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Top 10 Machine Learning Applications You Should Learn About

Have you ever thought of life without the internet, computers, advanced hi-tech facilities, machines that make our lives easy, or robots performing complex tasks within a few seconds? Really, it’s not imaginable. We’re living in an era where machines and mobile applications perform almost tasks. So the question is, who or what is behind all these innovations? The answer is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning tools and techniques that are making this world a beautiful place to live in. 

Therefore it’s clear that machine learning technologies are gaining popularity rapidly as an enormous amount of data is being generated by organizations and individuals worldwide. In terms of business benefits, machine learning allows users to feed computer algorithms an immense amount of data and have the computer analyze and make improved data-driven decisions. 

Machine Learning algorithms are becoming an essential part of the business strategies of almost every industry and sector. In fact, several leading organizations such as Facebook, Uber, Twitter, and Microsoft have made machine learning a central part of their technical operations. It results in the increased demand for skilled and certified ML experts who can solve complex mechanical issues. It also leads to the enhanced demand for Machine Learning Course that can help candidates land a successful career in this evolving domain. 

This article will tell you about some important machine learning applications that can help you throughout your career.

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What are Machine Learning Applications?

Simply, Machine Learning is an important branch of artificial intelligence that enables software applications to perform more accurately for predicted outcomes without being specially programmed to do so. ML tools and techniques are aimed at making computers operate autonomously without any human assistance. Thus, machine learning applications refer to machines that mimic human behavior and intelligence without human support or pre-programming. 

Machine learning is a buzzword in today’s tech world. It is considered an innovative step forward in how computers can learn. Machine Learning algorithms use historical data to find out valuable outcomes. We can see many advanced innovations in this field, such as Google Map services, Voice Assistants( Alexa and Siri), Driverless cars, Advanced super robots, Techniques working under deep water and over the clouds, Voice search, online recommendations, etc., and many more. All these advantages we can get only with ML applications. Let us find out what are the 10 important ML applications that every ML professional must learn. 

Top Machine Learning Applications

It’s not a surprise nowadays that machine learning applications are everywhere as we are using them in our daily lives. Let us have a look at how we are using ML applications without even knowing it. So, Let’s get started about knowing them.

  • Social Media- It is known as one of the biggest applications we are using where machine learning applications are working behind. Automatic Friend Tagging Suggestions, Face recognition, and image detection are the advanced features of ML applications on social media. DeepFace ( Facebook feature), Alternative Tags to images, etc., are also results of ML tools we are using on social media platforms. So ML applications help us use social media effectively and beneficially. 
  • Dynamic Pricing- As we look and search for the best price of any product on several available websites and sources. Almost 55% of people go to Amazon to compare prices, while others go to another site. ML applications help organizations to adjust prices in real-time scenarios. It offers Dynamic pricing to attract and engage more consumers on its websites for its products and services. Here Dynamic pricing refers to setting eCommerce prices based on current market conditions in real-time.
  • Traffic Alerts- A few years ago, we had never thought of applications like Google Maps that could help us find places across the world, tell us about traffic conditions, and provide travel guidance while driving. Yes, here the mastermind is ML technologies that can alert us to traffic conditions and directions. This ML application combines historical data and a few tricks acquired from other companies to predict upcoming traffic and adjust your route according to application results. 
  • Voice or Speech Recognition– It is considered one of the most important ML applications we use daily. Basically, a speech recognition application converts voice into text and detects speech patterns. Simply it helps machines understand what humans are saying. It involves audio analysis, breaking the audio into parts, analyzing the audio to identify words, and converting the audio into a computer-readable format. All these tasks are done automatically by machines through ML applications. The best examples are Alexa and Siri voice assistants.
  • Transportation and Commuting- It’s the only machine learning tool we use while booking a cab or flight/train tickets or any other services related to traveling/transport. This application can provide a personalized application that is suitable and unique for you. It makes predictions using your history and patterns, which is quite attractive to get better outcomes and results. 
  • Smart Manufacturing- ML applications are applicable in several sectors, including manufacturing. In fact, the technology is behind the so-called “Industry 4.0,” or the usage of IT in factories. Nowadays, organizations have started optimizing production lines by analyzing performance data from IoT sensors. Smart Manufacturing involves Predictive maintenance, Industrial IoT, Production Quality Monitoring, and many other features to get better products. 
  • Product recommendations- One of the best ML applications is product recommendation with few clicks. People have started trusting product recommendation features provided by several reputed websites. In fact, e-commerce and tech-leading entertainment companies such as Netflix, Amazon, etc., are using ML techniques to provide product recommendations to their users.
  • Healthcare- ML applications have proved to be a boon in this sector. Many new advanced innovations and medical diagnoses are taking place in this domain as doctors can easily find tumors or other serious diseases. 
  • Stock Market Trading- Machine Learning tools are widely used in the stock market to predict the present and future market conditions, risks, and shared values. Long short-term memory neural network tool is used in this domain for the prediction of trends.
  • Self-Driving Cars- It is one of the coolest applications of Machine Learning algorithms. It plays a vital role in driving unmanned cars to predict directions, traffic conditions, speed, and safety measures. 

In the end, we can say that machine learning applications have drastically affected our lives. There are many more ML applications are available and about to launch in the near future that will make our lives more comfortable and lavish. 

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