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Pokemon Guide – Games like Pokemon – Answer Diary

Who doesn’t know Pokemon? Most popular series and trending games of all time. Read about some other trending Games like Pokemon in 2021.


Pokémon Red and green are considered the first installment of the series. Pokémon is short for pocket-monsters. The player takes the Pokémon trainer’s role and tames it in the combination of the needs of the trainer and skills of the Pokémon. Utilize Pokémon to bring down other tamer’s pride and Pokémon’s victory.

This has been adapted to anime, manga, games, cartoons, and anime films. Pokémon is probably the most played and most well-known animal taming game in the genre. A lot of questions are answered about Pokemon and also important Games like Pokemon can help you a lot.

What are 20 Games like Pokémon?

Dragon Quest Monsters

Do dragons fascinate you? Do you want to be the master of your favorite dragons? Collect dragons, tame them with meat, and beat them in battle. Focus on effective training and have fruitful outcomes.

Try to match with each other’s strengths, or the dragon may simply refuse to obey your command in battle, leading you to lose. This game is first on the list because no other game is good enough to be called Games like Pokemon like Dragon Quest.

Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

Are you fed up with fighting with intruders and be a Hero? Have a twist, save your mother (world) but be an intruder. Intrude to the mythical, magical world to save your mother. To help you catch, tame, and utilize creatures. Discover and leverage up to 300 beautiful creatures while adopting the role of Oliver.

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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

Digimon is a cyber-monster that you tame as a young hacker. After numerous encounters, you manage to travel between the cyber world and the real world. Tame Digimon to discover the cyber world and combat other monsters while catching other monsters to your Digi bank.


Bring some fun to your dragon world. Battle against other tamers (online) while catching monsters and exploring a huge world of monsters. Temtem can be regarded as Pokémon MMORPG replaceable. It is available on Steam but soon will be released over other consoles.

Monster Hunter Stories

It is fantastic gameplay for monster lovers. Treat your monsters like your kin. Hatch monsters from eggs, nourish them, tame them, and build trust and kinship. Live life with monsters while developing them in your hands. Fight along with them in battle and keep up your relations with them. It one of the best Games like Pokemon ever created.

Monster rancher

God imprisoned monsters in discs and spread them around the world. It was impossible to find any monster or disc in the world, but thousands of years later, a man found one disc, which leads to the discovery of numerous discs with monsters encaged.

Monsters rule the world, and Ranchers need to build troops of an army to battle against them. A unique game-play with Monsters against Ranchers.

Pony town

A town with a childish environment. An educative game-play for children to learn friendship, harmony, and socialization. This game is not limited to children, but people of all ages enjoy it playing evenly. Play with friends, cry for toys, and socialize to boost your strengths. Re-live your childhood with gamers of all levels.

Ghostbusters World 

 IN the AR game, you enter an existence where spirits are real, and you must catch them. There are numerous sorts of spirits out there. Incorporating a couple of characters from the Ghostbusters film, you’ll certainly appreciate this if you’ve seen the film.

What’s more, regardless of whether you haven’t, the opportunity to catch, gather, and fight your spirits with different spirits makes one energizing and creepy game.

Zombie GO

She was ever considered what you ought to do if an actual zombie end times occurred? This game is made for you. It makes you stroll around, chasing zombies and shooting them dead. Keep yourself alive by taking them head-on.

You likewise get a lot of rewards, weapon overhauls, and emergency treatment cases to mend you. In case you’re up for a test, the game also includes “Crowd Mode,” where you’ll have crowds of zombies coming at you.

Sharks in the Park

This game makes an advanced submerged world on your telephone’s screen. The vivid illustrations make a mirror that brings you under the ocean. It depends on GPS and ought to be played on an enormous open airfield where a perspective on the sky and land is clear.

It is certainly significantly more amusing to investigate a vast free space where you can see all the diverse submerged animals on your screen.

Temple Treasure Hunt

This AR game allows you to pick. You can likewise choose to play the game inside or outside of your home. The objective is to gather all the gatekeepers and locate the concealed fortune via the encompassing zone. Try not to stress since you have an intuitive guide to managing your pursuit.

Your cell phone’s GPS gives the application your area, which reenacts the genuine gameplay of chasing for treasure. At the point when you do discover the watchmen or the fortune, you’ll consider it to be your screen like it was there. Most features in this game make it one of the Games like Pokemon.

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Transform your cell phone into a casting pole as you fish for more than 500 sorts of virtual fish. The reasonable illustrations cause you to feel like you’ll be concocting a portion of your catch for the afternoon.

In any case, the game doesn’t depend completely on AR innovation. In any case, you can see your fish in 3D mode when you choose to store them in your virtual aquarium.


 Treasure chasing has been made a ton simpler with AR games. Geocaching permits you to search for geocaches, which are concealed compartments and fortunes. It’s an excellent method to persuade yourself to investigate your general surroundings.

The enjoyable part is that you will tackle various smaller than usual riddles on the game to open hints for the fortune. Make a couple of online companions who are additionally into geocaching so you can take care of one another.

Zombies Run

Unlike the other zombie end of the world games, this one adopts a more sensible strategy. It additionally really prepares you if a real end time happens. This AR game depends on sound to direct you through a zombie experience to hear them directly behind you. It’s a different game but you can find a lot of features making it one of the best Games like Pokemon.

Besides simply fleeing from zombies, the game likewise persuades you to assist the excess survivors. Each run gives you supplies for the local area.

AR Dragon

Is it true to say that you are prepared for a pet dragon? Sadly, you won’t discover any dragons up for a reception at your neighborhood pet shop. AR Dragon game will give you the chance to check if you are prepared for such extraordinary responsibility.

This AR game isn’t only a virtual pet that you keep on your telephone. You need to take care of, play, and deal with it as you would some other pet. You additionally have the additional fun of sprucing up your layered companion with caps and glasses.

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

Fly and shoot with this application. Shockingly better, you will shoot at undead zombies. The game puts you at the controls of a fighting helicopter that flies over a land pervaded with zombies. The HD designs are genuinely vivid and put you directly in the center of the activity.

While the controls can be somewhat precarious to begin, you’ll become acclimated to it after some game time. The flight is controlled not by your fingers but rather by your body’s development, all things being equal.

Nightenfell: Shared AR

Multiplayer AR games are a friendly approach to undertakings with your companions. Offer the weight of saving the world from the approaching comets with up to 3 companions.

You each have many mystical forces that you can use to either shoot the comets into pieces or make unique spells to freeze or redirect the garbage.


This pirate-themed game takes you out on a fortune chasing experience with your cell phone as the guide to assist you with finding the concealed fortunes. Locate the gold! That is the principal objective for this AR experience game. It’s a straightforward game that is truly simple to play.

Knight fall AR 

Knight fall AR places you back to when knights were entrusted with securing the realm. In this AR game, you need to fight trespassers and ensure the city’s most valued fortunes.

You need to protect your realm and assault the Mamluk enemies. To do that, you need to move around. Each success grants you coins that help to step up your character or overhaul your weapons and covering.

My Tamagotchi Forever

A modern revamp of the exemplary virtual pet. My Tamagotchi Forever includes better designs and fun smaller than normal games to help you as you raise your Tamagotchi.

Like some other pet, you need to care for, care for, and play with it. You likewise get to adorn your Tamagotchi. What makes this an AR game is how you will investigate towns.

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What are 10 Pokémon Fan Games?

A precise list of ten fan-made Pokémon games is addressed below;

Pokémon Insurgence

Pokémon Light Platinum

Pokémon Ash Gray

Pokémon Dark Rising

Pokémon Godra

Pokémon Reborn

Pokémon Uranium

Pokémon 3D

Pokémon Revolution Online


Most of these are best Games like Pokemon created by fans not official.

What are 5 Pokémon Flash Games?

  1. Monster Masters 
  2. Dynamons 2
  3. Monster MMORPG
  4. Pokémon Go Home
  5. Pokémon Attack and Defense

Which Game is Better? Pokémon vs. Monster Hunter

The sole distinction between the two is that while Pokémon sees you venturing out to almost indistinguishable towns along with a world guide, Monster Hunter has a focal center world from where you can fly off to numerous mission zones.

Monster Hunter’s design makes it quite troubling, as you don’t have a Pokémon, never focus over ten stages away to mend your animals.  

What are 5 Games Where You play as a Monster?  

Among the bundle of games offering monster role-playing, five top are listed below;

The Lost World: Jurassic Park


Primal Rage

Divinity II


What are 3 Popular free Digimon Games?

Digimon Adventure (2013)

Digimon World (2000)

Digimon Rumble Arena (2002)

You must know all of these games are the best examples if looking for other games like Pokemon.

What are Few Pokémon Games for Android?

  1. Ingress
  2. ARrrrrgh
  3. dark: Subject One  
  4. Sharks in the Park
  5. Nightenfell: Shared AR
  6. AR Dragon
  7. FishingStrike

Is Pokémon a Monster Catcher Game?

Pokémon is a monster-catching game where you catch, tame, and use monsters to battle against other tamers. It is probably the most leading game in the genre but not the first nor the last.

How to Make Your Own Pokémon Game?

Many Pokémon fans have built their own Pokémon game. Although it is not an easy task not hard as well. To start making your own Pokémon game follow these steps for guidance:

  • Buy RPG Maker

The most essential and beginner step to make a Pokémon game you need to have RPG Maker. Buy it online and watch the tutorial to learn its usage.

  • Draw your cards

The next step towards making Pokémon Game is to make your cards. You can do it in two ways; either draw them buy hand/stylus or print them by downloading through various Pokémon fan sites.

  • Shape your ideas

Generate multiple ideas about your game and list them, brainstorm them, focus and search more and more about them. And when you have a hands-on grip over the execution of the ideas, get to know which way your interest falls and peruse it.

  • Make rules and policies.

Formulate rules, policies, and age restrictions for your Pokémon. To develop content for younger children, your guidelines must be simple and easy to grasp. Develop difficulty level of the game, respectively.

  • Plan and execute development 

Write and keep improvising dialogues for characters and write codes too. Along with this, you must keep developing supplements as well.

  • Pilot study

Check your game through pilot study i-e test it through playing or allow playing friends or a bunch of gamers to play it. This way, you will know the week points to improvise and the strengths of your game. Improve the week aspects and go to the next step.

  • Final product

After improvising the game, you can launch it online, and don’t forget to pre-establish your audience. Keep a sharp eye on features people like and dislike. Keep improving week features and enjoy your game.

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Which Game is Better? Pokémon vs. Monster Rancher  

Pokémon is tamer-against-tamer gameplay with tamed monsters against the tamed monsters of other players. Monster Rancher is, on the other hand, actually Monsters against ranchers.

When monsters are accidentally set free from discs, the world becomes a battlefield between monsters and Ranchers. Play as a rancher and battle against demons. Monster Rancher is a survival, world-saving nature game while Pokémon is about to fight for the fight.

Therefore we can surely say that Monster Rancher offers more fun and adventure than Pokémon. 

What are 3 Pokémon Games for iPad?

  1. Pokémon GO
  2. Pokémon Quest
  3. Pokémon café mix  

Which Game is Better? Pokémon vs. Pony Town  

Pokémon is a monster-catching game while Pony Town streamlines friendship, harmony, and socialization. Pony town is a kid-friendly game in which kids have an online socializing experience, learning friendships, and cherish childhood.

It offers a fantastic opportunity to re-live your childhood again. Pokémon has made its place as monster-catching as well as a monster taming game. In a nutshell, both the games are fabulous in their way.

What is Pokémon Simulator Online?

Pokémon TCG Online is a tabletop collectible card video game simulator. You pass through three modes named; trainer challenge mode, versus mode, and tournament mode. It was published by a Japanese company, “The Pokémon Company,” and was developed by Dire Wolf and Dire Wolf Digital LLC based on a Unit engine.

What are 5 Games where you Play as a Creature

  1. The Darkness
  2. The Darkness II
  3. Dead by Daylight
  4. Bloody Roar
  5. Demolition Girl


Pokémon is not the first of the kind and will never be the last genre, but it has developed its specific space and attained a position in the genre that gamers find it hard to switch between the games of the same genre. Pokémon has introduced many techniques and fun events coupled with addictive stories that teenagers cannot get over Pokémon.

The idea of taming pocket monsters has covered the whole gaming world and made billion people its admirer and follower. Other new games are also released in the market, though not even close to Pokémon competition, yet making huge profits.

Various installments and updates have made Pokémon live-up the time as well. If these installments and updates stop, Pokémon will probably be cast out-of-date, and new/old games will be competitive to take the crown. Hope you love reading “Games like Pokemon”

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