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Sewai Recipe

A customary Indian pastry made with Vermicelli (sewai), cooked in milk and dry natural products. A quintessential celebration recipe, sewai or seviyaan is made in each family on the event of Eid. One of the most loved Indian pastry, made rapidly and effectively with only a couple of ingredients. A ideal dish to concoct for the celebration or pretty much a delectable sweet to have after a meal.Ingredients of Sewai Recipe: Sewai sautéed with nuts, joined with cardamom in the milk with a spot of saffron for a fragrant character. The ideal Indian pastry is good to go with only a couple of fixings.

Elements of Sewai

2 Tbsp Butter

100 gram Sewai

25 gram Cashew nuts

25 gram Almond

25 gram Raisins

600 ml Milk

3 tbsp Sugar

5 Green cardamom clovesA spot of Saffron

Step by step instructions to Make Sewai

1.In a skillet, sear spread and sewai together.

2.Add cashew nuts, almonds and raisins into it. Sear them together.

3.In an alternate skillet, bubble milk, sugar and crushed green cardamoms.

4.Add the broiled sewai blend into the milk dish. Consolidate fixings together and add saffron.

5.Add some additional milk to release the dish, towards the end.

6.Serve hot.Key Ingredients: Butter, Sewai, Cashew nuts, Almond, Raisins, Milk, Sugar, Green cardamom    cloves, Saffron Recipe.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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