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Top Subnautica Mods – Subnautica Below Zero Mods – Answer Diary

Subnautica is open world, survival game loved by millions of players. Read about some of the best Subnautica Mods Created by Top Modders.


Subnautica is an action-adventure game with an underwater theme. The game happens in the 22nd century when earthly people are trying to inhabit other planets. Your spaceship gets out of function, and you have an immediate landing on the 4546B planet. Being unfamiliar with the place and creatures, you need to collect resources, protect yourself, and fight unknown demons.

Provided with four variant difficulty levels of the game, players mostly underwater and two islands to explore, collect resources, and craft safety and tools. Besides this, the player gets in touch with the sea emperor and coordinates with her. 

It was named ‘underwater Minecraft,’ it was at first released for Microsoft in early assess and then later for Mac OS X and Xbox One. Now it is also playable on PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

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What are 20 Subnautica Mods of all times?

New mods keep filling the market with an epic addition to either gameplay or feasibility in tasking. Either way, the older mods get out of date.

There are undoubtedly all-time mods that are of great help no matter what the era is. A list of 20 mods with their most prominent feature and the downloadable link is provided below to help you choose.

Quick slots

This game only provides six slots to play with. You can use this mod to get lots of options according to your desire. You can feasibly utilize up to 12 quick slots. Further, you can add labels to hotkeys specified for each slot. It’s a small change, but it saves that time which you spend searching for an item.

Avail this mod here;

No vehicle Attack and Invincibility

NoAggression mode saves you from any attack by your vehicle will get certain damages. But say no more. You, along with your vehicle, will stay safe and sound.

Another thing this mode will do is disable invincibility after becoming invisible. For further details about its functions, operations, and utility, visit the following link.

Save your vehicle here;

Easy craft

This mod streamlines the crafting process, so much of your time is saved from muddling around in menus. This mod only uses blueprints for crafting and also that storage or items that are required for crafting. It able three mods inside, in range, and auto craft.

As their name describes, inside works within Cyclops and base to collect ingredients. In range contains items from a 100-meter distance of Cyclops or base. Auto craft automatically crafts the required component, might need some items.

Download this mod by visiting the link given below.

Autosort lockers

It feels so frustrated to get back on your base and searching from container to container for a specific thing. This mod is only used for helping in such a situation. In this mod, your containers are all cleaned up automatically, and junk is cleared, it becomes easy to find items. 

Customer colors have also been added now. You need to place your items into the locker and see them automatically be sorted. Randyknapp has developed this mod for Qmods Mod System. Updates are not compatible with old saves.

Sort your locker;

Blueprint tracker

Another great facility by Knapp for Qmods is the blueprint tracker. The most facilitating mod that helps you track and find the items required tracks your progress with compatibility with the pinned blueprint. Only by pinning blueprint you can craft whatever you want. This mod is much time-saving. 

The latest version of this mod works incompatibility with the Steam version on Mac and PC as well. Download this masterpiece of assistance here;

Docked vehicle storage access

You must have access to the storage because managing your warehouse is the biggest and essential part of Subnautica. Plus, the latest version does not require different larger files.

This mod automatically adds up a new locker and extracts the items from the vehicle when you dock on Cyclops or your base. It is very time saver as you don’t have to pick and place every item by yourself.

Download this mod via this link;

The DeepBlue Lightweight Shader

A re-shading mod darkens the shadows and enhances overall shading by utilizing only six effects and no bloom. Underwater colors, textures, and looks seem phenomenal. 

Download ‘the deep blue lightweight shader’ here;

Island Cloud Remover

Clouds around the island might be problematic for some players. A lot of players might be wishing for a more transparent island sky. MrPurple6411 has developed this mod to provide players with a cloud-free atmosphere on nexus mods. Avail this mod below;

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This exclusive excellent mod adds up to 15 new unique creatures from small fish size to large gigantic leviathan sized. Mostly edible creatures but few of them are inedible. These creatures spawn at yet unvisited areas. 

If you want to experience these creatures at a visited place, you would need to clear your cache, resulting in the deletion of dropped items.

Get further details, information, and download it here;

Power Tweaks

You might be bored with the sea myth’s power of hoping among borders four times almost with the default battery. This awesome mod provides you an opportunity to improvise and customize power tweaks of prawn, sea moth, and each arm module separately.

For details, visit the following downloadable link

The Depths 

Other improvising modes are either make the environment looks more harsh, horrible, or pleasing. We are presenting you with another re-shading mode. This mod attempts to make the balance of both. The picture will be aesthetically cool and scarier as well.

Enemies would be lurking at the edge of your vision, pretty scary. Download to double the mysterious fun here;


A lifesaver mod is providing 2:3 of food to water to your trip. Now you don’t need to burden yourself with water and food; forget eating only salty fish away from the base. A little bottle with enough food and water to sustain is here. 

It allows two formulas; one standard and the other is ultra-concentrated. The standard procedure provides three items per craft and 2:3 (Food: Water)—ultra-concentrated contains1×1 things with whole nutrition.

Here is the downloadable link

The Delta Maze

The maze amazes everyone every time. If you’re a maze lover, install this delta maze mod and double the fun playing Subnautica. This maze has two mods and a prize at the end.

Get yourself lost in the maze through copies, fake-outs, and long loops. If you get too farther in the maze, don’t worry, one single hotkey will bring you back.


Mao saves a lot of our time where ever we use it. In Subnautica, you must have this mode to locate players, players’ direction, signals, and much more. Various types and map levels are available such as topographic, biomes, Jellyshroom, Lost River, and Inactive Lava Zone, etc. 

A downloadable link is provided below;

Resource Monitor

Another base item that will allow you tracks every resource and item within your base or cyclops. Plus, you can take out any item through the resource monitor, which will then withdraw the item from the respective locker.

For further details regarding installment, features, and versions and their compatibility, visit the following link for downloading.

Habitat Control Panel

Monitor habitat with built-in beacon and customizable habitat label/name. It also provides you with a temporary power cell slot as a backup. This mod is Qmod compatible. Download and install Qmod, extract this mod, and run the game.

Download it here;

Time Capsule Scanner

You might be facing an issue with not knowing about the time capsule. Say no more. This mod will scan and alert you with a warning to HUD whenever the game produces a new time capsule. This mod is also Qmods compatible.

Downloadable link for this mod:

Moonpool Vehicle Repair

You don’t need to stress over repairing your vehicle anymore. Dock your vehicle at moonpool and let it work/repair. This mod is also Qmods compatible. You can configure specific settings in ‘Config.json.’

Download this repairing tool here;


A gameplay effector and changer by PPVVDD can repair any stuff within one click. What you have to do is press the jump key. For further details, visit this link

Cyclops Nuclear Reactor

Build your nuclear reactor with higher output and with relatively cheap reactor rods. This unlocks when you get the reactor’s blueprints. It also processes two-reactor rods and can process up to 10 reactor rods. Increase overall productivity. This mod has two upgraded modules. Check details furthermore at nexus mods.

A downloadable link is given below;

Most of these mods are Qmods dependable. This means you need to have Qmods support to run them. Get Qmods manager at:

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Is Subnautica available on PS4?

Unknown Worlds released their famous ‘Subnautica’ over PS4 in 2019. Previously it was subsequently released for Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox One, respectively, in its early assessment. In 2018, it was released out of a previous review on PS4 as well, and among all these, it is now also available on Nintendo Switch.

What is Subnautica’s Best Base Location?

The base should be built on a productive place to facilitate crafting, survival, and combat. Below are a few of the best game locations to choose for base building.

Jellyshroom Caves: Along with unending loot, it is the best for planting thermal power generators.

The Floating Island: saves you from predators and provides lots of food material.

Kelp Forest: provides unlimited material and is close to the lava zone.

Mushroom forest: the incredible view with easy access to solar power.

Grassy Plateau: The best one yet! Plenty of places for building, food, resources, and some thermal vents

After surviving the spaceship crash and crafting at least a weapon, your first target should be building a base. Above are a few of the most productive and safe locations for base building.

Which game is best? Subnautica 1 vs. Subnautica 2?

Subnautica 1 referred to the original Subnautica, while Subnautica 2 points towards underdeveloped Subnautica: Below Zero. Subnautica 1 is fully developed; out of the early assessment phase.

On the other hand, Subnautica: Below Zero is in its previous assessment. Below Zero have glaciers, icebergs, and much more to conquer, but there is a lot more to be released in it. A lot of features and game-play are limited.

For initial (or first-time players of Subnautica), it is suggested to play the original Subnautica, enjoy the complete game, grasp the Subnautica theme and in-game world, and then step towards Subnautica: Below Zero. And for the older players of Subnautica, it would be amazing to explore the Below Zero alongside its release.

What is Subnautica’s best gameplay video?

Subnautica is a player-friendly game but has hands-on experience; you might be looking for a video graphic approach. The unknown world has released its trailer game-play on its YouTube channel.

You can avail this video on their YouTube channel under the name of Subnautica. For detailed and in-depth gameplay of Subnautica, you can visit this playlist of PiewDiePie here:

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What is Subnautica Expansion?

Subnautica 2, Subnautica Expansion, and Subnautica: Below Zero referred to the same installment/addition to the game-play. This was released in 2019 for its early assessment, and it is currently under development.

This expansion includes icebergs and the frozen world i-e. It would take place in the polar region of the in-game world. The fundamental core game mechanics are preserved, and new additions will be released as per user feedback.

What is the Subnautica Short Story Guide?

You are on an expedition to explore space and discover a habitable planet, but your spaceship crashes on an unknown planet with numerous strange creatures.

You do not have any other spaceship immediately to go back. You have to stay on a strange planet and craft items to survive. Below are essential steps, not necessarily stepwise, to follow at the beginning.

  • Get out of the ship, familiarize yourself with the environment, and give yourself few minutes to explore around.
  • Do not pass Kelp Forest or go away from your life pod.
  • Craft oxygen tank and any weapon such as a knife.
  • Most of the planet is covered with water, so you better craft fins as well. These will help you swim faster.
  • Craft your base area and organize it. This is your home from now own.
  • Explore around the biomes, collect as much as you can, craft as many as it helps.

For a more detailed guide, visit this link below:

How can you Explain Subnautica Zones?

Subnautica zones are classified on their distinctive habitat and variant flora and fauna to craft resources. These biomes/zones can be distributed into four major classes:

Surface Biomes: includes Blood Kelp, Bulb, Crag Field, Dunes, Grassy Plateaus, Kelp Forest, Underwater Island, Sparse Reef, and many more.

Islands: Consist of two islands; Mountain Island and floating Island.

Cave Biomes: includes Blood Kelp Caves, Inactive Lava Zone, Lava Lakes, Lost River, and many more.

Mini Biomes: consists of four zones: Crash Zone Mesas, Lava Castle, Lava Geyser, and Inactive Lava Zone Corridor.

These all represent miniature ecosystems from the real world. Before you intrude on any zone, it is appropriate to be well-aware of the respective zone to avoid any loss or mishap.


Subnautica is an epic game with crafting, sandbox, survival, and fantasy theme. A masterpiece by Unknown Worlds with various new elements and story elements. As everything needs some improvising level, Subnautica also has plenty of mods available over nexus and steam workshop. The steam workshop offers only a few Subnautica mods plenty of mods available over nexus mods. 

98% of mods are Qmods dependable, so you must have Qmods support for them to work efficiently. Every mod has its specifications, and this guide has been created to help you with plenty of features of respective mods. The selection of mods was based on the most helpful and most downloaded. Every player seeks distinctive features for their games.

I hope this guide would have been helpful to you, suggestions are welcomed, and it is suggested to play the game on your own, familiarize yourself with the game and then download a specific mod when you need it.

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