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The most beautiful Bague de fiançailles from around the world!

The most beautiful Bague de fiançailles from around the world! Bague de fiançailles are very important on our wedding day!

White Gold Vs Rose Gold

Gold comes in a variety of shades, including white and rose gold. White gold contains nickel to enhance its shine, but it tends to wear off over time; on the other hand, rose gold is one of few options for people with sensitive skin. The other advantage of rose gold is that it doesn’t typically contain nickel as white gold does, so it’s perfect for those who are allergic or sensitive to metal. You can also find platinum engagement rings, which are more durable than gold rings. Platinum is denser than both silver and gold, making it less likely to bend or scratch. It also resists tarnishing better than any other precious metal. If you’re looking for something different—and rarer—than traditional yellow gold rings, consider looking into titanium engagement rings instead. Titanium is lighter than steel and stronger than aluminum—which means your ring will be comfortable to wear every day while still being durable enough to last forever. However, keep in mind that titanium isn’t naturally hypoallergenic (although some companies treat their products before sale), so if you have sensitive skin you may want to look elsewhere.

Most Popular Design

The yellow gold diamond engagement ring is certainly a stunning piece. It’s timeless, elegant, and traditional. If you are looking for something classic, yet still a bit different, then it is for you. Yellow gold may be more expensive than white gold but it is extremely popular with couples who have been together for years and have grown to love each other in every way.

Round Cut Vs Princess Cut

If you like sparkle and dazzle, a round-cut diamond is for you. This classic cut has been giving princess cut diamonds a run for their money since it was introduced in 1945. The round diamond gives you maximum surface area to show off its brilliance and clarity with minimal weight. It’s also very easy to pair with different kinds of settings—be it traditional or modern. It makes a perfect engagement ring, regardless of how much you can spend on your center stone.

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