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Kbl Recipe

“Sinigang” doesn’t generally mean the dish made with sampaloc or tamarind. As a matter of fact, the root word is “sigang” or to cook or stew in a stock. Many dishes have been made into a sinigang yet not all are made with sampaloc.

Take this KBL recipe. It’s a “sinigang” that is basically the same as the sinigang sa sampaloc however its harshness comes from the local natural product batuan or batwan. On the off chance that you’re Ilonggo, you realize that this will generally be a green natural product that develops on trees. It’s bountiful in Negros in the Visayas. It’s normally green, however becomes yellow as it develops. It’s best utilized, notwithstanding, while still green and either somewhat swollen or has carmelized spots which are typical for these natural products when sold.

The batwan or batuan is a souring specialist normally utilized in dishes in Negros. Photograph BY MAJOY SIASON

To utilize the batuan in this recipe, wash and afterward cut the natural products. You can leave the enormous seed when added to the pot.

Concerning the other fixing that is special to this dish, the kadyos in the KBL is a dark pigeon pea. Very much like the batuan, kadyos is a local fixing that those in Visayas are know all about since these are plentiful in the south. Similarly as with other dried beans, kadyos ought to be absorbed water for the time being prior to adding and cooking in the recipe.

This provincial recipe carries the batuan and kadyos along with pork and jackfruit or langka into this harsh tasting soup. On the off chance that you love the various types of sinigang, you need to attempt this rendition, as well.

KBL Ingredients

4 cuts pork pata

5 stalks lemongrass (tanglad), integrated

1 cup new jackfruit (langka), hacked

10-12 pieces batwan, or batuan, cut

2-3 pieces green finger chilies (siling mahaba)

1 medium red onion, hacked

2 liters water, more on a case by case basis

salt, to taste

ground dark pepper, to taste

Step by step instructions to make KBL

  1. In an enormous pot over medium-high intensity, bubble pork pata in 1 liter water with lemongrass and the kadyos for 20 minutes.
  • Add langka, batuan, chilies, onions, and bubble together until pork is fork temder (about 60 minutes). Add salt and pepper to taste.
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