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Payday 2 Mods – Tools for Payday 2 Modding – Answer Diary

Payday 2 is a Cooperative first-person shooting game, very popular already. Read about some amazing Payday 2 Mods that make game cooler.


Payday 2 is the successor of the initial PayDay: Heist. A theme sets this game apart from other games because you do not have to save the world, survive in a hostile world, or fight for a fight.

You belong to a gang, and you commit heists of variant kinds. This is a multiplayer (up to four) co-op action-packed game originally released on Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in 2013, and later on for PS 4, Xbox One, and switch.

After two years of the predecessor, the event takes place at Washington and plans a new heist; you can either play solo and choose from one of the gang’s 21 members. Rob buildings, banks, armed vehicles, and many more.

Later on, an updated version of payday 2 was released under the name of ‘Crimewave Edition’ with enhanced graphics, unique content, and all DLCs from the previous game.

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The mission pops at the fictional website named, depending upon the level selected. Payday 2 is based on diesel engine 2.0. The payday 3 is expected to be released in 2022 or 2023, based on unreal engine.

What are 20 Payday 2 Mods?  

Mods are smart little changes by players or fans regarding a certain aspect of the respective game. These are meant to resolve any kind of issue, bug, or to boost a specific feature. For payday 2, numerous mods are available, but the player should choose wisely as per requirement. A few of these mods are elaborated below to help you choose and solve your facing.

Most of the mods work effectively only with BLT (a fan-made functioning program, streamlining most of the mods)

 Autofire sound fix

This fantastic mod is here to help you solve sound-bugs. You may encounter one fire as two or none at all; this may cause some severe problems as not hearing sound may cause you dead, or hearing two would be overly sensed. But no more! You can download the auto fire sound fix mod by Offyerrocker. 

Download this mod here:

Better bots 

AI bots could be awful most of the time, and you might wish to play with some real humane players but effectively. Problem solved, once and for all. Stop babysitting your Bots and experience playing with actual players (obviously with AI upgraded and enhanced). 

Some of the features regarding better bots are dominating cops, automatically throwing concussion grenades, marking teaser and turrets, would not leave their lousy behind, and last but not least, counting for ‘crew alive’ to generate the bonus. One of the best Mod in our list of “Payday 2 Mods”

Furthermore, certain aspects are customizable such as; health, damage, dodging, damage balancing, etc.

Download this fabulous mod here:

The Fixes

To resolve many of the base game bugs, download the Fixes. This mod truly fixes infinite base game small bugs. It contains a list of fixes that you can utilize as per your need and concern. The best part is, it is compatible with almost every other mod but if you come across some conflict, you are better suggested not to run that aspect of this mod. Rest you can enjoy.

Download this epic mod here:

Restoration Mod

What’s better than playing payday 2? Another payday is the right solution. But what if you have played it already? Don’t worry; the restoration mod is here to rescue you. Restoration mod offers altered payday with enhanced and updated masks, AI, skill trees, weapons, perk desk, and whatnot.

To leverage this variant yet exciting experience, hurry up and download this mod here:

Re-texture Project – Performance and Quality

You are allowed to alter the look of your game. For this, you don’t need to build another similar match or to have access to the game building. You need to download this mod and utilize it to your satisfaction. 

Things alterable are bank interior, road texture, specific maps (basic maps are fixed), new plank and blood texture, and leftover removal. The list does not end here, but you should go and download it as per your need from here:

Bullet Dismemberment

This mode works on the basis that how you set it. It can murder the enemy within an eye blink. The mod fixed crashing issues, added cloak dismemberment, and further added new enhanced features for Tasers during headshots.

You can also dismember enemies’ limbs through this standalone mod.

Enjoy this mod downloading here;

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Face Re-Texture Project

In-game character faces are more cartoonish; you might wish to play with some real-life characters. To fulfill this wish, Carvalho has taken the step and altered the face texture of up to 11 characters, including but not limited to Wolf, Hoxton, Jacket, Bodhi Clover, and Dragan.

Variations range from skin reelection to eye shading and closely matching with the actor’s face. In case you like the previous look of some character, you can delete the respective file and enjoy the old-character.

Download find this mod over the below link:

Doze Craft

Have you played a lot of Minecraft? If yes, then this mod is going to assists you much. The bulldozers start looking like enemies/mobs in Minecraft. This might not be much support, but this will surely relieve your stress and help you overcome bulldozers.

Check this mod at the link provided below;

Burst fire

PAYDAY has built-in full-auto and single fire mode. But it lacks Burstfire mode. This mode is a self-contained version of the DMCWO mod. It enables some weapons to Burstfire only if you don’t mode the gun with a fixed fire mod.

You can fire thrice in a row, enjoy burst firing via this link;

Bot weapons and Equipment

Some PAYDAY features have made this mod obsolete, but developers are still adding more to existing Henchman features. The damage amount of default weapons of Al bot is always the same, so it is just an attractive mod.

This excellent mod by Hoppip can be easily downloaded from here;

Drag and Drop Inventory

It is the default system of moving your inventory by selecting ‘move items’ and selecting a slot to drop your inventory. Well, that’s clumsy. This mod is only for moving items fast and easily. You can move your inventory by merely dragging and dropping an item. Please pick an item, carry it on a slot where you want to place it, drop it at its destination.

Download drag and drop inventory mod via this helpful link;

Flashlight Extender

The default flashlight of PAYDAY 2 doesn’t shine much. It’s like the light is on its last course of battery power. This mod only makes the flashlight shine brighter like it is on its full battery, even from any range. And NPC will also shine from any range. This mod increases the light’s brightness from the flashlight.

Enjoy this mod over here;


This method enables you to tell AI bots to the position with a keypress. This type of feature can give the player several strategic benefits. AI bots can maintain function and protect the power box until the player performs other operations. It also provides add-ons for jokers if you are interested.

Not limited to this, but you can further observe new friendly NPC’s behavior. Download this fantastic helpful mod here;

Screen info

Since the CF 2017 update, Overkill has added a background screen to the loading, so it’s no longer just a black screen. This mode has been changed to get some points from the loading screen, tell the lobby host and student information. As in PAYDAY: The Heist did.

Music Jukebox Control

What kind of game is it if you cannot enjoy music? Perhaps most players don’t like in-game music, or it distracts them. To help resolve this issue, eastern unit 100 has designed a music jukebox control mod by which you can alter the piece to your choice and enjoy the heist.

This mod is downloadable here;

Project: Deadlock

Get rid of maintaining in-game radio silence. You can easily communicate with mates, Bain, or Locke. The mod uploaded by FrighFulPath is useful for you if you need to exchange some information or you can maintain silence

Download this mod via this link;

Changing lobby name

To change the name of your lobby, you need to change your Steam username. But it’s a lot of trouble to LED-steam the tab, go to settings, and alter the username.

This mode adds a feature, so all you have to do is type in what you want your lobby name changed and give it some smart description without modifying your Steam username.

For now, you have to type the text file in the Mod folder in the lobby tag, then save it. The tab will automatically fill the game without having to recreate the lobby.

This mod is downloadable here;

Wolf HUD

To level up your in-game UI, if you don’t like the original one or want some sneaky change, you should probably check this mod. Wolf HUD is collecting other HUDS, but the author later on added more and more fun parts. 

You can turn the specific function off if you don’t like them, bother them, or no longer need them. Focus your attention on something specific and ignore the rest. This mod requires the support of super BLT.

To download this mod, visit:

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Reconnect to server

Ever happens that going to heist with a crew who know what to do, and suddenly, it disconnects with no reason. And you can’t bother finding the lobby again in Crime net because the 20 Ash lobby is running out there, and you’re too lazy to add a pub boy. Add a function to this mode so that when you go to the crime net by pressing a key, you will reconnect with the last lobby you have played.

Download reconnect to the server here:

Sonic Mod

When you are on the heist, you want to run fast. But sometimes, in-game mechanics might not work for you. Here you are with the sonic mod. Wear two-piece and run as fast as sonic.

This mod is super BLT, BLT, and Beardlib supported. This means you must have these to run the sonic mod.

This mod, created by Damon, is easy to download and friendly to use. Download it here;

The list does not end here; plenty of relevant mods are present to payday 2 players. Above are presented effectual payday 2 game mods that you can enjoy solo, mates, or with AI bots. These are quite helpful. 

These mods need some additional support to run better. You need to have BLT, super BLT, and Beardlib. The next procedure is super simple, download the mod and save it in the mod folder with its original name. Further, read the mod description.

What is Payday 2 Crimewave Edition?  

Crimewave Edition is an action-packed installment with 1080p and the existing PD2 visuals and eight new heist packs, ten new challenges, and many more to conquer. 

The players rob the bank and get paid for their heist, but it is not only a bank heist. It offers armor robbery, nuclear robbing, as well as smuggling of variant kinds. As their progress goes better, they are rewarded more and more. The Crimewave edition also has an upgraded graphic engine for the consoles. 

Can we Play Payday 2 on PS4?  

Yes! Payday 2 can be played on PS4. Although this game is also playable on PS5, some features available on PS4 may be absent, and the system needs to be upgraded to the latest software. The game was initially released for PS 3, but it was later released over PS4.

Is Custom Modding Possible in Payday 2?  

Yes, Custom Modding Possible in Payday 2; you have to start the game with enthusiasm, make sure everything is done correctly, and load it properly. If the game crashes, chances are there it is because of some mod. Installed mods can also be checked by clicking on the Mod Status box in the main menu’s profile box.

Which Tool can we Use for Payday 2 Modding?

The Mod Tool allows players to create and apply custom mods easily. The content has to be extracted from the Bundle Tool. 

Here is the list of some tools that are needed to create mods:

  • Payday Bundle Modder: This tool allows the player to create and apply mods and extract game files.
  • Sound Converter V1.15: This tool allows you to convert sound files to be used by the game.
  • Photoshop: This tool is used to edit texture files.
  • GoldWave: This tool is used to edit audio files.

What is Payday 2 Best Stealth Build?  

Perk Deck

Perk Deck is Known as the best perk deck for stealth, but the player needs to own Clover Character Pack to use it. It faster the stealth actions by providing bonus armor abilities


There are various popular choices available that will aid in getting the job done correctly.  


Quiet throwables are the best option so, shurikens, knives, or cards are also a good option. 

Loud Build

A player can take his guns blazing route rather than remain quiet and calm. 

Perk deck

This deck is a good option and popular choice, grants for being surrounded by enemies. There are also bonuses like armor and health regeneration when tries are higher for more kills.

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Indeed payday 2 is an epic game, quenching the heist thirst of many. It is not limited to the heist of banks, buildings, and malls, but you can rig elections, steal nuclear smuggling, or run drug trafficking.

The updated version, Crimewave, added exceptional fun to it. Further, the mods let you explore the in-game crime world more drastically.

Numerous mods are available at players’ disposal, which can be chosen based on players’ choice and concern—mods presented for customization of character, arms, AI bots, and many more. Choose wisely for your shortcomings or to boost your strengths.

Apart from mods, to get your payday, suggestions enhance your gameplay and utilized useful mods. I hope all these mods briefings prove to be beneficial to you. Hope you love reading “Payday 2 Mods”

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