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Online casino design and how it affects attendance

Researchers have found a strong relationship between online casino game design and attendance on gaming platforms. Online casino designs that attract and retain players have an impact not just on the revenue stream of the operator but also on the overall experience of the customers. An analysis that was done by experts at found that designing a perfect platform does not only involve coming up with a website that looks great but also building an environment that targets the right audience. With the ultimate aim of the online casino is to get lots of quality players, operators are looking for ways to enhance the numbers. With the relationship between the design and attendance now having been established, how can operators enhance it to meet their needs?

Online casino design should be different from other websites

While websites have a common purpose, that is bringing customers online and encouraging them to consume the products on offer, gaming platforms offer more than that. With hundreds of gaming options, online casinos are places where players are supposed to spend considerable time playing their favorite games. Therefore their design should be in a way that not just attracts but also keeps them engaged for the period they will be playing. 

Site traffic goes directly into the game section unlike in information websites where visitors are encouraged to take their time as they browse and digest information on a given platform. The players have no time for such, they do not have the luxury of time, and they want to land directly into the games section. Therefore, any design effort should consider this, and come up with a design that attracts and gives a great experience for the users. The diminishing attention spans that characterize the users of the gaming sites ought to guide the designing of the environment if an operator is to see the attendance numbers increase at any given time.

Color and appearance

First impressions matter; the environment that greets players once they land on the platform dictates whether they are going to stay and for how long. You may have done everything else right with the game club design but failed in putting up color and appearance that engages the players. The right color palette for the platform helps in creating a positive impact as well as engaging the players’ first impression.

It has also been found to influence the user’s behavior. Bright colors such as orange give a vibrant and open impression while the choice of blue helps the customer to relate with the platform as they get an impression of trust. Black is a popular color in gaming design as it gives the slot and game logos the visibility that they require. It also epitomizes activities, especially the nightlife environment helping in the replication of a lavish and enjoyable atmosphere –one that those who patronize land-based platforms experience.

gaming room with arcade machines

The user interface is everything

When developing a gaming platform, designers need to think of a shop front. This is what a customer sees when they land on a brick and mortal platform. The shop front should accurately give the right message, clearly communicating the brand identity. For an online platform, this can be achieved with a user interface, where the casino’s theme is clearly defined. A player who lands here for the first time should set your brand apart from others. This is something that has worked successfully helping operators not just get recognition by the users but also win the attention of the industry and get prestigious awards.

Personalization and enhancements

Following the footsteps of successful online gaming platforms, operators ought to deliver an experience that the customer demands. Delivering a streamlined user experience, quick click functionality, and giving a personalized effect not only engaged the player but also makes them feel valued.


Online gaming is not the place to prove how sophisticated a platform can be, it is not only a turn-off but also denies the players a chance to have fun. Simplicity is everything; it helps in improving attendance as well as keeping the players engaged. With the growing competition, user-friendliness and simplicity in the use of a platform rank highly as factors that influence the site traffic as well as engagement of users.

Right from sign-up, making deposits, and utilization of slots with bonus buy to playing the favorite game and the ease at which a player navigates through the platform, all these factors influence the experience of a player. It also determines whether one will recommend a site to others. As a player, you cannot recommend a site where you encountered some difficulties as those whom you bring will end up blaming you once they get disappointed. While still on simplicity and use friendliness, you should not compromise on quality to deliver these capabilities, ensure you deliver them all.

Payment methods

While you may get everything else right where you match the most popular online casino themes and other functionality, you may miss one crucial aspect, the payment methods. While this may not be entirely concerned with the online casino design of the platform, it is part of the environment. The ease at which players make deposits and withdraw their winning will also influence the attendance. Include payment methods that are:

  • Readily available, 
  • Convenient, and 
  • Affordable 

This enhances the attendance and also makes the user’s experience great, something that any player would be looking at in a gaming platform.

With the establishment of the relationship between design and attendance in a gaming platform established, operators should strive to give their sites an environment that attracts keeps, and engages the player.

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Cary Grant
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