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Private Charter Jets Austin

Fly MERLIN1 Charter Jets Austin— Deep in the heart of Texas, Austin is
the live music capital of the world and prides itself as the best city
to live in America in terms of business opportunities, job prospects,
and quality of life. The capital city of Texas is classified as a Beta
global city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network.
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The climate in Austin features mild winters and hot summers. The city
is situated halfway between the east and west coasts, where the
eastern region is rainy while the western region is arid. On average,
the city receives 2645 hours of sunshine per year which makes it a
great place for solar-powered applications and operating private
charter jets. Austin is located in south-central Texas beside the
Colorado River, where cliffs of limestone in the background are
accompanied by modern architecture and skyscrapers which establish a
graceful cityscape.


The Greater Austin Metropolitan Area is home to world-renowned brands
such as Dell, AMD, Tesla and Whole Foods Market. Austin has been voted
the fastest-growing large city and ranked 4th for business. There are
several major industries in Austin, varying from manufacturing to
services. Austin’s nickname, Silicon Hills, comes from being a hotbed
for companies associated with technology and communication. The
welcoming and forward-looking nature of Austinites has made this city
a haven for entrepreneurs and firms. A supportive community, advanced
infrastructure, favorable climate, global presence, and high quality
of life attract new residents and businesses to the city throughout
the year. It’s Time to Fly your executives in a MERLIN1 Charter Jet to


In terms of tourism, Austin is no less than a sweet treat for
families, couples, and executives alike. Despite rapidly growing as a
business hub, the city is complemented by peaceful spots crafted by
nature. Majestic lakes, freshwater natural swimming pools, waterfalls,
cliffs, and national parks around Austin make this city a hub for
visitors. Popular nature destinations are McKinney Falls State Park,
Barton Springs Pool, Lady Bird Lake, Zilker Metropolitan Park, Caddo
Lake, Gorman Falls, among many others.

The city attracts millions of tourists each year, owing to its vibrant
nightlife scene and various historical sites which elaborate the rich
culture of the Lone Star State. From playgrounds for kids to live
music on Sixth Street for adults, Austin has lots to offer every age

A few major attractions are Bullock Texas State History Museum, Texas
Card House, South Congress Avenue, Texas State Capitol Building,
Blanton Museum of Art, Austin Aquarium, Thinkery, and The Moody


Do you love shopping? Charter a MERLIN1 private jet to Austin and
enjoy a diverse, convenient, and safe shopping experience at a wide
range of retail therapy areas. From toy shops to designer boutiques,
the city offers something for everyone. The most frequented shopping
centers in the heart of Texas are Barton Creek Square, South Park
Meadows, The Domain, West Sixth Street, Renaissance Market, Capital
Plaza, among dozens more. Visit Austin, experience the most joyous
moments, and leave with unforgettable memories and fascinating
souvenirs for loved ones.


Austin’s culinary diversity will stimulate your taste buds and make
the city feel like a second home. The capital of Texas serves a great
variety of fast food, signature juicy Texas barbecue, Asian,
Continental, North and South American cuisines, as well as delicious
bakery confectionery. From food trucks to high-end restaurants, Austin
has something to satisfy every appetite. Food, hotels, and restaurants
are abundantly found in every corner of the city.


Austin hosts some of the most respected educational institutions and
universities in the world including the flagship campus of The
University of Texas. Additionally, there is an enormous amount of
public, private, and charter schools for primary and secondary
education. Austin also offers advanced medical services with multiple
hospitals and health centers throughout the city.

As of 2021, Austin is ranked among the safest cities in the United
States by the FBI. The city is well on its way to being listed among
the major business, technological, and cultural hubs of the United
States. Rapid growth of the city’s business and tourism sectors has
significantly enhanced the quality of life in the capital of Texas.

Charter Jets Austin

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