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Inverter Electric Generator: What Is It and Why is It so Popular?

Within the different types of electric generators, the inverter electric generator is one of the most demanded today.

But why? What’s so special about it?

What is an inverter generator?

An inverter electric generator or inverter generator set is a type of advanced electromechanical generator that is powered by a fuel (generally diesel) to produce electrical energy. In some models it transforms alternating current into direct current and back into alternating current.

This transformation takes place through an IGBT circuit that provides a smooth and stable energy, invariable. The quality of the current generated by an inverter generator is much higher than that of a conventional generator.

Why? Because these types of electrical generators convert power from AC to DC in the first place. And then they transform it back to alternating. In this way they achieve an almost perfect sinusoidal wave, smooth and without alterations.

Besides, taking into account different types of generators available in the market, also consider different renting or diesel generator financing options.

What are the advantages of inverter generators?

  • Its energy is very stable: That’s why it is especially recommended for welding equipment and for use as a domestic generator to connect household appliances when the power goes out;
  • Lower noise level;
  • Diversity: It is easy to find a silent inverter generator or a cheap inverter generator. Its high demand has meant that the manufacturing brands design models for all kinds of uses. From basic inverter generators that are used as a home alternating current generator to high power inverter generator sets;
  • They are very sturdy and reliable: Their durability and low maintenance needs make them highly desirable for demanding uses. You can get a free professional consultation to find out the best quality-price inverter generator for your needs to buy or rent;
  • It is more efficient;
  • It does not release sparks: Of the types of electric generators for professional, industrial and domestic use, for installation a generator on roof, use it in construction sites, etc. inverter generators are the safest;
  • Smaller size and greater lightness for the same power as a conventional generator. This is something that makes them very practical, manageable and comfortable to transport, store and use.

How long can an inverter generator run?

Depending on each specific model, its autonomy is different. The best inverter generators have a range of many hours in relation to the size of your tank, because their consumption is less.

What kind of fuel do inverter generators use?

There are different types of inverter electric generators. They can be powered by gasoline or diesel.

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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