guidance of your lawyer, in getting yourself a fair settlement. 
  • Your lawyer would present evidence to prove your injuries: Your injuries might not be enough to prove that you deserve compensation; at least, that is what the other party would be banking on. However, with a lawyer by your side, your injuries can get you precisely the compensation that you deserve. How? Your lawyer is there to present whatever evidence that could aid a fair settlement. This could include a medical report by a medical practitioner stating the extent of your injuries, how it was acquired from the accident and how it could prevent you from doing certain things in the present and future. Other evidence could include a police report, eyewitnesses’ statements. With these, the company would be unable to evade payment no matter how much they try.
  • Your lawyer would negotiate when necessary: As the experienced person that he is, your lawyer knows when to negotiate with the company. However, this does not mean that they will settle for anything less than what you deserve. Not at all. They would try to reach an agreement with the construction company while putting your safety first.
  • Your lawyer will sue the insurance company if they have to: In a situation whereby the insurance company keeps doing everything to prevent payment, your lawyer would not hesitate to sue them. Sometimes, some insurance companies could be so adamant that only a lawsuit would make them have second thoughts. If it gets to this, be sure that your lawyer knows what step to take.
  • Your lawyer would let you know the law and regulations that apply to your claim: In a bid to reduce your claim, the construction company, as well as your insurance company, would evade specific details about your lawsuit. The only person that would be willing to explain the laws and regulations that apply to your claim would be your lawyer. This way, you can tell if they are doing the right thing and not simply trying to evade a fair settlement.

After a construction accident, one of the things that could happen would be an attempt to make you look like the one at fault when in fact, you aren’t. Avoiding this blame game, as suggested by this Lawyer Roll article,, all boils down to hiring of a Construction Accident Injury Claim Lawyer.

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