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Roti Jala Recipe

These delicate and fragile Roti Jala (Malaysian Net Crepes) are a should attempt with chicken or meat curry. Simple to get ready utilizing a couple of fixings.

These delicate and fragile Roti Jala (Malaysian Net Crepes) are a should attempt with chicken or hamburger curry.

Roti Jala is the less popular and more subtle cousin of the renowned Roti Canai. In Malaysia, you are bound to eat these net crepes at a party than in a café. It is particularly well known during Hari Raya Aidil Fitri (Eid) and customary kenduri (Malay dining experience) to check favorable occasions like weddings. Growing up, I anticipated this treat during Hari Raya.

Delicate and Delicate Net Crepes

When deciphered, Roti Jala in a real sense signifies “net bread” in light of its frilly or net-like appearance. Very much made Roti Jala is delicate and sensitive. It ought to never be brown or firm.

They are normally presented with Chicken Curry, Beef Rendang (caramelized meat curry), or serunding daging (hot hamburger floss).

Delicate and fragile Roti Jala presented with Chicken Curry.

Extraordinary Cup with Nozzles To Make Roti Jala

To make these crepes, you want an extraordinary cup with five spouts. The hitter is filled the cup and moved in a covering round movement to make the frilly impact. The key here is to move the cup continually so you don’t wind up with a major mass of player in the dish looking like a customary flapjack. It takes a little practice yet you ought to get the hang of it after the initial not many. In the event that you don’t have this unique cup, utilize a press bottle. A Do-It-Yourself elective is to utilize an unfilled milk can penetrated with openings.


The ground turmeric gives these Roti Jala a pleasant yellow tone and a gentle turmeric scent. Normally 4 to 5 crepes for each individual will do the trick. This recipe will serve 2 to 3 people.


1 cup regular baking flour (150g)

¼ tsp ground turmeric

¼ tsp salt

1 egg (beaten)

¾ cup coconut milk blended in with ¾ cup (180ml) water

Vegetable oil to lube skillet


  1. Filter flour and ground turmeric into a huge bowl. Add salt. Mix in beaten egg and coconut milk until a smooth hitter structures.
  2. Strain hitter to eliminate any irregularities.
  3. Brush a little oil onto a non-stick dish on medium intensity. Empty a little hitter into the roti jala cup until about half full. Move the cup in a round movement over the dish to shape a frilly example. Cook until set. This main requires around 2 minutes. Slide crepe out of dish onto a plate. Rehash until everything hitter is spent.
  4. At the point when sufficiently cool to deal with, crease in the two sides of the crepe and roll to shape a slick bundle.
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