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Terraria Guide – Games like Terraria – Answer Diary

Best Sandbox in the history of Gaming of the same type ever created. Read about some other Games like Terraria if you want more fun.


Terraria, a 2-D Sandbox game with RPG element, was initially released for Microsoft, but later it came over the consoles, android, and iOS. The game’s adventure is mining and crafting and using weapons to attack enemies, leveraging tools and accessories for self-protection—an open-world game, offering an exploration of the treasure of creativity.

What are 20 Games like Terraria

Terraria, no doubt, is the best Game of all time. People are so influenced by it. It’s a sandbox game developed by Re-logic. It was firstly released for Microsoft. This Game consists of Crafts, survival, combat machines, etc. But if you are looking for alternatives for this Game, then here are some games that will amaze you the same as Terraria.

1- Minecraft:

Minecraft is the most trending game in the world right now. It is full of amazing facts. You can create your World and environment in it. It is similar to Terraria. It has sold over 180 million copies. It is amazing survival and adventurous Game. This Game is for those kinds of gamers who love building stuff and mining for new resources. 


The raft is a video game from 2018 that Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games. The Game begins from the middle of the ocean with no way to escape. You have to create your resources to survive. A person can spend countless hours in this game.

The raft is a multiplayer survival game that is graphically better than Terraria. The raft is free for Windows. The company behind Raft is bracing Chapter three’s update. But even in its current state, the game is worth trying out. 

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It is 2D sandbox survival and crafting game especially recommended for craft lovers. This Game is interesting as its graphics are great. A person can use different features of the Game to create many items. There are also a lot of monsters and creatures for you to fight with. Even though it’s similar to Terraria, but it has its world history.

4-Epic Inventor:

There is a mixture of Terraria and Minecraft in Epic Inventors. It is based on 2D graphics, which allows you to explore more. It is entirely free to play with open source code. The Game contains an element of action, RPG, side-scrolling, etc.


Its graphical quality is superior then Terraria. There is more depth in shadows, which contributes to a sleeker gameplay experience. It is a survival story. You have to find recourses to survive on the planet. This Game is similar to Terraria, and Terraria fans would love to play this.

This game is still worth buying. The fact that it has the potential to be even more than it currently is does not mean the base game is terrible, broken, or unenjoyable.

6-Deep World:

A multiplayer game consisting of 2D graphics, it is full of adventures and mining, crafting stuff. A Terraria fan would surely want to play this game. The most enjoyed part in battle fighting with monsters and mysterious automatons. The fantastic thing is that it is available for free.

7-Don’t Starve:

It is a dark survival action game specially made for risk-takers. For survival, you have to look for tools, resources and have to survive in danger. Fight with different monsters is also an enjoyable part. The Game can be played to the desire of the user. You can change the mode depending upon style, craft, hunt, or farm. Don’t Starve is not different from Terraria. You won’t find much difference as both are based on survival and crafting.

8-SteamWorld Dig:

If you’re looking for a game full of adventures, craft, and mining, then you must try SteamWorld Dig. SteamWorld Dig is a single-a player platform action-adventure game created by a Swedish video game. It is almost similar to Terraria and also has some similarities to Metroidvania. This is a kind of must-play game if you are a Terraria lover. 

9-Junk Jack:

Junk Jack is an action-adventure sandbox video game by Italian developer Pixbits. The Junk Jack has similar features to Terraria. It consists of resource finding, killing monsters for survival, cooking, planting, crafting, etc. 

10-Craft the World:

Craft The World is a unique sandbox strategy game, the mix of Dungeon Keeper, Terraria, and Dwarf Fortress. You get to discover and generate new famous dragons. This Game is amazing due to dragons. This Game was made through the inspiration of Terraria.

11-Space Engineer

A voxel sandbox game that appears to happen on other planets and space. It is a sci-fi open-world game developed by Czech independent republic developer keen. It is available on Windows as well and allows both mods, single-a player as well as multiplayer. 

12-Mercenary King

A 2-D action game where a player is part of the Warriors’ team stops the CLAWS and saves the territory. The team has the back of the whole team of specialists. It allows single-a player as well as multiplayer mods. The mission is to save the World.

13-The Survivalists

An excellent sandbox survival game where you can explore and experience many unique experiences encompassing training monkeys. This happens in The Escapist Universe. It has dungeons, crafting and demands your management and inventory skills

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Three continents to explore with multiple races, massive issues, strange characters, and exploring unseen areas of the World.

15-Dig or Die

A 2-D game in which you happen to be on some unseen planet where mishaps are awaiting you. You have to craft the strongest defense, or else you will die.


A single-a player FPS, sandbox survival game with crafting, modeling, and 3-D building adventures 2-D game. It offers much to explore and is sometimes played as an alternative to Terraria.

17-It Lurks Below

RPG action-oriented crafting game which holds numerous items, weapons, tools, enemies, and characters. It includes farming, cooking, and holiday activities as well, which occupied a player effectively.


Mining and collecting tools and other resources are the central themes. A player controls the mining robot and mine tools, which can then be used to craft or buy more valuable tools.

19-SteamWorld Dig 2

Exploration, mining, hunting, and crafting are the major focuses that occupy a player with a sweet little cartoonish character. You can never expect what this little chunky is capable of.


Combat, thrill, craft, and open-end exploration make a special place in a player’s mind. This 2-D Game holds plenty of secrets to explore.

What is Terraria Progression Checklist? 

Terraria’s progression list varies from a player to a player, but here we are presenting a general to-do list;

  • Have fun
  • Explore initially
  • Defeat the boss
  • Explore the red and the purple area
  • Buy accessories from Tinkerer’s
  • Gather wealth 

Is Terraria Cross-Platform? 

First, we need to grasp the concept of cross-platform. Cross-platform refers to the system where a player playing over different consoles, PCs, and Phones can play together in multiplayer games. When it comes to Terraria, the answer to this simple question is not quite simple.

You can play cross-platform but do not allow specific combinations. Xbox players of Terraria cannot play with PC players, but both allow cross-play over all other platforms, except each other. The mobile version of Terraria allows cross-platforming with every console and PC, android, and iOS. 

How to Play Terraria? 

The secret to playing Terraria like a pro is to play it yourself, grasp the concept, and remember the dos and don’ts on your fingertips. Fewer major points to keep in mind in the beginning are:

  • Don’t dig too deep if you don’t have a way to go up again
  • Use torch for mining in the dark
  • Don’t fight with boss until you are completely prepared for it
  • Pick up weapons
  • Kill the enemies as much as you can
  • Don’t buy too-expensive stuff from the vendor

Re-Logic released a trailer of gameplay on YouTube; you can visit it for more details 

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Complete gameplay has been explained in another video; go check it out on 

Which Game is Better? Starbound vs. Terraria 

Terraria and Starbound are both 2D games with crafting and mining as a common feature. These two games are far from each other in certain aspects, such as mining speed in Terraria is useful. Still, Starbound almost irritates at the beginning in mining as it allows one block at a time, but it gradually increases.

Graphics are the same to a certain level in both games as both are 2D. Starbound enjoys the advantage of allowing a player to explore the other planet and aliens, but Terraria keeps a player busy in crafting gear at every stage. For me, Starbound has much of a guiding element, and Terraria offers real exploring, and it is safe to say Terraria wins the race of interesting Games between the two.

What are 5 Free Sandbox Games of all Time? 

  • Crossout

Battling game with customization of battle and mechanics is a thing to try out. The Game happens in the post-apocalyptic era. An amazing MMO action game with an online rich quest holds your interest tight.

  • Eve-Online 

Rich an adventurous and exploration Game with pirates and big beasts. This MMORPG game is age-restricted. Many say its free version is much generous than just the most serious a player would go for the premium version.

  • Trove 

The most distinctive Game of this genre is Trove, which allows a player to make castles from the pretty much destroyable World of the Game. 

  • Viridi:

A pretty relaxing game with making succulents as a focusing theme. This Game soothes the souls and refreshes the mind. If you want a break from games but don’t want to go away from the Game, this game will surely get relaxed.

  • Unturned

A survival game with zombies, a clicking element has the attention of many. This does not allow players to destroy the game world for their benefit, but it is surely crafting freedom.

Which Game is Better? Terraria vs. Minecraft 

Minecraft being 3D takes over 2D Terraria, but there is a lot in Terraria that makes it more versatile than Minecraft. Terraria does not focus only on crafting but allows adventures and a free hand in crafting.

On the other hand, Minecraft has some built-in rules for preparing. Being the pioneer in the sandbox genre, Minecraft cherishes more appreciation, but Terraria has made its place with the gameplay of adventure and exploration.

In simple words, Terraria is a game with some ending while Minecraft is a platform with on-going crafting. Both games have pros and cons over the other, but this does not make any of them less convenient or boring; both games have their adventure, fun, and novelty.

What are the 5 Survival Crafting Games for Pc? 

  • Trove

And endless land to explore starting from a little owned area. Gradually you fill this little castle with weapons and other survival material to grow on a bigger scale.

  • Stardew

Coupled with essential farming tools and themes, the major focus is surviving through day-to-day hustle. You can invite friends to work on the farm with you, away from the hustle and bustle of city and space.

  • Rising World

Starting from a small basecamp to create your own house and then create your village is adventurous and soothing because of its realistic depiction.

  • Ark: Survival Evolved

The Game happening in the dinosaur era is fascinating due to the massive number of creatures battling along with dinosaurs. Crafting items and tools are of the same age, which is a thing of intelligence.

  • 7-Days to Die

You get seven in-game days to survive, in which you gather items of survival like weapons, food, and recipes. Enemies in this post-apocalyptic real-world Game are zombies. 

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What is Terraria Conveyor Belt? 

Terraria’s conveyer belt is an accessory that helps move NPC (Non-A player Characters), but sadly, it does not work with the enemies. It can be easily bought from NPC vendor, Steampunk, with only five platinum coins, but you can sell it in exchange for only one platinum coin, so be careful. It has two versions, clockwise and anti-clockwise, which can be used 15 times.

What is Charm of Myths Item in Terraria? 

These are accessory slots worth ten gold coins. It regenerates health +0.5 per second. The charm of myth is crafted at Tinkerer’s shop, and it is crafted with one band of regeneration +1 philosopher’s stone, so we can say it has properties of both to the most extent.

Is Terraria Available on Steam?

Yes! As with every other Game, Terraria is available over Steam as well. It is not free of cost, and you can download it in exchange for only $9.99. 

What are Terraria RPG Classes? 

Officially Terraria does not have classes but, RPG classes of Terraria are referred to as mods/ customization to a character. Terraria allows a variety of such courses. Most of them are;

Wizard: strength-master of magic | weakness-everything except for magic

Warrior: strength-melee master | weakness- everything else

Ninja: strength-weapon throwing | weakness-everything else

Marksman: master of ranged weapons | weakness-everything else

Ranger assassin: 30-throw, 30-ranged, 20-melee, 0-magic

Demigod: god of every skill and master every combat 

Tourist: too weak with level 10 limitation.

Rogue: 30-melee, 30-thrown, 10-ranged, 10-magic

Spellsword: 30-melee, 30-magic, 20-thrown, 0-ranged 

The classes don’t end here, but these few elaborate much of the major classes.

Which Game is Better? Terraria vs. Growtopia 

Just like every other game, these two share some similarities and differences in some aspects as well. The only advantage Growtopia has over Terraria is being child friendly and allowing 3d building. But it is not for android, nor does it allow a single player. It lacks customizable crafting and unique crafting as well. Hence, we can say for sure that Terraria has the upper hand in this context.

Which Game is Better? Terraria vs. Dreamworld DIT 

Both games are player-demanded, but Terraria costs 4.99$ to customers on Play Store, while Dream World is available without any cost. Terraria won the race with Dream World in reviews, download, and star ratings by viewers and players. Therefore we can safely say that Terraria has better glue that makes its players stick to it.

What are 5 PS4 Survival Crafting Games? 

  • Don’t starve

Fight with beasts, survive in a harsh world, collect tools, craft, hunt, and survive.

  • No man sky

If you are a sci-fi freak, then this must be of your taste. It offers you a universe to explore instead of a single planet or landscape.

  • Minecraft

On the way of hunting treasure, explore and craft shelter for yourself, collect resources and have fun

  • The forest

A player is a plane crash survivor. Plane crashes in a forest where creepy creatures are eagerly waiting to attack you. You need to survive in that forest and craft for safety.

  • Day Z

A unique mixture of army and zombies allows one to enjoy a new experience of surviving as a soldier from zombies. 

How Long to Beat Terraria?

Usually, how much Time is Required to finish the Game varies from player to player. But according to polls conducted to know how much Terraria takes most of the players to complete addresses, it takes 49 hours for a single player to finish the main task. Double the time for extra/side tasks, in multi-a player, it may take 55 to 90 hours or more, depending on console, playing speed, and the mastery of a player over the Game.

Which Game came First? Terraria or Minecraft.

Terraria has hearts of millions based on gameplay and theme, but Minecraft is a pioneer in this genre. May 17, 2009, was the official release date of Minecraft, and it spread like fire over the internet. Two years later, on 16 May 2011, Terraria stepped into the wide world of gaming.

Is Terraria Better than Minecraft?

Minecraft being the pioneer of sandbox gaming, has numerous differences from Terraria. Both have the same major theme; sandboxing but Terraria having exploration and adventure exciting features encompassing weapons and accessories. Building and crafting are centralized in Minecraft, whereas; exploration and adventure are Terraria’s specialty.

The major distinction between the two is crafting mechanics. Minecraft has a specific set of rules for what to make and how to create, more like a piece of the puzzle. Terraria gives a free hand to creativity, making your choice from whatever you have; it does not implement hard and fast crafting rules. In last, both games have their distinctions over each other and have their class. 

How Much is Terraria on Steam? Price of Terraria.

Like most of the games available over Steam and other gaming consoles, Terraria is not free of cost. On Steam, Terraria costs 9.99 USD, and it has 10/10 ratings. This significantly shows your money would not sink; you can spend this amount for unlimited fun, exploration, and in-game wealth.

What Engine Does Terraria Use? 

Terraria was built using C# by Re-Logic, leveraging the Microsoft XNA Framework.

How Many Can People Play Terraria at Same Time? 

Terraria have single-player and multiplayer game mods. A player can freely choose to play with or against remote players. By default, multiplayer is cooperative, but it can be altered to PvP (a player vs. a player) in settings, and players can play as enemies and level-up the fun of exploring adventure.

How Many Copies Has Terraria Sold? 

30 million, as claimed by the owner. Unfortunately, they didn’t mention individual sales over variant consoles. Still, over more than nine years, Terraria sold more than 30 million copies pertaining to 14 million sales on PC, 8.7 via mobile devices, while 7.6 through all consoles collectively.

What are 5 Games like Terraria in Space?

  • Space engineers

Exploration, survival, and construction on other planets and space. It has variety in every aspect about character, land, craft, and weapons.

  • Stationery

You are responsible for a space station. Demonstrate your management skills coupled with engineering and crafting.

  • Starbound

You are lost in space as you leave your home. Along with this mishap, you face a space-craft failure challenge. Now you have to land on a nearby planet and repair and craft your ship.

  • Rokh

The landscape is Mars, a red planet. You implement your crafting abilities over this planet. This is a multiplayer open-world game.

  • Crea

An open-world RPG game with an endless ever generating landscape. Level-up by killing enemies and master over 80 skills. Explore and craft an infinite world.


Terraria has many unique and exclusive combinations of content that many other games are lacking. It has some downfalls as well, but they do not make it less popular. Comparing it with other games of the same genre and graphics makes preferring Terraria more convenient and logical. 

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