Saturday, August 13, 2022

Pao Fan Recipe

This Pao Fan recipe is a definitive solace food. With an evidently rich custom made fish stock to absorb extra rice and fresh broiled lumps of rice, this dish is nourishment for the spirit.

 Made excessively? Save the stock by freezing them in ice solid shape plate for the following time you want an umami help. Think practically moment fish porridge or Hokkien mee.


                2cups Raw rice grains

                330g Lobster tail

                500g Scallops

                16pcs Prawns (deshelled and deveined)

                500g Clams

                1kg Fish bones

                2pieces Flat sole fish (toasted)

                2kg Prawns shells

                6stalks Scallions (white part as it were)

                4slices Ginger cuts (gently crushed)

                Salt to taste


1. Cook 2 cups of rice in the rice cooker.

2. Toast the level sole fish until fragrant, put away

3. In a skillet with some oil, profound fry fish bones until fragrant, move to a stock pot.

4. In a similar skillet, sear prawns shells and lobster shells until fragrant, move into a stock pot. Include scallions, whites, ginger cuts and level sole fish.

5. Empty hot bubbling water into a stock pot and bubble over medium high intensity for 60 minutes. Channel and hold stock.

6. Take one bowl of cooked rice out. Shallow fry rice until brilliant brown and crisps. Channel and put away.

7. Scoop rice into a claypot, pour one major scoop of fish stock inside, somewhat bubble it.

8. Heat stock to the point of boiling, include lobster meat, prawns, mollusks lala and scallops, and cook well. Season salt to taste.

9. Empty all soup and fixings into the claypot, embellish with broiled rice grains and scallions.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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