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Mishti Doi Recipe

Mishti doi recipe with bit by bit pics. Mishti doi is an exemplary Bengali sweet made with milk, curd culture and jaggery or sugar. The jaggery utilized customarily to make mishti doi is palm jaggery. In Bengali language ‘mishti’ signifies sweet and ‘doi’ is curd. In hindi language mishti doi can be called as meetha dahi.

The strategy for making mishti doi is unique in relation to making a basic curd or dahi. The milk is thickened and diminished first and afterward palm jaggery is added. At the point when the milk turns out to be warm, curd is added. This combination is then permitted to set for certain hours.

For making mishti doi utilizing earthen dishes or pans better. The permeable walls of the earthern bowls retains the dampness from the doi, which thus makes the mishti doi pleasantly thick.

Mishti doi was and is one of my #1 Bengali sweet. Exactly 12 to 14 years back in Mumbai, on events I would visit one Bengali sweet shop in inorbit shopping center in malad west. From that point I would purchase numerous Bengali desserts and stock them in the cooler. I used to work then, at that point, so clearly it was simpler for me to purchase desserts than make them at home. The basic but humble mishti doi would unquestionably be one of the desserts I would constantly purchase.

Hardly any Bengali desserts which I have shared on blog are:

Aging mishti doi takes additional time when contrasted with making curd. The timing additionally differs with the nearby temperature conditions. In the event that you live in chilly environment zones, keep the curd in a warm spot in your home e.g close to a radiator or inside a lit broiler or close to the gas oven.

Generally no flavorings are added, yet I feel a few traces of cardamom powder gives a decent fragrance as well as flavor to the doi.

Instructions to make mishti doi

1. Take 1 liter full fat milk in a weighty kadai or dish. Keep fire to low or medium-low and start to warm milk.

2. Mix every so often when the milk is getting warmed. Allow the milk to reach boiling point.

3. Then keep on stewing the milk on a low to medium-low fire. Mix frequently when the milk is getting stewed.

4. This persistent stewing will diminish the milk.

5. mix frequently. likewise scratch the dried milk solids from the sides and add to the stewing milk.

6. stew milk till it diminishes to ⅓ or ½ of its unique volume.

7. Hold the kadai down and let the milk cool for around 8 to 9 minutes. scratch the dried milk solids from

8. In the interim finely hack or mesh 175 to 180 grams palm jaggery. You will require ¾ cup finely hacked palm jaggery.

9. Following 8 or 9 minutes, add the slashed palm jaggery to the milk. While adding jaggery, the temperature of milk can be 60 to 65 degrees celsius.

10. Blend till all the jaggery is disintegrated.

11. Add ½ teaspoon cardamom powder. Blend well and let the milk become warm. In the wake of adding jaggery, the temperature of milk will lessen. So you can really look at the temperature subsequent to adding milk.

12. The milk ought to be warm – meaning assuming you plunge your finger in the milk, your finger ought to feel serenely warm yet not hot. In the event that you have a cooking thermometer, you can really look at the temperature. It ought to be between 40 to 44 degrees celsius.

13. Presently add 2 tablespoons curd.

14. With a whisk blend well overall. The curd ought to break up in the milk. Assuming you need you could beat the curd before you add.

15. Presently pour the doi combination in earthen or earthenware bowls or earthen handi.

16. Cover with a top or seal with aluminum foil.

17. Save in a warm spot for the mishti doi to set. Mishti doi takes more time to set than curd. the timing will likewise differ with the temperature in your city. Since its cool and not hot where I reside, it required 23 hours for the curd to set. So you save for 9 hours to 24 hours.

18. When the mishti doi is set, then refrigerate. Serve mishti doi with your dinners or as a pastry.

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