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The Security and the Safety of Your Home

Every homeowner implements safety measures to ensure their homes are safe. Some prefer to purchase home security devices or systems to protect their loved ones. According to research, a home burglary occurs once every 30 seconds. Some skilled burglars watch a home before targeting it, while other amateur thieves will kick your door until you give way. However, with the right security measures and devices, you can safeguard the security of your home regardless of whether you are present or not. Check the following affordable security measures that you can take to protect your home from possible intruders. Door Locks are also a great option for your home security that make your home secure.

Secure your doors and windows

Consistently locking your windows and doors is the most straightforward security defense against home intruders. Burglars look for easy targets such as unlocked doors and windows. You should inspect your exterior doors and ensure the hinges are protected, the door frames and barn door lock set are strong enough. If your door has a mail slot, ensure that no one can use it to unlock your door.

If you move out of your home, you should consider changing the door locks. This ensures there are no strangers with your home keys or an idea of the position of your door locks. To reinforce the security of your entryways, you can install a deadbolt, upgrade to smart locks, add a strike plate, and boost your safety with a video doorbell. Burglars love breaking houses with sliding doors. Protect yours by installing a glass break sensor and door sensor. These high-tech solutions will alert when someone is tampering with the door.

To beef up the security of your windows, you can add key-operated levers and aftermarket window locks. Moreover, you can install window break sensors, add window bars, or plant prickly bushes under the first-floor windows, although you should always trim them.

Install a security system

When you are home or gone, you should have a form of a security system. Install a basic DIY security system or professional monitoring and home automation. There are plenty of home security systems currently depending on budget and protection level. Before selecting a security system, you should first evaluate the needs of your house and your neighborhood. Research shows that burglars are three times likely to break into a house without a security system. Installing security cameras is an effective way of adding a layer of protection to your home.

Ensure your garage is locked

Many homeowners invest heavily in house security but forget to secure their garage. The garage is the easiest way for thieves to enter your house. To beef up the security of your garage, always ensure regular windows and doors are locked. You should also consider putting your garage keys in your house rather than leaving them in your car.

If you use a security code to open your garage, ensure it remains a secret and never enter it in the presence of neighbors, delivery people, and friends. Additional security techniques for securing your garage are upgrading to a smart door opener, installing a driveway alarm, covering windows, and installing home automation.

Lighting up your home

You bar burglars, vandals, and other intruders from breaking into your home by installing strategic lighting around your home. Install floodlights, outdoor motion detectors, and security lighting near entry points such as gates, doors, and windows. You can improve your outdoor security lights by using motion-activated lights, using an innovative outlet to place outdoor lights on a timer, saving energy with solar-powered lights, and setting up schedules with smart light bulbs.

Ensure it looks like someone is home

Most burglars target homes when the owners are gone since they take the shortest time without being noticed. Therefore, the most effective technique to prevent you from becoming a crime statistics is making it look like someone is home.

You can leave your television and interior lights on when you are out for a short duration. You can ensure someone collects your mail when you are away for a more extended vacation. Piling mail acts as a giveaway to thieves that homeowners are out for a longer duration. You can also use smart lighting and program them to turn on and off periodically, thus convincing that someone is home.

Securing your home should be your priority. You can implement the above affordable and effective measures to boost your home security when you are home and when you are gone.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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