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Murgh Musallam Recipe

THIS Murgh Musallam Recipe By Chef Zakir will turn into your go-to, dazzle your-companions and-family members with this Pakistani dish. Mughlai style, rich and grand Murgh Musallam might seem to be a great deal of work yet the outcome is Definitely worth the effort. A Masala simmered chicken with lively variety and flavor, it is wonderful to serve to a get-together of individuals. Serve Murgh Musallam with Naans.


1 Whole chicken
1 cup ghee
1 cup plain yogurt
2 tsp ginger glue
2 tsp garlic glue
6 cloves
6 cardamom
2 onions softly cooked
25 gm almonds
25 gm raisins
1 onion ground
2 tsp red bean stew powder
1 tbsp kewra
Saffrona squeeze

Cooking Method

1. Wash entire chicken appropriately.
2. In a little bowl, combine as one the yogurt, ginger garlic glue, ground onion, salt and red bean stew powder.
3. Spread this combination ove the entire chicken and marinate it for 2 hours.
4. Stuff chicken with whitened almond, raisin, bubbled egg and earthy colored onion.
5. Seal the chicken appropriately and tight with a string.
6. Heat ghee in a wok over medium intensity.
7. Put marinated chicken in ghee and broil well for 20 minutes or until brilliant brown.
8. Eliminate chicken from the wok and keep to the side.
9. In the excess ghee, 6 cloves,cardamom and remaining marinade blend, likewise add a little earthy colored onion and sear well.
10. Presently add broiled chicken and a little water, stew on low fire for 40 minutes or until chicken is finished.
11. Presently, add a spot of saffron broke down in 1 tbsp kewra.
12. Eliminate in a serving platter and present with bakar khaani naan.

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