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Top Stardew Valley Secrets in 2021 – SV Answers #1 – Answer Diary

Stardew Valley Secrets are very important for almost every player to know because they can make gameplay very easy and with perfection.


Stardew Valley is a viral game with unlimited possibilities, and anything can happen at any part of this game. You must know there are always some secrets to uncover this kind of massive game. But It’s almost impossible for some players to understand and find those secrets. There are hundreds of many possibilities that players can uncover in this game.

Some of those secrets are easy to find, but if you know where to look for them. But some time few secrets can become a considerable problem to uncover for almost all players. In this article, you can find answers to some of the most critical questions about this game, list 12 popular secrets, and uncover them even by new players.

What are Top Stardew Valley Secrets?

Below is a list of some of the most famous secrets in this game chosen from too many available. Some of them are very popular and loved by millions of players already.

Secret Notes

Walk toward Bus Stop in winter before 4, and it will trigger a cut scene. This shadow figure will disappear very fast but give you a Winter Mystery quest to unlock secret notes. Competition of this quest is always simple, but unlocking these notes can help you later in this game.

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Over 35 different notes can provide you with valuable information about villagers’ favorite gifts, rumors, and gossip about the town. Some quests are also connected with these notes for you to complete for different rewards.

As per the new update, there are some new kinds of notes in Ginger Island. They can give you hints for discovering new locations and hidden quests around the island. After completion of all of those notes, you can unlock too many options.

Secret Notes

Shipping Screen

The background of the overnight screen is always identical, with a similar view for almost all players. But most people don’t know about a secret that can appear on that screen sometimes. Many people may never notice it at all, even this secret is revealed to them.

Most of the time, you can see Santa, UFO, and angry faces on the moon, especially in winter. Some of you may consider it not much attractive, but you need to know that it’s excellent for most players.

The Lonely Stone

Playing Stardew valley is endless, and players can take a very long time to reach to end, impossible for most players. If you feel boring, you can visit Lonely stone every sometimes whenever you want. Clicking on this stone always produce different kind of sounds that you may feel interested in listening.

It’s impossible to reach this rock because there is no physical connection between the mainland. Catching fish near this stone can always become a perfect choice for most players for fun. There is no particular information provided by anyone about this stone that you may know in any document or unique article.

The Lonely Stone

Trash Bear

Trash Bear is an excellent feature or item in this game that can help clean up the whole map quickly. Those who love cleaning up trash from anywhere may love this new update in this game. Trash Bear is located on the bottom of the forest in this game, which can work for you in some conditions.

But you must fulfill some of the requirements for this Trash Bear before it starts working for you. Bear will start to fly in the air and start the whole map’s cleanup from trash and complete some other tasks.

Strange Capsule

After you complete your first-year on-farm, they will send you a gift of something special with no purpose. There must be 50 tiles cleared on the farm for this item to the land, which is impossible for anyone. But there is only a 1% chance for you to get this rare item, so most people may never see it even after playing this game.

After some time, this capsule’s glass will break, but no one will understand what happens. It’s possible that something or someone dangerous escape from this capsule; we can hear more about it in future updates.

Strange Capsule

Junimo Plush

An excellent, unique, and adorable piece of furniture you can find on a secret note or specific date is located on a fixed place. Most of the time, it’s located in the bush behind the playground of Pelican Town. This real-life Junimo is four times bigger compared to real-life furniture. You can look at the below image to understand more about it.

Junimo Plush

Citizen Slimes

If you can successfully craft a Slime Incubator, that will open many different possibilities to raise slimes outdoor. It’s perfect for slimes to survive on the farm of players, also hatched anywhere possible. You may need to agree with your spouse if slimes may hatch inside your home.

Citizen Slimes

Purple Shorts

On Summer 3, you’ll receive a letter from Mayor Lewis with a request for you to find his lost purpose shorts. You can easily find them in Marnie’s bedroom after completing some quests like friendship with her. That’s what typically happens with most players, but there is a unique secret connected with it.

To make this game more fun, place these shorts in your garage, and it will start a conversation with Lewis. Players may find it funny and may start to enjoy it with time. Most players may never know anything about this secret and focus on an entirely normal quest in this game.

The Witch

You can find a witch around your farm that may mess up with your farm at night time. But that’s not what happens usually, but you must be aware of that threat. Most of the time, she can leave a Void Egg that can turn into the Void chicken for selling. She may also turn all your slimes into block one.

The Witch

Abigail’s Father

Every single character in this game is unique, with a remarkable story connected from past to future. It’s almost impossible to mix up different characters, but a particular scandal connected with a girl Abigail in-game that you must know. After reading some dialogue, you must understand that Abigail’s real biological father is not Pierre.

After some time, you can understand that her father may be a wizard. She also claims that her hairs are unique and special compared to others without taking care of them.

Giant Crops

If you’ve planted Cauliflower, Melons, or Pumpkins on your farm in a 3×3 square, there’s a chance they’ll turn into giant versions of that crop. That particular secret with farming in this game and most people don’t even know it. They just don’t look cool, but there are many other benefits related to them.

Giant Crops

Strange Statues

After completing some special quests, they will reward different types of statutes with unknown purposes. You can place them all over the farm for fun purposes only. They may add or revealed their purpose in new updates or give them some particular purpose too.

Strange Statues

Sandy’s Identity

Sandy is a lovely lady with many secrets behind her identity that most players don’t know. She behaves strangely sometimes and also accepts that her current name is only because of business purposes. It’s hard to know what is her actual connection with the valley and the secret behind her.

Sandy's Identity


When you create a file and mention your favorite thing at the start of the game, that will show up later in-game again. It will say it tasted like your favorite thing after eating a star drop, which is a rare item to maximize your energy.

What are Stardew Valley Purple Shorts or Mayor’s Shorts?

There are a lot of important and exciting things to collect in the whole game of Stardew Valley. One of them is Purple Shorts or Mayor’s Shorts, which can become a real problem for many players. You need to know that not many locations on the map are available to collect clothes for this quest. Some players can quickly complete this quest by reading below.

These shorts you are trying to find are available in Marnie’s bedroom. You can’t go there and collect it for nothing. To get them, you must prove that you are best friends with her; collecting Sweet Peas can help you a lot. After collecting them, completing all her missions, now your friendship level will increase with her. Now you both can trust each other, and getting Purple Shorts or Mayor’s Shorts is easy now.

What is Stardew Valley Lockbox?

Lockbox is a vital way to earn a reward, which can help you progress through the game. Visit HoldToRest Article about the same topic where almost everything is explained well for you. It is not easy to open these lockboxes, and you need to learn & use skills to unlock them in the game. BY visiting the link mentioned earlier, you can easily access answers to the below questions.

How to Open the Locked Box in Town?

Locked Boxes Hints and Solutions

How to Open the Locked Box in the Stardrop Saloon?

How to Open the Toybox in Vincent’s Room?

Some of these questions include important locations of those lockboxes too. First of all, you need to find them, second unlock them, and finally, you can receive the most important rewards for yourself.

What are Stardew Valley PS4 Cheats?

Visit GamesRadar to access the most crucial article that explains almost everything you must know about it. With cheats’ help, you can get unlimited access to different resources to play games without facing any problems. But these cheats can also make games easy and less attractive compared to our intelligence level. Below is a list of some of those codes that can help you a lot; for more, visit the link mentioned earlier.

  • 0 – Weeds
  • 2 – Stone
  • 4 – Stone
  • 16 – Wild Horseradish
  • 18 – Daffodil
  • 20 – Leek
  • 22 – Dandelion
  • 24 – Parsnip
  • 30 – Lumber
  • 60 – Emerald
  • 62 – Aquamarine
  • 64 – Ruby
  • 66 – Amethyst
  • 68 – Topaz
  • 70 – Jade
  • 72 – Diamond
  • 74 – Prismatic Shard
  • 75 – Stone
  • 76 – Stone
  • 77 – Stone
  • 78 – Cave Carrot
  • 79 – Secret Note
  • 80 – Quartz
  • 82 – Fire Quartz
  • 84 – Frozen Tear
  • 86 – Earth Crystal
  • 88 – Coconut
  • 90 – Cactus Fruit
  • 92 – Sap
  • 93 – Torch
  • 94 – Spirit Torch
  • 96 – Dwarf Scroll I
  • 97 – Dwarf Scroll II
  • 98 – Dwarf Scroll III
  • 99 – Dwarf Scroll IV
  • 100 – Chipped Amphora
  • 101 – Arrowhead
  • 102 – Lost Book
  • 103 – Ancient Doll
  • 104 – Elvish Jewelry
  • 105 – Chewing Stick
  • 106 – Ornamental Fan
  • 107 – Dinosaur Egg
  • 108 – Rare Disc
  • 109 – Ancient Sword
  • 110 – Rusty Spoon
  • 111 – Rusty Spur
  • 112 – Rusty Cog
  • 113 – Chicken Statue
  • 114 – Ancient Seed
  • 115 – Prehistoric Tool
  • 116 – Dried Starfish
  • 117 – Anchor
  • 118 – Glass Shards
  • 119 – Bone Flute
  • 120 – Prehistoric Handaxe
  • 121 – Dwarvish Helm
  • 122 – Dwarf Gadget
  • 123 – Ancient Drum
  • 124 – Golden Mask
  • 125 – Golden Relic
  • 126 – Strange Doll
  • 127 – Strange Doll
  • 128 – Pufferfish
  • 129 – Anchovy
  • 130 – Tuna
  • 131 – Sardine
  • 132 – Bream
  • 136 – Largemouth Bass
  • 137 – Smallmouth Bass
  • 138 – Rainbow Trout
  • 139 – Salmon
  • 140 – Walleye
  • 141 – Perch
  • 142 – Carp
  • 143 – Catfish
  • 144 – Pike
  • 145 – Sunfish
  • 146 – Red Mullet
  • 147 – Herring
  • 148 – Eel
  • 149 – Octopus
  • 150 – Red Snapper
  • 151 – Squid
  • 152 – Seaweed
  • 153 – Green Algae
  • 154 – Sea Cucumber

What are Statues Stardew Valley?

Statues are almost everywhere in this game, and they can help you travel fast from one location to another. In other words, they act as a moving station in the game to save time and easy access to a different part of the map. To unlock them, you need to work hard by upgrading different items and follow a perfect strategy. Some of those are Warp Totem: Beach, Warp Totem: Mountains, and Warp Totem: Farm. 

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What is Famous Stardew Valley Tricks?

It’s not possible to explain all the essential tips by answering this question. You must visit the complete article on GamesRadar to know about all of the essential tips. But we can provide you with the list of some of those tips below; visit the above link to read complete information.

  1. Start Investing in Crops as soon as possible, or you may not be able to reach a high level fast.
  2. Learning which crop is best for which season, that’s the essential part of this game; never miss it.
  3. Seed placement is tricky, and that can affect your crops a lot. Learn about it fast to save time, money, and more.
  4. Don’t run after animals so soon; they are not your main focus at the start of this game; crops are always important.
  5. Chopping down trees is always essential, which you must start after planting crops in fields, don’t be late.
  6. Unlocking a beach bridge is vital; players always ignore it most of the time, you must not do it.
  7. Focus on mines to get whatever possible from them by mining to get more resources to progress fast.
  8. Fishing is always good for you; try your best to spend more time on it for the best results.

What are Stardew Valley Statues with Gems?

There are many statues in this game; some help you travel fast from one location to another. Some people started to call them Gem Statue, which is a weird name for them. It is hard to understand the purpose of these items in this game and especially for new players. That’s why they end up giving them weird kinds of names.

What are Stardew Valley Secret Areas?

There are many hidden locations on Stardew Valley gaming maps which become a big problem for players. You can read about some of those locations above as part of Secrets for this game.

What are Stardew Valley Weird Statues?

At the start of launching this game, no one could understand statues’ purpose, especially for new players. They started to give them a different name that has become very popular already. Some of those names are “Stardew Valley Weird Statues” and “Magic Statues”


As you can understand from a lot of information in this article, few secrets are very easy to uncover because they have answers. But some of these Stardew Valley secrets are almost impossible to uncover for new players, hard to find by experienced ones. You can always share this article series known as “Answer Guides” for Stardew Valley with every player fan. Sharing on social media like Reddit or popular forums for this game is always a good idea.

Whenever this game receives an update, many new items, secrets, and much more are constantly added. You cant uncover almost every secret in this game because a new update may add many more to the game. Another essential factor of this game is updating current secrets to the next level, and that means you need to look for changes to them.

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