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Recipe of Egg Curry

Egg being the brilliant wellspring of proteins can be utilized to make numerous delightful dishes. One such astounding dish is that of Egg Masala Curry where bubbled eggs are simply stewed in hot masala sauce. It has a decent tart taste of tomatoes combined with the flavors and taste of the flavors that are utilized. You can continuously utilize extra eggs from the morning meal or a party and throw it in a curry when you doesn’t want to cook elaborate dishes yet prefer to have a delightful, flavorful feast for supper.

Elements of Egg Masala Curry

•             4 eggs, bubbled

•             1 tsp ginger-garlic glue

•             1 tsp red bean stew powder

•             1/2 tsp turmeric powder

•             1/2 tsp salt

•             1 tsp cumin powder

•             1 tsp coriander powder

•             For Curry:

•             1 tsp cumin seeds

•             1 Green bean stew

•             1 onion, finely slashed

•             1 tsp ginger, slashed

•             1 tsp garlic, slashed

•             1 tsp turmeric powder

•             1 tsp coriander powder

•             1 tsp cumin powder

•             1 tsp red bean stew powder

•             1 tsp salt

•             1/2 cup Watermelon

•             2 Tomatoes

•             1/2 cup water

•             3 tbsp coriander leaves

•             For Tadka:

•             1/8 tsp hing

•             1/4 tsp methi seeds

•             1 tsp mustard seeds

•             1 Kashmir stew

•             8-10 Curry leaves

•             1 tsp kashmiri stew powder

The most effective method to Make Egg Masala Curry

Plan Eggs:

1.Take bubbled eggs in a bowl.

2.Add ginger-garlic glue, red stew powder, turmeric powder, salt, cumin powder and coriander powder.

3.Blend the flavors completely.

4.Take a dish of oil, put the eggs in the container and saute,

Get ready Curry:

1. Take a dish and add cumin seeds, green stew and slashed onion

2. Saute them tilll brilliant brown and afterward add ginger, garlic, turmeric powder, coriander powder, cumin powder, red stew powder and salt.

3. Blend them well.

4. Add water and let it stew.

5. Presently add tomatoes, blend well and add more water. Blend them completely.

6.Grind the combination to get the ideal blend of fiery sauce.

7.Put the eggs into the sauce and blend.

8.Presently add coriander leaves and blend. Bring to stew.

Get ready Tadka:

1. Put hing, methi seeds, mustard seeds, kashmiri stew, curry leaves and kashmiri stew powder in a dish. Saute well.

2. Pour it over the curry alongside coriander leaves and blend well.

3. Serve hot.

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Cary Grant
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