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EarnViews: 6 Killer Tactics To Grow Your Fitness Businesses On Instagram

Everyone who uses smartphones will know more about the app ‘Instagram.’ Instagram is an app where everyone will share their short videos and photos. Using Instagram for fun and entertainment is a different chapter, but brainstorming ideas for business needs brainstorming. There are countless ways where you can improve your following on Instagram. For example, if you are an Instagrammer who needs to generate new leads, you can opt to buy instagram story views which shall increase your brand’s trust factor. 

Regarding fitness businesses, you can create a lot of variations on videos like gym marketing, health, and fitness tips, food intake related to health and fitness, etc. Fitness professionals should leverage Instagram videos and can get new clients for their businesses. Below are some killer strategies for fitness professionals’ long-term success on the app. Let’s get started!

6 Instagram Fitness Business Marketing Tips

1. Fill Out Your Profile

Instagram bio is the foundation for any business. It provides the audience the space to briefly know about your fitness company. The bio content should be welcoming and exciting with unique selling points (USP). The profile name you choose can be more specific to the brand niche and should not exceed 30 characters. The addition of hashtags and keywords will automatically improve your visibility rates. 

You can keep your photo on your profile to know the people behind your fitness business. Or else keep your brand logo as your profile picture. However, it is essential to optimize the bio at frequent intervals. For example, add links to your websites, upcoming events, and shoppable tags. Moreover, if you have a fitness studio, mention the correct address on the profile.

2. Promote Trust With Testimonials

With your Instagram profile, people let you know about your professionalism. Ask your customers about the efficacy of your health and fitness tips for routines. As per a recent survey, nearly 90% of buyers’ purchase decisions depend on the customers’ positive reviews. 

Pro-Tip: If you don’t have any time to shoot the video on testimonials, ask the questions on Instagram DM’s and screenshot their replies. Now you can post your highlights by creating a section for customer reviews. You can also post the same in your Instagram reels, stories, etc., 

3. Motivating The Audience

Why do fitness professionals need to motivate their followers? It is much essential to be followed by fitness businesses. Whenever a person does a workout, they may feel much tiresome. So as a fitness trainer, you need to keep them motivated as much as possible. Share some inspirational fitness quotes on a daily morning. Your positivity will uplift their fitness workout to the core. In addition, you can showcase the journey of your past fitness trainees. If you follow these guidelines, you may reach out on top of Instagram. Furthermore, to showcase your popularity, you can try with EarnViews and increase your followers count. 

4. Explain To Your Audience In Your Daily Practice

Everyone is curious to know what health professionals eat and how could they maintain their fitness for an extended period. Many think diet is critical to follow, but it depends on the type of diet you follow. Fitness professionals can share a delicious recipe that they enjoy eating. Reel creation will be the best option if you want to share a recipe. 

5. Posting Before And After Photos

Ask your clients the permission to take and share photos before and after the complete training. This process is mainly done for the weight loss journey. It can be posted on a step-by-step photos lineup, from beginning, intermediate, and end, and these photos may even help the trainers check trainees’ progress. 

Pro-Tip: Use the Instagram Carousel feature to display the before and after photos. They can swipe and see your photos, thus driving engagement on your account. 

6. Follow And Collaborate With Fitness Influencers

It is predominant to be in touch with other fitness pages so that you can stay on top of the digital trends. Keep an eye on different kinds of posts and track their responses. It might inspire you as well. It will benefit you to get close to the Instagram community. Moreover, you can build a good rapport with the influencers. The first impression always is the best one. That way, collaborating and creating your first post with influencers is something more unique. 


All this may happen when you hold a successful business account. As far now, fitness businesses have a unique advantage in video marketing. Utilize the above tips to acquire prospective clients for your companies. Additionally, you can build your reach by using EarnViews, which boosts your brand awareness. Finally, experiment with new formats and eventually grow your business. We Hope the article helps to create a loyal community of followers. Thanks for reading!


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