Saturday, May 21, 2022

How Much Do You know About 40G QSFP+ Transceiver and Types?

We can now say with great certainty that 40G Ethernet technology can become the backbone network of the data centers at present. This technology has a more mature development than 25G Ethernet technology. Therefore, many IT technicians choose 40G optical modules when building an Ethernet network. 40G QSFP+ optical module can provide safe and reliable data transmission for enterprises and data centers. As the core device of 40G Ethernet, how much do you know about the 40G optical module? Do you know what the QSFP+ optical module is? This article will introduce several different 40G optical modules.

What Is QSFP+ Module?

QSFP+ is an enhanced version of QSFP (Quad small form factor pluggable). QSFP+ optical module is a compact, hot-pluggable translator with a rated transmission rate of 40Gbps. It is compliant with SFF-8436 and QSFP multi-source agreement (MSA). Inside the optical module, there are four independent data transmission channels, and the transmission rate of each channel is 10Gbps to support 40Gbps aggregate bandwidth. At present, the application of QSFP+ is 40GBASE-X Ethernet and 10GBASE-X breakout transmission. It is widely used in the construction of data centers and enterprise data centers. Here is a picture of the 40GBASE-SR optical module.

Different Type of QSFP+ Ports

QSFP+ optical modules can be inserted into QSFP+ ports (also compatible with a small number of QSFP28 ports). These ports allow any QSFP+ connector to form 40G Ethernet through the 40GBASE-X interface. The interface of 40G QSFP+ modules has several different types, among which The most used is duplex LC, and other types are MTP/MPO. The difference between these two interfaces makes the various performances of different 40G optical modules different, such as transmission distance, different connection cables, and whether they support 4x10G breakout transmission.

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Mainly Type of 40G QSFP+ Modules


40GBASE-SR4 is the most widely used 40G QSFP+ optical module for short distances. It uses multimode fiber. Its maximum transmission distance can reach 100m over OM3 and 150m over OM4. There are 4 independent 10G RX/TX channels inside the optical modules to aggregate into 40G optical signal transmission.


The advantage of 40GBASE-BiDi is that it only needs a duplex MMF cable with an LC connector to complete 40G data transmission, while a general optical module requires two optical fibers to achieve, which can save some costs for the data center, 40GBASE-BiDi supports the use of the same infrastructure as 10G to complete the upgrade of 40G Ethernet without adding additional optical fibers. This module is also used for short-distance transmission, up to 100 meters over OM3 and 150 meters over OM4.


The 40GBASE-LR4 module is different from the 40GBASE-SR, which is widely used for long-distance data transmission. The maximum transmission distance of this 40G optical module can reach 10 kilometers, and it is generally used with single-mode fiber with a duplex LC connector. 40GBASE-LR4 works by multiplexing four transmit channels onto a single fiber bundle, and at the receiving end, multiplexing four receive channels onto another single fiber bundle, this module does not The signals of each channel are transmitted by a single fiber, saving the number of fibers.


The working principle of this module is the same as that of 40GBASE-LR4, but their maximum transmission distance is different, 40GBASE-ER4 optical module SMF with duplex LC connector handles the longest data transmission distance of up to 40 kilometers.



After the introduction of different 40G optical modules in this article, I believe you know how to choose a suitable optical module. Compared with 10G optical modules, 40G optical modules can provide data centers and enterprises with high density, low cost, and low power consumption. It can become the backbone network of the enterprise-level network in the future. If you have any questions, please contact us via, we will help you choose the right optical module. QSFPTEK is a company specializing in the production of optical transceivers. A company of modules and related products, we offer a range of high-quality, cost-effective optical products.