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1) OVAL Ocean side, SAUGATUCK

This grant winning and famous ocean side is an unquestionable requirement. Prestigious for its staggering coastline and moving hills, Oval Ocean side has been granted Condé Nast Explorer’s “Main 25 Sea shores On the planet”, Public Geographic Voyager’s “Top Freshwater Sea shores in the USA”, and MTV’s “Best 5 Sea shores in the USA”. Need we say more? While you might not have protection, the prizes merit sharing. Note: a lot of leaving ($10/vehicle), concessions and outing region, public bathrooms (9am-7pm everyday), versatile latrines (after 7pm), and no liquor permitted.


This famous state park flaunts sandy sea shores and beach front hills, as well as a woods, campsite, and climbing trails. In any case, the ocean side says everything with 2.5 miles of coastline, and marvelous hills, some more than 200′ tall. This mid year head to Saugatuck for swimming, sunning, walking, birdwatching or picnicking. You can outing near the ocean or on one of the rises under the shade of a tree. Note: the ocean side is a 66% mile climb from the excursion stopping region.

3) SOUTH Ocean side PARK, SOUTH Safe house

South Ocean side Park is one of the most well known sea shores for swimming in the mid year. Situated in beguiling South Sanctuary, you’ll track down extraordinary sand, dazzling dusks and admittance to the enormous, red, notable beacon. Note: stopping charge, concessions, keepsake shop, cookout region, and bathrooms.


This 11-section of land park offers 630′ of sandy ocean side on Lake Michigan. View the great nightfalls from the ocean side or the comfortable gazebo (on the off chance that a wedding isn’t occurring). You’ll find an extensive flight of stairs that gives admittance to this delightful ocean side. Offers outdoor tables, structures, and public bathrooms.


Dock Bay was once called “the most active port between St. Joseph and Muskegon.” Nonetheless, it’s destiny was left being referred to after the deficiency of the wood supply during the 1860s, the fire of 1871, and the sawmill’s movement. A large part of the area was sold consistently, nonetheless, because of Ganges Municipality, a little strip was put something aside for use as a public ocean side. Guests can get to this little, fairly secret ocean side whenever of year somewhere in the range of 8am and 10pm. There are just ten parking spots, however it merits an attempt, as the swimming and evening sun are perfect. As a matter of fact, one of the most incredible parts is the view at twilight with dazzling nightfalls over Lake Michigan. One more feature of the ocean side is the quantity of lightning stones. These exceptional rocks, known as septarian knobs, are a land interest. On the off chance that you partake in a decent chase or a staggering nightfall, this ocean side is great. Note: you’ll need to bring a lofty flight of stairs down to the ocean side, so be ready.


Holland State Park is one of Michigan’s most well known state parks thanks to its sweet sand sea shores, eminent nightfalls, and notorious “Enormous Red” beacon. You’ll handily track down your very own spot on the far reaching ocean side for sunbathing, perusing under an umbrella, or simply people-watching. Bring a camera for photos of the beacon, situated across the channel toward the south. Note: appreciate concessions, paddle rentals, and public bathrooms with evolving region. Affirmation charged.

7) Passage PARK, HOLLAND

Named for its extraordinary passage through a hill, Passage Park is another marvelous ocean side find. Offering 22 sections of land and a broad ocean front, it’s the best spot for swimming, sunbathing and picnicking. Note: appreciate outing regions and asylum), sand volleyball courts, present day bathrooms, and occasional concessions with candy machines.

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