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Pigar Pigar Recipe

Pigar, is an exceptionally famous road food in Dagupan, Philippines made out truly meager cuts of hamburger and liver rapidly broiled and presented with new cuts of onions.
Pigar, is an exceptionally famous road food in Dagupan, Philippines it’s so well known it has its own celebration. This dish is an extremely basic dish that is made out truly slim cuts of meat and liver rapidly pan fried and presented with new cuts of onions. However the well known meat utilized these days is hamburger the first variant purposes carabeef a meat that comes from carabao, likewise called water bison.
Whenever I first ate this one was in Dagupan and it was my significant other who presented it. I can in any case recollect the spot, it was simply in the city adjacent to the main shopping center during that time in Dagupan (CSI City Mall). During day time this road was so occupied and bunches of individuals and public utility vehicles pass by so you won’t ever envision that the spot will move toward a road food shelter where little business people set up their food slows down when the dusks, it’s like Bangkok around evening time where eating tables simply jump out of the open after 6 PM. These variety of little food slows down give pride to their own variants however the most essential ones is the one that typically sells the most.
What I can say despite the fact that this dish is basic it taste extraordinary the onions and pan fried hamburger cooperate quite well, particularly when you have a truly chilly brew by the side. So assuming you are wanting to host some get-together that lager is involved attempt to supplant your pizza with this one, trust me it is a decent brew match!


500g meat, cut meagerly
150g meat liver, cut meagerly
1 huge onions, cut
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 tsp salt
1 tsp dark pepper


1. In a bowl, marinate meat cuts and liver for basically an hour in soy sauce, salt and dark pepper.
2. Presently utilizing a wok, add heaps of oil enough for profound broiling the meat.

3. Heat up the oil until it is close to its smoking point, then add the hamburger cuts and liver cuts.
4. When the sides of each meat cuts are fresh (the sides will consume first) eliminate hamburger by utilizing an 5. opened spoon and put it on a metal sifter (to permit trickling of oil) then rapidly add the cut onions and blend, utilizing the excess intensity to cook the onions.


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