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Free online resources for learning Chinese


You’ll receive no-cost Chinese instruction.

A Chinese course at your nearby institution is more expensive than Duolingo, but it’s also less enjoyable.

Duolingo uses gaming to teach Chinese. You can unlock new categories and advance to new levels by memorizing language and accurately completing quiz questions.

This vocabulary-focused app categorizes words into categories like school, work, and food. It’s great if your main objective is to memorize vocabulary and characters. But if you want to concentrate on abilities like speaking and listening comprehension, I’d suggest downloading one or two additional apps in addition to Duolingo.


What you get: An entertaining free trial with real Chinese films

You will have full access to FluentU’s extensive collection of Chinese videos throughout the free trial, including music videos, news segments, and more. You will sound more natural speaking Chinese and will find it easier to understand if you study with native-level material.

However, authentic material can occasionally become overwhelming, and FluentU is intended to address this. For instance, each FluentU video contains interactive captions that let you look up vocabulary right away if necessary.

You can check your understanding of the subject matter by taking a review quiz after a video has finished. The tests include spoken, multiple-choice, and fill-in-the-blank questions. You can use the search bar to seek up words you’ve heard elsewhere and get definitions and usage examples from FluentU’s video dictionary.

Chinese requires memorizing characters, as opposed to romance languages. Recognizing characters can be challenging enough, but learning to write them (and the proper stroke order) is a very different challenge. Skritter’s main objective is to assist students in learning how to accurately write Chinese characters. In a sense, it’s like holding a writing coach in your hand. Skritter is free to use on the internet, and you can download the app for free as well. If you do decide to use Skritter on a long-term basis, you can become a member.


You will receive free Chinese videos. Talk about a strong, no-cost educational tool. With YouTube, your options are essentially limitless! For those who want to learn Chinese for free, there are numerous excellent channels available.

It’s a terrific method to develop your listening skills to watch YouTube videos. A vital yet underappreciated component of learning a language is understanding Chinese culture, which is taught through a variety of channels. Uncertain about where to begin? Here are a few of my favorite Chinese educators and YouTubers!

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Translation Error

Students learning Chinese as a second language and Chinese Americans should watch this channel. Observing Chinese Americans engage with the language and culture is entertaining.

Watch ABCs contact their parents for the first time in Chinese, for instance, in the video “ABCs Call Their Parents in Chinese.” They look afraid, which is amusing.

The videos are cheerful and entertaining. The video “North Americans React to Chinese Movies” is the ideal representation of their style.

Videos for Lost in Translation mix English and Chinese dialogue and all of the content has both English and Mandarin subtitles. For novices, this is the ideal channel because of that!

Krysti naaa

The average stylish, attractive YouTube vlogger is Krysti Naaa. The cosmetics lesson category on YouTube is one of the most addictive ones. If you’re obsessed with making the ideal smoky eye, you’ll enjoy Krysti because she specializes in doing that. She also creates humorous movies on subjects I never would have considered, like evaluating meals from Costco.

It’s generally ideal for advanced learners to watch Krysti’s videos. She speaks swiftly without giving any subtitles. She also employs specific vocabulary in relation to food, makeup, losing weight, and beauty. Additionally, each one lasts for more than 20 minutes. Also, learn about samsung galaxy watch 4 erscheinungsdatum.


Oh my goodness, Mamahuhu is a funny channel! Follow a diverse group of friends who reside in China as they offer perspectives on the local way of life. The majority of Mamahuhu videos are in English, and when Chinese is spoken, English subtitles are provided. The channel is therefore excellent for beginning students. However, because you study so much about Chinese culture, intermediate and advanced learners could still enjoy the program.


You will receive free Chinese movies.

A totally free way to watch Chinese movies, at last! On AsianCrush, you can view films from all across Asia without having to pay a fee. Searching for a film that’s a little bit more somber than the ones I’ve discussed? You might enjoy “The Jade Pendant,” a film about a young Chinese woman who leaves her country in order to avoid an arranged marriage. But after arriving in America, things start to go wrong in her life.

You want a dramatic watch, but not one that’s so dark. Watch the TV drama “Move of Fate,” which is about two women who were switched as babies and the ramifications of the switch. Get the ideas from katalysator reiniger test.