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Tekken tag game download

Tekken Tag Competition is a combo fighting game that can be used a computer or a console. Despite the fact that there are countless other combating or activity video games on the market, such as Temporal Kombat Mod Apk as well as Shadow Fight 4 Mod Apk, there is no competition for the Tekken video game. Since the reliable designer has not handled the mobile recreation of Tekken, no Tekken game can be found on Google Play Store or Application Store. That is why we are providing you with the Tekken Tag APK Download and install data, which only needs to be mounted on your phone. It can be played without using an emulator.

You might also check out our article about Tekken 3 APK, among one of the most prominent games in the Tekken series. We’ll talk about Tekken Tag Competition Apk thoroughly in this short article. Because of this, let’s start with its ongoing involvement. Tekken Tag Tournament is an extremely expected sequel to Tekken 3 that has even more outstanding personalities as well as actions than ever. After depositing the moment and effort to redo their person, gamers might focus on grasping the steps that will certainly transform them right into a powerful battling maker.

ekken Tag APK Attributes


Each personality in Tekken has their own 10-hit mix assault, with the last hit being the most hard to beat. Although that remembering entire combinations is exceptionally challenging to arrange, there are a few personalities, such as Jin Kazama, Paul Phoenix Az, and also Bryana anger, whose combination identities are very easy to remember and also perform.


The Tekken Tag competition features 32 characters. With the exception of Dr.B and Gon, that is even more of a guest character than a Tekken fighting character, all of the personalities from Tekken 3 are included in Tekken Tag.

Impressive actions

Each of the 32 characters has distinct abilities. Each personality has the ability to execute up to 15 various actions. Exceptional moves allow you beat your challenger even more efficiently given that they cause more damage than 10 struck Combos.

Extreme Activities

Each character has only one extreme activity that takes one second to prepare and also carry out. Nevertheless, if you can make a crucial relocation, it will certainly wreak havoc on the rival’s health line generally. Nonetheless, there is a risk in carrying out these maneuvers since if an enemy strikes you in a stretch when you are completing the last hit, your health and wellness will certainly endure more than prepared.

Tekken Tag Tournament Personalities List

1. Kunimitsu.

2. Kazuya Mishima.

3. Kuma/ Panda.


5. Bruce.

6. Lee.

7. Jun.

8. Julia.

9. Ganryu.

10. Heihachi Mishima.

11. Bryan fury.

12. Anna Williams.

13. Weapon Jack.

14. ArmorKing.

15. Michelle.

16. Baek.

17. Ling Xiaoyu.

18. Yoshimitsu.

19. Nina Williams.

20. Woodland Legislation.

21. Hwoarang.

22. Swirl Gordo.

23. Paul Pheonix.

24. King.

25. Lei.

26. Roger.

27. Troll.

28. True Ogre.

29. Tetsujin/ Mokujin.

30. Devil Kazuya/ Angel.

31. P.Jack.

32. Wang.

What’s New.

Deal with some well-known insects.


Final Words.

Tekken Tag Tournament is the 4th major installation of Namco’s popular Tekken battling video game franchise business. It isn’t, nevertheless, typical of the Tekken story. Initially, the game was only available as a Tekken 3 update pack. In 1999, Tekken Tag Event was released as an arcade game prior to being transformed to the PlayStation 2 in the year 2000. The gallery version, like Tekken 3, functioned well yet was powered by a 32-bit style engine. When it was converted to the PlayStation 2, it received brand-new styles. It was re-released in 2008 as part of Namco’s Standard Fighter Collection, with Tekken 4 and also Soulcalibur II. Tekken Tag Tournament, a spin-off, was launched in 2012.

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