Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Testimonial of the Any Cubic Photon Mono X 6K 3D Printer

We’ve been followers of Any Cubic’s 3D printers because we attempted the AnyCubic Photon Mono X and also among their filament/FDM printers, the AnyCubic Vyper. Since then, we have actually had a possibility to sneak peek the AnyCubic Photon Mono X 6K.

The Photon Mono X 6K is AnyCubic’s highest-resolution version of the Mono X, a material printer that uses covered up stereolithography to treat a liquid material right into a solid plastic product. We were excited to see the degree to which this brand-new high-res printer might create extremely outlined prints.


  • What remains in package
  • Assembly and also Progressing
  • Construct Volume & Printing Speed
  • The New Textured Bed Is Amazing
  • Print Precision as well as Resolution
  • Item High quality
  • Washing & Healing Your Publish
  • Final Referral

We formerly covered the hazards of material printing in our evaluation of the AnyCubic Photon Mono X, so we’ll think you understand the knowing curve and clean-up you can anticipate when printing with concealed stereolithography and skip straight to the attributes of this magical beast.

What’s in the Box

Just like the Mono X, you obtain a number of devices with the Mono X 6K, consisting of steel and plastic spatulas/scrapers, a mask, handwear covers, and all the components you need to get the printer up and also running.

Setting up and also Progressing

After unpacking all the devices, we constructed and also leveled the printer. Setting up took about 5 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes to place on the consisted of screen protector. The pre-fit display guard is a really nice upgrade due to the fact that it indicates you won’t accidentally scrape, and also thus ruin, the display. We suggest you view a video concerning exactly how to mount the display guard due to the fact that it can be a little tricky, and you just get round at it. The process is similar to setting up a protective movie on a smartphone display.

We discovered that the develop directions didn’t say when to install the display protector. You ought to either install it prior to you level your bed or re-level your bed after placing the guard on the printer. Otherwise, the Z position will certainly be a bit also low.

Leveling the bed was straightforward– simply adhere to the directions. As with the Mono X, the touch screen walks you with whatever you require to level the bed rapidly. Below are the steps:

  1. Utilizing the touch screen, tap Tools and after that Relocate.
  2. Using the touch display screen, raise the develop plate regarding 5 or 6 inches above the screen by tapping the up arrow. This will certainly go much faster if you pick the 10mm option initially.
  3. Loosen the 4 screws on the construct plate and also protect it to the printer.
  4. Area the leveling paper over the healing display and also press the Residence button.
  5. Click the Home symbol on the touch screen as well as wait for the printer to quit moving.
  6. Use one hand to push down carefully on the build plate. The build plate should not move in all. Utilize your various other hand to gradually tighten the 4 screws.
  7. Currently tap the z= 0 switch, and after that select Go into to confirm. The bed will certainly currently increase up a little bit to give you access to the material barrel.

That’s all there is to it– the printer bed is currently degree.

Develop Quantity & Printing Rate

The construct quantity of the Photon Mono X 6K is essentially the same to that of the Photon Mono X. According to AnyCubic’s on the internet tech specifications, the build volume on the 6K variation is ever-so-slightly larger.

The maximum print speed of the 6K is 33% faster than that of the Mono X, as much as an optimum of 8 centimeters an hour. Keep in mind, for material printers, the time it takes your challenge publish depends totally on the exposure time and the number and also height of layers, out how much material is treated per layer.

The New Textured Bed Is Incredible

The Photon Mono X 6K features a textured bed that’s a clear upgrade from the bed that featured the Photon Mono X. The distinctive bed really grips. Therefore, it seems far less most likely that your print will certainly have adhesion issues.

You can see the distinction in between the bed structures on the Photon Mono X 6K (left).

Publish Accuracy and also Resolution

Aside from the distinctive bed, the main distinction between the Mono X and also the 6K variation is the resolution at which the printers print. While the Mono X has a resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels, the Photon Mono X 6K has a resolution of 5760 x 3600 pixels. That suggests the AnyCubic Photon Mono X 6K has 125% more resolution than the Mono X printer.

Rephrase, for each pixel in the Mono X, the Mono X 6K has 2.5 pixels. That’s a substantial boost. As an example, see AnyCubic’s contrast of a print from the Mono X 6K versus a print from a competitor’s 4K printer above.

Item High quality

The high quality of the printer is what you would certainly expect from AnyCubic’s Photon lineup. If you check out the Mono X as well as Mono X 6K side-by-side, it’s hard to tell which is which. Same positioning of buttons, very same cover, same remarkable twin direct rail system. The nuts and also screws of the equipment have not altered that much.

It’s the enhancement of the very high resolution (6K) LCD display as well as the faster print speed that makes this printer stand apart from its predecessors.

Washing & Curing Your Publish

The procedure for cleaning as well as curing your print coincides throughout all AnyCubic’s Photon printers. You can utilize water or alcohol to wash the print, as well as healing is as exciting as ever before. While the Laundry as well as Treatment Equipment Plus makes these procedures straightforward and also satisfying, you might clean and also treat without the device. As opposed to common belief, resin prints will certainly treat outside or in the window on over cast days.

Last Suggestion

If you’re trying to find a material printer that’s easy to make use of, quickly to construct, as well as unparalleled in print high quality, look no more. We loved the original Mono X, however if we were determining which one to purchase today, the extra resolution, distinctive bed, as well as faster print speed would make the decision very easy.

The Photon Mono X 6K is offered for pre-order at a take for $599.00. That’s a mere $100 greater than the normal Mono X, which is presently on sale for $499, below $759.

Optionally, you can include 1KG of material and also the Clean and also Cure Device Plus, which brings the total to $838. We absolutely enjoy the Wash and also Treatment Machine Plus, making the entire process much quicker, much easier, and more delightful.

We’re unsure what the cost will want the pre-order period is over, but we anticipate it to climb up significantly. However, for those of you who beware regarding pre-ordering, we’ll state that this equipment is definitely production-ready. Furthermore, when you make the purchase, you’ll have a good time discovering all the important things you can publish with your brand-new 3D printer.