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Runescape Guide – Games Like Runescape – Answer Diary

The most popular game with millions of active players in Runescape. Read about some Games Like Runescape if looking for an alternative.


Runescape is one of the best old MMORPG games of all time, with millions of active players still after 20 years. The main concept of this game is exploration, completing quests, and some other missions.

There are different kingdoms, cities, towns, and open regions everywhere throughout the game. There are many skills in-game that players can achieve when playing this game after completing various tasks.

What are 20 Games Like Runescape?

There are many games, like Runescape, which have been releasing since2001. But Runescape is the first online playing game that makes much progress. 

20 games alternative to Runescape are;

1- Minecraft: Minecraft is one of the best games, with more than 6 million users worldwide. It is a dual-mode game (Creative & Survival). Each mode has its specialty. Minecraft is the best alternative game for Runescape.

2- Final Fantasy: Final Fantasy is one of the best MMOs games. Which comes in many parts. And it is available on all platforms. This game is based on animated stories. Chinese love this game as this is made on their traditional 

3- Path of Exile: Hard-core gamers mostly play the path of exile. It is a Free Online RPG action game. If you get into this game, you will leave all other games. Their graphics, UserInterface, story, and server optimizations are best. This game hardly goes down while playing 


4- Life is Feudal: If you say you need an exact copy of RuneScape, I suggest you play this game. Just like real life, where people can build their empire. Create their needs like minings, and food supplies work to earn, etc.

5- The Elder Scrolls: This game is based on a supernatural story. Here you can see dragons, orcs, Dwarves, and many more things. If you like supernatural things or are interested in such a world in real life, this game suits you best.

6- Black Desert Online: This game has the same story as Runescape, but here you need to complete different missions, which are based on both daily, weekly, and monthly. You can gather resources, craft equipment to legendary hunting, and much more.

7- World of Warcraft: It is another alternative to Runescape. Here people have many choices with characters. People explore words, conquer lands, and fight to protect lands. People can attack each other’s houses, steal resources, and much more. This is the best game if you love MMOs games 

8- Dwarf Fortress: This game is one of the oldest MMOs games, with time to time, this game developed a lot. In the current time, it is one of the most playable games by kids. Here you can build your fortress, make armies, attack other armies, and many more.

9- War Frame: This game is based on space planets, just like a superman from another planet. You have an alien-like character who comes to earth and helps people. This game has high-quality graphics, realistic fight scenes, and much more.

10- Stardew Valley: This is one of Runescape’s best alternatives, having the same storyline where players build from scratch to pro. Have to work as a farmer to produce food, then turn farmer character to trader and trade. The main thing about this game is gold. who have gold can have anything 

11- Rainbow Moon: The story of this game is based on gladiators of the roman empire. You build your gladiator from scratch, you do many fights, train your fighting animals, and warriors build an army to fight for freedom. I suggest you play this game.

12- Never Winter Night 2: This is one of the best MMOs game. Its story and graphics are very familiar to the prince of Persia. This is a story-based game where you have to complete each step to unlock the next mission.

13- Forager: Forager is 2D based MMO game. This game is best for children under 13 years. This game is story-based, where it can teach children how to survive and the importance of work.

14- Rust: This game is available on all platform steam pc mobiles (android&IOS). The game is based on survival mode, where players have to fight others for survival. Players search for equipment to fight the one with all the right gears rule the world. 

15- League of Legends: If you are familiar with PUBG Deathmatch mode. This game is the same as that mode. A team of 5 players attacks another player base camp to destroy; this is playing with friends together to fight others. 

16- Wild Hunt: As with the name, this game is based on hunting where different players jump to forests. And hunt animals. Players have to face wild animals. Time animals kill players, and sometimes players kill animals. If you think you are a good hunter must try this game.

17- Pokémon Red Version: This is a pokemon game extended version for Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles like this. In this game, red pokemon are considered as strongest trainers, train their pokemon to red by participating in contests.

18- Grand Theft Auto: Grand theft auto, one of the biggest in the game in this world. This game changed the history of the game. This game is now available on all devices.

This is one of the most epic games which is played by all hard-core gamers. This game has many parts. Each part has different stories. This is based on real lives. When people play this game, they think all the things are real.

19- God of War: God of war is the most epic game in gaming history. It comes with very high graphics and a very well-written story-based. If you didn’t play this game yet, don’t call yourself grammar. This is one of my favorite games. And I think everyone should try this game. 

20- Project Gorgon: This is another game similar to Runescape with MMORPG’s consist of so many missions, with the dynamic local area and illustrations.

Focusing on illustrations helps us to remember more established World of Warcraft renditions and Everquest. In different games, you need to pick your class. In Project Gorgon, you can attempt various styles and pick the one you like most.


Can we Play Runescape on Mobile?

Yes, this game is available on the play store with over 5M+ users. It supports devices with Android 4.4 or above. Those who are playing on mobile will get the founder pack name as the elite mobile founder’s pack. 

It consists of a Steel Panther Combat Pet in-game, a unique rest movement, and the stunning Radiant Dawn Armor, so you’ll look exciting as you’re saving the world.

What are Five Old MMOS Games Similar to Runescape?

1- Wakfu: Wakfu is a well-known MMORPG game created by Ankama Games, the same folks who introduced the (Dofus) game. It is known for its strategic turns, based battle, storyline, easy User interface, and High graphics. At any choice, it offers on the top look; however, you will find a vast creating and cultivating framework once you get into this game.

2- Dofus: Dofus is a glimmer-based, strategic turn-arranged MMORPG that has changed dramatically since it was the first game. Dissimilar to Runescape, Dofus is a partner to play the game. The monthly membership costs five euros.

However, you can likewise procure it through the game. When you become more familiar with the making and cultivating framework of Dofus offers, you will have the option to choose either Kamas or purchase Ogrines to empower you to buy in for a limited time.

3- World of Warcraft: It is an MMORPG that does not need any explanation. It was introduced in 2004, and right now ’til today, it remains the most well-known MMORPG. The most recent extension Legion was delivered in 2016, and another one was declared in 2017. 

4- Rift: Games like Runescape are, in all honesty, Rift. This game is an epic MMORPG where you can make, gather, battle, and tweak your stuff all in one game.

5- Neverwinter: Neverwinter is an MMORPG game, and you can play it free, and from time to time, you start loving it. It was created by Cryptic Studios and (intended)by Perfect World Entertainment. It was first introduced in 2013, and the story is situated in anecdotal Forgotten Realms from Dungeons and Dragons.

What are iOS MMORPGs like Runescape?

Runescape is not available on the apple store yet; however, there are many alternative games with the same story. The most well-known alternative is The Elder Scrolls. The Elder Scrolls is a game of development and activity-based pretending open-world dream computer games created by Bethesda Game Studios and introduced by Bethesda Softworks.

Can we play Runescape on Xbox one?

It is not available for Xbox One, but players can hope to see Runescape’s dispatch on Xbox One soon. Developers are working on it to get this game on Xbox One. You can hope to see this game in the upcoming 4-5 months. 

Is Runescape a Perfect Alternative to Diablo 3?

Diablo 3 is an excellent game with over 5M+ users. Runescape has a lot to do, but at some time, people compare both games as an alternative to each other. Diablo is more active. I’ve played both for hundreds of hours but in my opinion, and Diablo is better for grinding. However, everyone has their taste. 


How can You Play Runescape Online?

RuneScape can not be played in browsers nowadays, but there is a piece of air news available on browsers in the upcoming months. This game was made in Java, and for an extended period, programs completely dropped hold for Java because of security issues. 

Also, RuneScape and some other Java-based games can’t run in current internet browsers nowadays. You can see at present run Runescape in the program on IE and Windows 7 without a problem. 

What are a Few MMORPGs Like Runescape on PC?

Most well-known MMORPGs games Like RuneScape are:

1- Everquest

2- Neverwinter

3- World of Warcraft

4- Legends of Aria

5- Elder Scroll

6- Rift

7- Arche Age

What are Five Games like Runescape on Andriod?

Runescape isn’t available for Android. There are a lot of options with a similar game (Runescape). The most used game in Android elective is The Elder Scrolls. It’s not free, so if you’re searching for a free other option, you could attempt Mystera Legacy or Pocket Legends. Another game like RuneScape is as following;

1- Adventure Quest World

2- Archeage

3- Cable Online

4- Villager and Heros

5- Mortal Online

What are a Few Games With Skill Leveling Like Runescape?

Runescape game consists of unique skills. Some are discussed below;

RuneScape Members Icon; Improves run energy recovery rate, just allowing admittance to easy routes worldwide.

Archaeology makes visible lost information that awards to the old-fashioned company, old development, and ruins that offer distinct advantages at whatever limit you play. 

Attacking; Improves your nicety in Melee battle. Additionally permits the utilization of all the more powerful weapons. 

Cooking Allows fish and other food to be cooked on a fire or More high levels permit better nourishments (that repair more life highlights) be prepared. 

Constitution Increases your most significant measure of life focuses. Likewise opens a few significant battle roles. 

Crafting Allows the production of a wide range of things, for example, adornments, calfskin covering, and battle crews. More significant levels permit more things to be made. 

Farming Allows harvests to be developed for use in different abilities, eminently spices. More significant levels permit more yield types to grow.

Firemaking Allows sparks to be worked from records. More elevated levels permit more sorts of records to be signed.

Five games skill leveling like Runescape;

1- World of Warcraft

2- Neverwinter

3- EverQuest

4- Wakfu 

5- Rift

Can we Play Runescape on PS4?

We can not play this game on ps4 as Jagex has not yet declared ps4 to launch this game. There have been some significant hints from their creators, pointing towards the possibility to dispatch on Xbox and Ps4 in upcoming months, hopefully. Researches are saying that this year ps4 will have this game.

Is Runescape Still a Thing or Worth Playing After 20 Years?

Yes, every day, the number of users increasing. The new generation loves this game as the game meets all the requirements of users. The mobile version of the game had crossed 5 million downloads in its first year and is considered one of the best mobile games in the market. People can download the app for free.

Difference Between Old and New School Runescape?

New Runescape has much more content than old Runescape; old escape was once gotten offline due to some technical issue, but the new Runescape has a more secure server and more new content to be played. Players prefer modern Runescape games as compare to the old ones.

On the other hand, Present-day RuneScape, in this time considered to have really run a lot in the opposite directions, making the game too “simple” and gamer responsibility significantly less applicable.

What are Five Games Like Runescape on Steam?

Steam has more games like Runescape, but I prefer these five the most because they offer the same skill pattern likely to Runescape. These five games are more rated than any other games.

1- Wakfu

2- Never winter

3- Acreage

4- Rift

5- Project Gorgon

What are Single-Player Games Like Runescape?

Well-known single-player like Runescape is. 

1- Rums Cape

2- Empires Game 

Although these games can not be compared as an alternative because Runescape is an online game, you will get the same interface in these games. 


Which Other Game Series Are Better Than Runescape?

As far as I know, Runescape as three-book series is three of them incredibly good.

1- Return of Canifis

2- Legacy of Blood

3- Betrayal at Falador

Three of them are in the most used series list. And getting views with positive love from their players. They have millions of great players. A supporter of Runescape wants new series to come this year.

How to Make Runscape Escape Run Faster?

Runescape is a fast-playing game, but if you’re facing any issue and questing yourself why this game is not running faster

you have to notice the following things;

1- Install Antivirus. Your PC’s antivirus programming’s protective shield acts like a duplex-edged knife and influences your PC’s presentation.

2- Reinstall it

3- Update your version

4- Control CPU Usage 

5- Change Process Advantage

6- Restart the Router/wifi

7- Erase the Cache/cookies

8- Check Graphic work.

What should a beginner do in Runescape?

Beginners should follow these ways. It will help them become upper-level Runescape players indeed if you’re still not understanding it. Take guidance from any other social app like

1- YouTube

2- Browser

3- Wikipedia

If you do not know anything. In some fantastic directions helpful for you;

1- Develop your character in the game for more excitement

2- Understand battle strategies

3- Joining a Clan

Will Runescape Ever Cut Down?

I am playing this game for 10 years, Runescape Classic, the first form of the web-based game; yes, it will close down. The makers shared the news three months ago with the logic that players have the chance to proffer goodbye. The multi-client game, situated in a fairyland, was introduced in 2001 and was end running at8 was on August 6, 2018. May 25, 2018, as reporters said and wrote in their news.

How Does it Take Max Level in Runescape?

1. You must have 99 assault,

2. 99 strength, 

3. Maximum protection

4. Sorcery and range

For all, you should have 150k, Which is a sum of 99, and you have to give 433 hours in this Runescape game to reach a level max. So at 30 hours in seven days, which are 14 weeks. At that time, there are bringing supplications. All you have to do is give proper time to your level to score well than others.

What is the Faster Way to Level Up in Runescape?

Runescape is a simple game the player has to take training to achieve level up in Runescape. Suppose you want to level up faster-spent money. Within days you will reach the maximum level. 


This is one of the best games to play at any age level. No gender limit if you want to become a good player investment is everything—time taking to level up. You would feel fabulous after playing this game.

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