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Top reasons to prefer the British airways: its growth and popularity

British Airways is one of the largest airlines in the world. It has one of the largest fleets of Boeing’s Jumbo Jet. The official headquarter of British airways is in London Heathrow Airport, the airport with the most international flights in the world. British airways is a traditional airline and does not maintain the most aggressive pricing policies, but offers quality services and very good, clean, and well-maintained planes (even if they are not the most modern). 

The company has very well trained and prepared flight attendants, has strict safety rules and everyone should follow the in-flight procedures strictly, which gives passengers a very good feeling. The use of Terminal 5 in London is a great differentiator for the company, as it greatly transforms the flying experience as it offers great comfort while waiting for the flight or when you disembark. 

Everything works perfectly. It is clean and quiet, and offers a lot to do while you wait for your flight. The restaurants are great, and the stores have all kinds of genres, from the pharmacy to the department store. They operate on more than 300+ destinations and have a fleet size of 254. It is worth choosing British Airways for the qualities highlighted above.

The growth of British Airways

The growth of British Airways did not depend solely on the new offer of services for its passengers. On a global level, the British company acquired existing airlines and made strategic alliances with its main competitors. In the commercial aviation market, several players come together – the shareholders of the airlines, the governments, the regulations of each country regarding the issue of open skies and, finally, the companies that own airports, among the most important. 

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As for the new companies that joined British Airways, there are British Caledonian Airways and the acquisition of twenty percent of Sabena World Airlines, in 1981. After the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1991, a very important agreement established by British Airways was its association with Aeroflot, the Soviet Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Russian Federation. From there would be born the new airline Air Russia, where British Airways would have a 31 percent share of the capital of the new commercial project. 

British Airways acquired the domestic flight airline Delta Air and, on the other hand, TAT European Airlines (French independent airline) joined the British Airways group. Without a doubt, one of the longest-standing strategic alliances is that of British Airways with the Australian airline Qantas. In 1992, The Australian government announced that it had chosen British Airways as “Qantas’s preferred business investor”.

All time favourite

After a long history of life, British Airways has positioned itself as the favourite airline for millions of consumers. For travellers, British Airways is the brand that provides them with confidence, security and, above all, quality of service – making them feel at home – to reach any destination they have chosen, be it London, Phoenix, Riyadh, Lusaka or Verona. The company’s website allows passengers to organise their chosen routes and destinations in advance.

The check-in service is very efficient and the staff are very friendly and helpful. It is important to bear in mind that British allows you to book a seat when online check-in is open 24 hours before your flight, so it is essential to plan if you have a seat preference or have any special needs. Emergency exit seats are available at no additional cost. British Airways’ in-flight service is impeccable in friendliness. Meals follow the standard size of international flights and two options of hot dishes are present, usually with a vegetarian option and another with meat, but this is not a rule.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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