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Dragon Age Inquisition Mods – Frosty Mod Manager – Answer Diary

Amazing collection of Dragon Age Inquisition Mods, chosen for players confuse about which mod to play or not from hundreds of created.


Inquisition is the sequel to Dragon Age II. Developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Dragon Age: Inquisition is regarded as the third major game introduction in the Dragon Age franchise. Visit 안전놀이터 to have lot of fun.

The land of Thedas turns into disruption due to disastrous events by the dragons. They darken the sky and put the lands on the verge of confusion. Mages break into an all-out war against the brutal champions. Nations are standing in opposition to each other. You are the Inquisition leader, and your goal is to hunt down the agents of confusion and disruption.

The Player can control his Inquisitor/character’s looks and strengths, the party of followers, outposts, and strongholds. Decide to make up his Inquisition forces and his way of battle. Explore and lead by tough choices define your encounter; your single decision can change the whole game.

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What are 20 Dragon Age Inquisition Mods?

Out of hundreds of best and usable Dragon Age Inquisition mods, we are elaborating top ten to help you choose.

Promo Material Unlock

Unlock various promo materials, including Avvar Mixed-Draft, Light-Torn Steed, Primal-Trained Logma, Kirkwall Throne, Legacy Ferelden Throne, Dragon Décor, Dragon Drapes, Serault Glass. Perhaps it does not unlock rings, dragon drapes, thrones, and such.

Download it here;

War Table – No Waiting

As the name is suggesting, this mod removes the wait time when going to the war table. With this mod’s help, No more spending will feel like forever staring at the loading screen every time; you need to start a new hunt.

Download this mod from here:

More Banter

No more waiting and stroll around for hours in a foe-free area in the hope to trigger Iron Bull and Dorian’s romance. This mod pulls out the “may or may not” and ensures you will hear banter every 15 minutes. You will probably be hanging there to listen to the original game banter, but you will listen to some recent banter every 10-20 minutes with this mod. Party banter has been added a drop to the story and your friends. 

Download this mod from here:

Open All Halla Doors

It all happened when a player made the common mistake of opening that first halla door, thus guarantee you cannot get Empress Celene and Briala to work with Gaspard and just because by using that halla. You cannot get into another halla door later that will certainly give you some juicy gossip to blackmail them. 

These all just not needed because this mod opens ALL Halla doors, so the player has not to dwell on accidentally opening the first door and facing UN-required circumstances.

Download this mod from here:

Increase Inventory Capacity

As the name is suggesting this mod increases the inventory capacity of the player. The player can decide how much space he will like as far as a stick to between 60 and 32,767, but it defaults to a space of 400. It is supported by Ultimate Mobility Overhaul also. This allows you to take a lot more material, although at the expense of your stamina. 

Simple Inventory Overhaul solves the inconsistency of uniforms and vests from mod to mod by dramatically increasing the player’s inventory space. It is usually recommended to use UAS and AAPM. 

Download this mod from here:

Custom Body Models

Customizable body structure for both male and female qunari, elves, and female humans and dwarves. Along with this, it comes with a beginner tutorial as well. Change physique as curvy, athletic, or standard body type.

Avail this mod at this link;

Hair Re-texture

This mod provides the ability to have a hair texture or additional hair layer extend behind a hock without another fiddling with XML. The use of alpha masks on hair enables the player to decor hair with accessories to be colored to differentiate in-game. This mod appeared to be best when combined with the other character appearance mods for the best experience. 

Download this mod from here:

No More Fog of War

Fog is a matter of inconvenience, either in real life or in-game life. We can help with real-life fog, but we are here to introduce you to the in-game fog eliminator mod. After uninstalling, you will get back to foggy maps.

Extinct your fog;

Armor – No Class Restriction

As Love Alice’s original mod is no longer working with the latest patches, this mod is rebuilt. This mod pulls out all class restrictions from looted and crafted armors in the base game and DLCs. With this mod, any armor of choice can be used without the limitation of the class. 

So this mod removes all class restrictions to maximize the playstyle. One important thing to notice is that this mod does not remove level restrictions from armors. If you want that too, you need to get another mod.

Download this mod from here:

Fall Damage Nullified

This mod can be very up in the air and unforgiving as it lessens the fall damage in Starbound by 2/3. With the help of this mod, you can have Sky hold’s freedom everywhere whenever jumping off the balcony without fear of hurting your dear Inquisitor. It abolishes the damage got from falling so you can leap and jump from wherever you wish. This mod now uses a divergent approach to fix the instability with it working and maximizing the compatibility.

Download this mod from here:

Search Radius Increased

As the mod’s name suggests, this mod increases the search radius by 50-100% while tripling the time that items found are spotted. It also removes the Line of Sight requirement that locks up things that are too difficult to reach, or that may be present on the opposite side of a wall. Radius to look for building resources increased by x20, radius to find other general resources increased by x33.

Download this mod from here:

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Party at the Winter Palace

This mod eliminates the requirement to make a hard choice by bringing everyone with you to Halamshiral because it is one of the difficult decisions of the whole game to bring in the course of the Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts quest.

The advantage is that this choice does not affect your active party for combat sections. When you are using this mod, even if Sera is not in your involved party, Red Jenny caches will spawn. You will ultimately gain her approval and still get to dance with your love interest even if you have not included them in your party as a companion.

Download this mod from here:

HD Eye Textures

Reality or things closer to real-life fascinates the gamers. You can alter the eye textures by utilizing this effective mod and switch vanilla eyes into an efficient texture. This is brighter and will produce eye clarity.

A downloadable link is provided below;

Weapons – No Class Restrictions

This mod gives an easy means to open access to the additional weapon categories to all soldier classes. It is based on the categories of weapons that are so far available to them. For example, if the soldier class is using cannons, this can also unlock Assault Rifles. 

By default, this mod does nothing completely, so there is no harm in adding or removing it. It means that if you are subscribing to this mod because of another mod’s requirement, you don’t have to do anything other.

Download this mod from here:

MoreLoot – Remade

After a while, players will likely see that defeated enemies don’t drop as much loot, and in lower-level areas, the contents of chests have grown stale. This mod is rebuilt of Dheuster’s MoreLoot mod. The random loot tables are updated so that enemies drop more items and gold, so this mod allows you to change the loot tables to increase the drop rate of gold, armor, weapons, and other items. 

It has four fully configurable versions. They have differences only in the default settings. Certainly, this mod affects every loot table in the base game. But this mod will affect if DLCs use some of the basic loot tables, but if it uses some of their unique high-level tables, this mod will not act. 

Download this mod from here:

More Inquisition Levels

Ghostfish created the More Inquisition Levels mod on Nexus Mods. This mode permits you to increase the Inquisition’s rank beyond the standard limit of 20 to get more than the average 19 perk points to spend on the pool of 34 in-game perks allowing unlocking every possible Inquisition Perk. This mod helps you to level up to 30 and gain 34 perk points.  

In the vanilla version of the game, the Inquisition couldn’t earn Influence over level 20, so the players could only get up to 19 Perks total. This mod has not to work with NewInfluenceTable or Ardent Blossom Misc Store.

Download this mod from here:

Upgraded Armor Schematics

Grab this mod and update your tire1 and tire two armor schematics to tire four armors. This mod is compatible with all levels, but armors are class restricted. Among these ten are inquisition armor schematics, Qunari armor schematics, free army schematics with other seven schematics.

For further details and download, visit

Side Braid with Bun Hair

This mod put back the braided bun mesh, i.e., Lace Harding hair. This is only available for elf and human female; dwarf female and elf male versions are expected to be added shortly. This mod is compatible with Patch 8. It works throughout the base game but does not work in Winter Palace cutscenes, and the Crossroads in Trespasser also will not appear in the Black Emporium. 

This is highly rated because of the excellent mesh quality, and the style does not clip through the Inquisitor’s armor and appears as it has always belonged in the game.

Download this mod from here:

Multiple Romance Mod

Borgelt created the Multiple Romance Mod for a more realistic take on relationships. Using this mod, players can choose the characters they may want to flirt with within the game. This mod is entirely compatible with “EdB Prepare Carefully” but not consistent with “Psychology.” Although the player chooses a romantic partner, the use of the flirt and romance options with the selected character (s) at the same time is usually not granted.

This mod:

(1) Adds Orientations to Point their sexual orientation. 

(2) Add two New Traits., “Faithful” and “Philanderer” to infer how likely a pawn is to cheat.

(3) Adds New Activities. 

(4) In general improves Romantic Behavior.

(5) Require Culture Matter. 

(6) Enable Support for Polyamory. 

(7) Balance Romance-Related Mood Penalties.

(8) Set some issues in the Game’s romance-related Code. 

Download this mod from here:

Blackwall – Warden of the North

One of the game’s party members is Blackwall and provides a potential love interest for the Inquisitor. The Blackwall – Warden of the North Mod consists of many options to give a little makeover to this character if players have ever pondered the Grey Warden’s look underneath his massive beard. Also, being able to vanish his beard for a new fresh look, players can change up Blackwell’s hairstyle as well. 

Download this mod from here:

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What is Frosty Mod Manager?

Frosty Mod Manager is the most advanced modding platform for games or, can say, a video game utility program that enables you to arrange run mods for many games by using the DICE’s Frostbite engine. The tool suite consists of an editor that creates the mods that change the game entirely and has a manager use them accordingly. 

How to Use Frosty Mod Manager?  

To use this mod manager, you first have to download the frosty mod manager, next download the skin mod probably from nexus, then extract files into a folder, and then run the frozen mod manager as admin. You have to select battlefront ii as executable, clicking ‘import mod’ and select the zip file finally click ‘launch.’

What is DAI Mod Manager?

The mod manager works to make use of the patch system to create a fake patch. The current version of the default game is 12. The mod manager makes it version 13, and this version is baked into all succeeding saves, so you can’t go back at that point to try to load that save on a game while thinking it should be version 12.

There are two ways to master this, first either use the mod manager or merge without any mods loaded. This usually creates a blank patch with only the default game stuff but still shows its version 13. Secondly, you can manually edit the version number by yourself.

How to Mod Dragon Age Inquisition?

 As the Dragon Age: Inquisition is built upon the Frostbite engine, it is blatant hard to mod, so modders have some solution that will bring a new level of customization to the game. To add mods to Dragon Age: Inquisition, the requirement is the DA-I Mod Manager and, yeah, the game.

One thing to mention is the Modding Dragon Age: Inquisition is still an experimental process. So Mods can and do break saves, so the players must continue playing without starting over. 

Therefore, it is essential to back up your saves to an earlier time before you added mods. First, you have to Download and Install the DA-I Mod Manager on the Nexus by Clicking on the Files tab, then open up the files section for the DA-I Mod Manager.

After it is downloaded, extract the files and Set up the DA-I Mod Manager, then click the launch button. Open the Dragon Age: Inquisition game folder, i.e., the Origin Games folder.

Which one is the Best Dragon Age Inquisition Mod Manager of all Time?

As the downloading mods are only the beginning. To successfully mod Dragon Age: Inquisition, players, will surely need one of two Mod Managers. The most common is DAI Mod Manager, which players can download for free.

Players can also get started using Frosty Mod Manager as DAI Mod Manager is no longer receiving updates. Frosty also permits the players to get more cosmetic mods and face retextures on all companions.  

How to Fix Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching Error?

Usually, Dragon age inquisition not launching problem can be faced while starting the installed game or game may be installed recently, but it is not launching. The user has to follow the following steps to fix the “Dragon Age Inquisition Not Launching” error:

  1. At first, step run With The Dedicated Graphics Card
  2.  After that, run a Clean Boot
  3. Then verify the Game Files
  4. Update the Graphics Card Driver
  5. Then troubleshoot Compatibility
  6. In the sixth step, you should reinstall The Direct X and VC Redist
  7. After that, you have to turn Off Full-Screen Optimizations
  8. At final Check the Computer Specifications

Are there any Dragon Age Inquisition Mods for PS4?

There’s probably only one solution that you have to use the official DA-I Mod Manager. The mods will work but still have the risk of breaking the game, so it is essential to the first backup your game saves before traveling into DAI mods. 

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Dragon Age Inquisitions is a fascinating game with multiple mods available to upgrade it. You can quickly assess these mods over steam workshop or at nexus. The elaborated mods are provided with downloadable links.

I hope that these mods would have been of great illustration and elaboration to you and would have been handy in choosing any mod for upgrading your game or enjoy it with more flavor. Hope you love reading “Dragon Age Inquisition Mods”

Please share “Dragon Age Inquisition Mods – Frosty Mod Manager – Answer Diary” with friends and family.

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