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What Legal Options Do You Have If the Contractor Left Unfinished Work?

You hired an independent contractor. You paid the contractor. Then, midway into your expensive business work, the contractor vanished from sight. You now have a partially completed project, unused resources, a limited budget, and no idea what to do next. Businessmen unfortunately experience this more frequently than they need to. If the contractor dismissed incomplete work, you have legal options by contacting a commercial business lawyer East Windsor.

The Legal Options You Have If Your Contractor Left Unfinished Work

You have the legal right to sue a contractor who abandons the job, though this may not be your first choice. But, you have to be able to show that the particular contractor or company you are suing did not perform according to the conditions laid out in the contract. 

Therefore, they did a poor job that did not match ethical or industry standards or did not finish the task as agreed upon (breach of contract).

Your lawyer and you will construct your argument on the specific job description provided in your contract. You have to be ready to respond to questions such as: 

  • When compared to the total amount of work specified in the contract, what portion of the work did the contractor abandon?
  • What amount did you pay compared to the quantity of work that was completed?
  • Did the contractor have a reason for quitting the project that was stated in the contract?  Contractors often argue that they were forbidden from finishing the project as their primary line of defense.
  • Is it confirmed that the contractor has left the project, or has there been an unexplained delay due to something else?

The Contractor’s Reasons for Leaving the Project 

If a contractor leaves a project earlier, they have the required permission to end the contract; they risk legal action. However, there are valid explanations for leaving your work, such as:

  • If you are behind on installments by at least one, the contractor can stop work in keeping with the conditions of the contract.
  • Due to a shortage of employees, work has been put on hold after an unexpected injury to one or more essential laborers or subcontractors.
  • An endless delay has resulted from the inability to get essential components.

These are but a few examples; none of them must end in the contract being canceled and subsequent legal action. 

Contact an attorney

Dealing with unfinished contractor work can be pretty frustrating, especially when you feel like you have no other viable options. Contact commercial business lawyers who have dealt with a number of fraudulent contractors that try to take profit from homeowners so they are aware of your aggravation.

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