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King Von – Chicago Rap Legend

Dayvon Bennett hails from Chicago’s South Side O Block neighborhood. As a teenager he had several run-ins with the law but eventually began rapping professionally in 2017. With his signature flows and cadences that set him apart from drill music’s regular lineup.

He was killed after becoming involved in an altercation outside of Atlanta’s Monaco Hookah Lounge at 26. While King Von autopsy image has yet to be made public, images showing his body on an autopsy table with visible stitches and tattoos have sparked outrage among his fans and drawn the scrutiny of the mortician who leaked these photos.

1. “Crazy Story”

The song offers listeners a vivid depiction of street life. It elicits feelings of empathy, anger and betrayal while offering commentary on violence as an ongoing cycle.

Von’s full-length project, released just before his death, showcases his powerful storytelling ability. On its opening track “Armed & Dangerous”, Von vividly details Chicago’s Southside streets where deadly gang warfare reigns supreme while rapping ferociously.

Von is an exceptional artist, capable of seamlessly switching from sing-song harmonies to machine gun-style energetic delivery on his tracks. Additionally, his lyrics depart from the standard heartbreak rap formula; on “Wayne’s Story,” Von tells the tale of Shorty and Wayne as they battle an emotional war against each other; leaving listeners eagerly anticipating more! Specifically, this track ends on an unexpected cliffhanger leaving listeners wanting more from this tale!

2. “Like That”

Von was renowned for rapping about Chicago’s violence with such vivid detail that you would feel it in your stomach. His raw voice made for an interesting contrast in an age of polished trap rappers.

On this tense cut, he addresses his upbringing within gang culture and its attendant violence, while discussing its bloodshed that marked his life. His flow is energetic over bass-heavy beats while simultaneously offering melodic introspection on tracks like “Ride.”

Though his life ended tragically, King Von was on his way to becoming one of Chicago rap’s true legends. A rising star with the energy and studious work ethic to be successful in any era. Lil Durk mentored and signed him to OTF label. Lil Durk appears on one track of Grandson as proof. Lil Durk can also be felt throughout the album; unlike some posthumous releases that seem rushed for commercial gain by record companies or labels alike, Grandson feels professionally made.

3. “Welcome to O’Block”

King Von made his mark on Chicago rap’s post-drill scene with a style inspired by G Herbo and Chief Keef, with music that features narrative-rich nihilism softened by empathy and humor.

Welcome to O’Block was released just one week before Vono was shot and killed at age 26 outside a Monaco Hookah Lounge in Atlanta, Georgia. In it he narrates his rise, detailing how fame could potentially alter relationships and communities he loved dearly.

Chopsquad DJ, Tay Keith, Hitmaka and Wheezy provided production for this 16-track project that featured guests like Polo G, Lil Durk, Dreezy Moneybagg Yo and Fivio Foreign. The title references Von’s former neighborhood on Chicago’s South Side at 6400 South Dr Martin Luther King Jr Drive; known for both localized violence as well as greater regional conflict.

4. “Bad Boy”

Von was an iconic voice among modern rappers. His gruff tones could evoke memories from bygone days while he told gripping tales – even if that meant landing himself in some legal trouble more often than not.

What It Means to Be King may not advance Von’s legacy or harm it, but it does showcase his potential. Von’s natural chemistry with local talent shines on “Evil Twins,” featuring Lil Durk; these O Blockians trade barbs about their bodies while looking forward to battle.

If you’re seeking something fresh in drill music, this project deserves your consideration. But be wary of its allusions of violence; otherwise you may end up hearing gunfire that never gets resolved in reality; that is simply life on Chiraq streets.

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