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Speedy and EASY recipe utilizing extra idlis. The delicious masala is produced using onion, capsicum and tomatoes with kind of pav bhaji masala. This masala is covered to the idli pieces. The PERFECT method for utilizing extra refrigerated idlis.

Whenever we make idli, it is certain that we will have some extra. This is valid for my situation. I make numerous different recipes utilizing extra idlis (like idli fry) yet without a doubt this one is our number one.

The technique for making masala idli and taste are practically like the tawa pulao.

It has somewhat fiery taste with kind of pav bhaji on the grounds that pav bhaji masala powder is added. I got this thought from Tarla Dalal’s recipe around a long time back. From that point forward I am making this as a bite.

How To Make Masala Idli Recipe?

1) First cut the each idli into 9 pieces and keep it to the side. Additionally prep rest fixings.

2) Heat the oil in a dish on medium intensity. When hot add hacked onion and capsicum. Sprinkle salt over it to accelerate the cooking system.

3) Mix well and let it cook. Do in the middle between.

4) Let them cook till onion turns out to be delicate and light pink in variety. onion, ringer pepper cooked

5) Now add green bean stew and garlic glue.

6) Mix and saute for 30 seconds or till the crude smell of garlic disappears.

7) Add tomatoes.

8) Mix well and cook.

9) As it gets cooked, it will be delicate. That time squash them utilizing spatula and make it thick.

10) Add 2 tablespoons of water and blend.

11) Add staying salt, turmeric powder, red stew powder and pav bhaji masala.

12) Mix well and cook briefly.

13) Now add cleaved idlis.

14) Mix appropriately so the masala is covered to every single pieces.

15) Lastly press the lemon squeeze and add hacked coriander leaves.

16) Stir well and serve.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
Cary Grant, the enigmatic wordsmith hailing from the UK, is a literary maestro known for unraveling the intricacies of life's myriad questions. With a flair for delving into countless niches, Grant captivates readers with his insightful perspectives on issues that resonate with millions. His prose, a symphony of wit and wisdom, transcends boundaries, offering a unique lens into the diverse tapestry of human curiosity. Whether exploring the complexities of culture, unraveling philosophical conundrums, or addressing the everyday mysteries that perplex us all, Cary Grant's literary prowess transforms the ordinary into extraordinary, making him a beacon of intellectual exploration.


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