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Slime Rancher Mods – List of Amazing Collection of Mods – Answer Diary

Slime Rancher is funny, cool game for kids with amazing storyline. Read about some Slime Rancher Mods that everyone must play in 2021.


It’s one of the most popular life simulation games with millions of fans all over the world. The player needs to explore an open world on a faraway planet as a slime rancher. On this fantastic planet, there are different kinds of species known as slimes.

The name of that planet is “Far Far Range,” where you can collect, feed, and raise different kinds of slimes, and that’s an essential part of the game. After feeding these slimes, they can produce plorts that players can use for other purposes. After selling plorts, players can now upgrade ranchers, different farm buildings and do other similar tasks.

To entertain your kids in a fantastic way while making them physically active is tough in 2022. So, an indoor bounce house can be very handy for you. Unlike, games it helps them to enjoy both physically and mentally.

Reviews for this game were positive from the start, with some bugs found on the game’s start. But all of these problems are fixed, and players enjoy this game, and the rating goes up with time. This game’s concept is excellent; hunting down slimes, feed them, and it’s more like an economic game too.

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What are Popular 20 Slime Rancher Mods?

You can find the list of some popular mods created for this game. They are primarily focused on game improvements and add few cool features too. Every mod is explained perfectly with a download link to access it directly. Anyone who read this article can suggest any mod to be added as part of this great list.

SRML (Slime Rancher Mod Loader)

SRML is an essential launcher for this game to run different mods. It’s like a mod. That why we include it in our list of mods for slime rancher. It can work with almost every single mod ever created for this game without making any original game problem.

Unlike other games where players can install different mods and access through random paths and settings, this launcher can provide the best place for every installed mod.


More Vaccables

With the help of this mod, you can pick gold, lucky, and quicksilver slimes. Without this mod, it’s hard to catch them because they can run away quickly. You can also choose largos and hundreds of custom icons for the same. Storing them in silos is also possible with the help of this mod. More than 33000 people downloaded this mod, and everyone loved it.


Gold Largos

This mod can add gold largos to every type of slime in this game. Similar to other popular mods, SRML also powers this one. Almost every player loves this one, and you can find more details about how many people downloaded it by visiting the below link.

Gold Largos


Singularity Slimes

In this mod, two new slimes are black hole slime, and the white hole slime is added. Both use almost the same features with different game changes that you must know before playing this mod. These slimes also affect a player, and it’s essential to buy Gravity Cuffs to stay close to these slimes and safe.


Quicksilver Rancher

It’s not just a single mod focusing on limited features but a collection of essential features. Now you can unlock an upgrade which is difficult in the regular game. Selling quicksilver plorts is also possible with the help of this simple mod. Also includes a static generator that allows you to store static charge for later use.


Tarr Rancher

Tarr Rancher is just a powerful weapon to cool down Tarr in the game. You can understand it with the help of the below image. Getting this weapon or tool is almost impossible for the normal player and required some special place to extract.

Tarr Rancher


Shiny slimes

All Pokemon game lovers can enjoy this mod because it includes some essential features from Pokemon Shiny to the game. Now you can find a lot of shiny slimes worldwide that can help players enjoy this game. You must know there are not many changes to the game because of this mod. It’s highly recommended to visit the below link to download this mod and read complete information about it.


More Largos

It is very simple mods that add new lagos to the game like puddle largos, gold largos, and lucky largos. Unlike other mods, there are not many changes to the game. But adding a different type of largos to the game can improve gameplay, and players can start to show more interest in this game.


More Commands

They added new commands that can make this game easier to play. 

  1. – Place Gadget Site
  2. – Feral
  3. – Get Data
  4. – Set Data
  5. – Pause
  6. – Player Scale
  7. – Teleport Player (to look at the surface)
  8. – Teleport Player (to specific coordinates)
  9. – Attach Fashion Pod
  10. – Unlock Map Location
  11. – Force Treasure Pod
  12. – Give Gadget
  13. – Give Blueprint
  14. – Time Scale
  15. – Give Upgrade


Colorful Slimes

Sometimes playing the same type of slimes can create a problem for the players, and they started to feel boring. But with the help of these fantastic mods, everything is changed, and the game becomes colorful. With the use of a new command, now you can easily change colors without looking for different settings.


Shadow Slimes

Shadow slimes are a different kind of species that can become a challenge for players. To produce this kind of slime, you need to leave Phosphor Rad Largo in the sun to begin the process. This mod and a new type of slimes work with different variety of settings by this game.


Persistent Fashions

Another mod created by SRML that allows slimes to keep their fashion when you collect them. It is just a regular mod without any special features that make it perfect. But we only add to our list because some players may love this kind of setting for their slimes.


Lucky Slime Plorts

Adds lucky plorts, which you can get by feeding a lucky slime in this game. You can sell plorts for more newbucks compare to the regular game but required more feeding too. In short, You can consider it one of the best Slime Rancher mods ever created because of its unique features.


Ditto Fashion Pod

Now you can access the fashion pod with this mod, and It will unlock 24 hours after you enter victors lab. There is nothing much crucial as part of this mod, but you can find only a single feature worth a lot to players.


Pure Saber Slimes

The new ability is added to vacuum saber slimes and also allows them to spawn in the wild. This mod solves a big problem to the game every player was facing. Over 4000 people downloaded this mod, which means the popularity for this one is not that high.


Slime Collection 1

Three newly created slimes are added to the game with the help of this mod. Those slimes are the ruby slime, the unstable Slime, and the ruins Slime. New slimes are always crucial for this game and motivate players to focus on playing the game repeatedly.

You can get Ruby Slime by feeding boom crystal largo with a Jellystone. It’s necessary to avoid this Slime or contact carefully because it can convert back to Boom Largo fast.

Unstable Slime is trapped between two directions, and you can get it by feeding a quantum slime with an unstable shard. The player must feed them with their favorite food, and they will generally cool down with time or become Tarr.

The Ruin slimes are very rare, with some essential features other than regular slimes. You can find expect them to produce any kind of plorts, but they can make below items.

  • Slime fossil
  • Jelly stone
  • Buzz wax
  • Hexacomb
  • Deep brine
  • Unstable shard


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Growable Ginger and Kookadoba

It’s a short and simple mod that can Make kookadoba & gilded ginger growable. Unlike other mods, there is nothing else to expect from this mod. But thousands of players love this one, and it’s added to the top 20 on our list because of it.



This mod will remove the limit on altitude, which you can gain by using a jetpack. Also, remove all kinds of energy-related costs from this game. In simple words, now you can enjoy the game with more freedom.


Market Expansion

Market Expansion mod solves simple plorts problems that generally happen when you add too many modded plorts. This kind of problem typically occurs when players try to add many different mods to the game and end up with a confusing game.


Vaccable Crates

It allows you to store crates in your vac pack and silos. But there are some bugs also connected with this mod, but solved by the creator. To read more details about them, visit on below link & also download the mod too.

Vaccable Crates


Where to Download Slime Rancher?

The game is not available to download free, but you can always purchase it from their official websites. There are different kinds of links are available there, or you can buy directly from there. Other important links are also added to connect you with their support and forum for more information and help.

Is Slime Rancher Multiplayer?

No, it’s not multiplayer because developers can make this game open for everyone to play with each other. Some structure in this game prevents it or makes it very hard for everyone to convert from single to multiplayer.

How to Access Slime Rancher Updates?

You can visit the steam store page for this game or the official site to read the latest news. But their site is always best for getting the latest updates instead of other sources with delay.

What are Best Slime Rancher Cheats?

Visit Cheatbook, where you can find complete details about cheats for this game. Unlike other games, you can find an extensive list of different cheats for almost everything. But there are few cheat mods available for limited game changes that can help you a lot.

What is Slime Rancher the Wilds?

Wilds are an old collection of different islands in slime rancher game. There is a large population of feral slimes living in areas you can’t usually find in other places. You can visit one page on Fandom where almost all information is available for the same.

Is there Any Slime Rancher 2?  

It’s almost impossible to find a lot of information about Slime Rancher 2. People are discussing and looking for answers to this question on different platforms. In simple words, don’t expect any 2nd version of this game so soon. As per some sources, they are not even done with the first part of the game and regularly update the latest content.

What is the Best Video to Learn Slime Rancher Gameplay?

Blitz is a viral YouTube channel with millions of fans because of its quality content. You can visit the below link to start learning everything you must know about this game. It’s just the first part, but you can access almost all other videos from related videos.

What is Slime Rancher Largo Guide?  

After feeding favorite food to different slimes, they can produce four plorts each from single sources. You can obtain achievement and get Boom Largo, which is easy to launch in the air and move from one location to another. Visit the complete guide on this topic available on Fandom.You can some of those largo slimes below.

What is Slime Rancher Largo Guide

What is the Best Slime in Slime Rancher? Slime Rancher Main Character / Best Slime Rancher Slimes

Below is a list of best slimes in the game that players must choose if looking for better results. Consider its list of ranked slimes from best to worse too.

  1. Gold Slime. Gold Slimes are the rarest of slimes, with the richest of plorts.
  2. Lucky Slime. Lucky Slimes are rare, feline-looking slimes that do not poop out plorts as other slimes do. …
  3. Dervish Slime. …
  4. Tangle Slime. …
  5. Hunter Slime. …
  6. Quantum Slime. …
  7. Mosaic Slime. …
  8. Crystal Slime

What is Slime Rancher Strategy Guide?  

This game’s strategy guide includes tips, tricks, and the best way to play this game with perfection. Visit an article on Fandom that explains a lot of information and a short guide for the same. 

How to Get Slime Keys in Slime Rancher?

It’s easy to get Slime Keys by just feeding favourite food to wild slimes. For that, you need to look for Gordo Slimes, which is available almost everywhere on the map. But this process may never work on any other kind of slime in the game. Usually, there are only 1 or 2 Gordo slimes available in one major location. To read more, Visit Hypergaming because they provide almost all the necessary information on this topic.

How to Install Slime Rancher Mods?  

Watching videos can always help players understand everything better than reading. Below is the best video that can help you know installing different mods for this game.


Rating for Slime Rancher is perfect compare to almost all other similar games. You can find too many different kinds of species of slimes and a lot of open worlds to explore. In simple words, this game is perfect for almost everyone who likes an open-world, FPS-type game.

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