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Oats Chilla Recipe

This oats chilla with veggies and flavors is undoubtedly the most ideal way to appreciate chilla (appetizing flapjacks) for breakfast. Add a side of chutney for plunging and you have a sound breakfast shortly!

Taste and Texture:

 Appetizing, nutty, gently flavored oats chilla have cushioned, somewhat firm surface like besan chilla.

Fast to make:

 It requires a short ways (beginning to end that incorporates making hitter and cooking).

Sound and filling:

These oats chillas are loaded with supplements (from veggies, oats) and filling to your stomach. Oats give sufficient strength and energy to help yourself through occupied mornings when had in breakfast.

Kids and baby amicable:

 These make the ideal finger food as I cut the chilla into 2-inches long strips and my kid loves it. Put together into their lunch box and it remains delicate (not chewy).



 I like to crush my own folded oats into a coarse powder as opposed to utilizing readymade oats flour. Why? Coarsely ground oats give the best surface of the cheela. Versus oats flour makes the player tacky and brings about the thick surface of oats chilla.

Besan (gram flour):

If chilla is made with oats really at that time the player will be disgusting, tacky and chilla will be thick. So the expansion of besan assists with staying away from these issues.


 It helps in simple assimilation.


 I have utilized a combination of onion, tomato, carrot and chime pepper. You can utilize your selection of veggies. Scarcely any choices are referenced in the notes beneath. Make certain to hack them finely or grind them.


1) Take coarsely ground oats and besan in a bowl and blend.

2) Add salt, red bean stew powder, turmeric powder and ajwain. Mix well.

3) Add ginger glue, cleaved green stew, cilantro and veggies (onion, tomato, carrot, chime pepper). Blend everything.

4) Start adding little water and continue to blend to make a smooth, knot free player. The consistency of the oats chilla hitter ought to resemble dosa player (otherwise known as spreading consistency).Composition of 4 stages showing oats, besan, flavors in a bowl, adding veggies and water to make player.

5) Heat the container or skillet on medium intensity. Sprinkle or spread little oil in the dish. Pour two ladleful of the player in the middle and spread it equitably to make a medium thick round formed chilla.

6) Cook on the medium-low fire until the base has a couple of brilliant earthy colored spots, is somewhat firm and the top starts to look cooked. Presently sprinkle some oil on top.

7) Flip it and cook the opposite side until brilliant brown. Do press with spatula delicately a couple of times to cook quicker and make it marginally firm.

8) Once it is cooked from the two sides eliminate oy from the container and serve. Rehash something very similar to make remaining oats chilla.

Arrangement of 4 stages showing spreading hitter in the skillet, cooking the two sides to make chilla.

Master Tips

  • Use coarsely ground oats to get the best surface of oats chilla. Finely ground oats make the player tacky and chilla comes out thick.
  • Cleave the veggies finely or grind them so they get cooked quicker alongside chilla.
  • Veggie choices:
  • Try not to skip onion, tomato, ginger and cilantro. These add a base flavor and play around with the rest veggies.
  • You can add ground beet, bottle gourd, zucchini, carrot, cauliflower. You can add finely cleaved cabbage, hued peppers, spring onion, and so forth.
  • Green chilies are discretionary. I would skip it if making for young children or babies.
  • To make the hitter, you can utilize plain chaas (Indian buttermilk) rather than water.
  • To make it very soft, add ¼ teaspoon of baking soft drink to the hitter.
  • I like to utilize a cast iron dish to make oats chilla. The bit by bit photographs are shot in 2016 and around then I was utilizing non-stick however not any longer.

Serving Ideas

  • Serve oats chilla with your decision of chutney (like cilantro chutney, tamarind date chutney, coconut chutney, tomato chutney, and so on).
  • It isn’t great, however I eat this chilla with a hot mug of espresso (or tea).
  • For my children’s lunchbox, I spread a teaspoon of ghee on the chilla, cut it into strips and pack it into the lunchbox.
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