How To Deal With Scum Buckets And Insulate Yourself From their Toxicity

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Scum Buckets

“Don’t let negative and toxic people rent the space in your head. Raise the rent and kick them out!” 

Whoever uttered this gem must have had a string of bad experiences with some horrible people. We all know how toxic people can affect our lives. They can make you feel guilty about everything and continuously look for ways to make life miserable. If only there was a way of identifying these scum buckets from a distance, life would have been so much better.

But wait! Some good soul did create a list of signs that a person is a potential scum bucket. Here’s what you must look for:

They Are Delighted At Your Troubles

Guys with an evil heart get a deep sense of satisfaction when they see others in trouble. They experience a queer, perverse delight when things are not going right for you. Some scumbuckets don’t even try to mask their emotions. That crooked smile spreading on their mug says it all. 

They Never Show Remorse

No matter how bad a person is and how lowly their actions are, they will never ever blame themselves. They are unapologetic, deflect, blame effortlessly without a conscience, and have no sense of guilt. These scum buckets are never likely to exhibit any remorse.

Friendship? What’s That?

Scumbuckets can never be friends with anyone because they always look to create trouble in others’ lives. How can such people become friends? Good friends stand by you even during bad times, right? These lowly people can’t even help themselves! How can anyone expect them to become a dependable friend on whom you can count on while the chips are down? 

They Are Manipulative

Bad people are great at offering help, but they do so only when they have an ulterior motive. You can never imagine how manipulative they can get when they want to get things done. Scum bags are also identified by their penchant for belittling others publicly. They are quick to pass comments on your dress, bag, car, etc., and will pull you down and insult you at every available opportunity. 

They Have Scarce Respect for Others

Respect is not something you can equate with a scumbucket. It’s impractical to imagine they will care for others when they have no respect for practically anyone – not even their own loved ones. It’s foolhardy even to expect that they will have a good side. They only have a wrong side which can get worse when they find others are doing well.  

The best way to deal with such toxic persons is to steer clear of them. You can never hope to make them see sense or reform them. They do not have the maturity or the mindset to see reason. They are forever focused on disruptive methods. You will notice when these guys are around; the trouble is not far away. And that’s not a coincidence. They thrive on situations that are dramatic and disruptive. It’s pointless confronting them. The only solution is to cut them off from your circles. 

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