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NBA 2K22 Shooting Badge Guide: How To Level Up And Grind Quickly

The fact that NBA 2K22 is a premier basketball game means that you’ll need to be a good shooter if you want to get the most out of it. To accomplish this in the MyCareer mode, the most efficient method is to earn as many shooting badges as possible while maintaining a high level of proficiency. If you’re not using glitches, this will almost always necessitate a significant amount of grinding on your part, but some grinds are better than others. Following are three of the most popular shooting badge grinds currently making their way around the 2K community that will not result in your account being banned.

NBA 2K22 Shooting Badge Guide: How To Level Up And Grind Quickly

Before we get into the specific badge methods, let’s lay out a few fundamental ground rules that will greatly assist you in your badge grind no matter which method you choose. Starting with the obvious difference that, while previous NBA 2K entries featured badge methods that worked exceptionally well in the Training Facility, this year’s game appears to be much more focused on earning points by participating in actual games. If you’re just getting started, high-difficulty drills will still provide a significant amount of progress, but playing in a real game will be far more effective.

Finally, it is advantageous to play in college and the G League before entering the NBA, as this provides access to more badges at the start of one’s career. This only works with new players who haven’t yet committed to a particular NBA team, but it’s still worth mentioning for the sake of completeness. When it comes to the methods, they perform best on the Hall of Fame difficulty level, but they can still produce acceptable results on lower difficulty levels as well.

This method comes to us courtesy of the experts at NBA2KLab on YouTube, who developed it. Go to the far corner and call for a pick and roll to start the game. The screen should be oriented so that it runs towards the middle. As the screen approaches, keep the ball in your right hand and press the turbo button before flicking the right stick to the right or downward. When 2K22 MT do this, your player will leap to his feet, causing the defender to loosen his defensive positioning. As soon as the ball appears, keep the turbo button depressed and depress the left stick downward. Your opponent will become stuck, allowing you to pull out and take a clean shot from the wing if you are lucky.

You can also enter a corner while holding the turbo button and pressing the right stick downward to initiate a step back. When the defender is caught off guard, press the left stick down to exit the coverage and shoot your three-pointer from beyond the arc. The key is to take a few steps back just as the screen defender is about to be activated. Once the AI begins to adjust to the move, simply move out of the way and lob alley-oops in instead.

Since its inception, there have been numerous modifications to the method that has been developed. If you want to make a minor adjustment, Buy MT 2K22 Xbox Series can move your player in a zigzag pattern just before you take that corner shot. The AI is typically too slow to keep up, which leaves you with plenty of opportunities to shoot.

This is the next method from Korzemba, which is to simply hover around the three-point line until one of your teammates passes the ball to you. Then just keep piling on the threes until they succumb. This grind may only be effective if your player starts with a high OVR rating, but it is still effective regardless of where they start. As soon as your player receives the ball, the defense is unable to keep up, which means making the shot should be relatively simple. If you have the Catch & Shoot, Sniper, or Limitless Spot-Up badges equipped on your build, it will be even easier.

However, if you decide to grind badges from training, the best way to do so is to take advantage of Brickley’s Gym, which should be open on occasion throughout the campaign. Whether you win or lose, you’ll earn triple or quadruple the badge points by participating in his drills. For as long as your game’s gym is open, it’s a great way to get a head start on your badge grind in any category, but it’s especially beneficial in shooting. Even if you lose these games on purpose, Https:// will be able to keep playing them without losing any of the XP you have already earned.

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