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Dark Souls Mods – Access Dark Souls 3 DLC – Answer Diary

Read about most famous and trending Dark Souls Mods loved by millions of players. It includes some answers to important questions too.


A second instalment to soul series as a third-person role-playing game. It was initially released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This game is solo as well as multiplayer. Dark Soul has two sequels under the name Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III. It is considered the masterpiece by FromSoftware and Bluepoint Games‎, being available over PS3, Xbox 360, and Windows.

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What are 20 Dark Souls Mods?

Following 20 mods will guide you best choose mod for your game to flourish:

Comfort Mod

The game’s nature is quite unforgiving for newcomers, but it can easily be turn-off by this mod. Modder ss7877 has provided a scheme to make your DS3 playthrough much more comfortable just by making changes to two of the early game items. 

It provides sleeping bags and hammocks to Minecraft that can be used just like beds in 16 different colours! They are more comfortable to use on adventures and hammocks are like an inverse bed transferring day tonight.

Two stats The Life Ring and Covetous Silver Serpent Ring now have updated and buff to help the player stay alive through the journey from the very initial to the end of the game.

Download this mod from here:


A cinder is considered probably the largest Dark Souls III out of all others. It has improved the game as well as additional content from DS gamers. This mod provides a fresh experience of the game. The latest builds are more workable, and Weapons (with some additional weapons with new upgrade paths and NPCs) have been rebalanced that fun to be tested. This allows the gamer to complete the game with a ranger build focusing on bows, not on swords.

Download this mod from here:


IGP11 is a best graphical mod, Dump and replace textures in the game and apply shader effects without affecting the GUI. This mod requires “Windows 7 64bit” or more recent. Most graphics mods are usually preset for iGP11, and it gives you complete control of graphics. This mod is good to have most of the visual changes and texture modifications.

Download this mod from here:

Draw Distance Increased – ULTIMATE

Undoubtedly, Dark Souls is good graphics-wise since the release of the first game and DS3 is surely the best-looking game of the series, but it doesn’t mean there isn’t any flaw to be made better. 

As in many games, the games provides a beautiful view of the world over the cliff so as in DS3, to appreciate the visual design of the game this mod Increased improves on the level of detail seen from a distance.

As there are many gamers, who experience textures to take too long to load when far away from the character. So by this mod, the significant graphical upgrade is made to look much better than previously exists. Most important mod in our list of Dark Souls Mods.

Download this mod from here:

 Spaghetti Penguin’s Enhanced Blood Mod

Spaghetti Penguin’s Enhanced Blood Mod sight improves on just making blood and makes it more realistic by adding splatter effects. Because violence in video games is a susceptible subject and adds real like experience in the game, this mod changes the colour of blood in the game by adding shades of crimson and dark red to make it more impressive and more realistic.

Download this mod from here:

Moonlight Greatsword Restored

Moonlight Greatsword  is one of the rarest swords in the previous games, and the gamers were curious to see if it will also appear in the third game or not. 

But many players were not excited at all like the appearance of the weapon was incredibly changed in Dark Souls III. So Modder zARCADEz brings back the last iconic look of the Moonlight Greatsword from the previous games. It is providing the same exciting period as in previous games for Moonlight Greatsword.

Download this mod from here:

 Darkdrift Reborn

Darkdrift is one of the hidden weapons in Dark Souls III. This mod makes many visual changes to the Darkdrift like adding a black flame when used to strike, making it truly badass weapon. As with many hidden items, it is not very easy to get it. You were most likely expecting something majestic than a translucent katana similar to every other katana in the game (what the vanilla version of the Darkdrift looks like).

Download this mod from here:

Visual Infusion Effects

This small mod adds visual effects to imbued weapons. As in Dark Souls, there are different weapon builds that can be explored. Visual Infusion Effects aim to maximize different weapon types are chosen to making each playthrough compelling. By adding elemental effects to weapons has a great impact in terms of gameplay. 

Download this mod from here:

Vulgar Bonfire Text Replacement

This is a simple mod that enhances somehow the feeling of achievement when you finally get to that next checkpoint. This mod change to the bonfire text, instead of “Bonfire lit”, will read “It’s Fuckin’ Lit” each time the player discovers a new bonfire. It may appear as the last light of hope after massive grinding and crushing through the game’s problematic areas. “Keep it away from children.”

Download this mod from here:

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Hunter’s Combat

This mod is having fun for the fans and gamers of Soulsborne series. With Hunter’s Combat’s help, the mod player can merge a Bloodborne experience with DS3 and replace vanilla weapons, animations, and movements that were in Bloodborne. Bloodborne has a more gothic and Victorian approach.

Download this mod from here:

Wex Dust

Invasions are an essential part of online play in Dark Souls III so simple fix to avoid the bother of finding other people to play with this mod will help. A new item known as “Wex Dust” is available, purchased by the players from the Shrine Handmaid. It is quite similar to Red Eye Orbs, but using this player will enable to match with players from all areas of the world.

Download this mod from here:

Ten (10) New Classes

10 New and unique Classes has been added to the vanilla version of the game for the players who feel that they’ve gotten the most out of the game and played many times, used every builds, and think that there is something new look at. Using this mod player can now play through the game as a Spear of the Church, Thorns Knight, Slave Knight, or Wandering Knight and few others of his own choice. Each class is having a different set of starting stats along with recent appearances.

Download this mod from here:

Ascension_Mod (RPG)

This mod increased the more explore able areas and enemy placements, new upgraded Armor set, new Weapon changes, visual effects for different damage types, new classes and New Boss Fight Music.

Download this mod from here:

The Convergence

The Convergence mod enables the player to experience whole new Dark Souls 3 with many new spells, classes, items, weapons, bosses and many more. Each of the new classes having unique playstyle and progression, custom spells, catalysts, buffing items and armour. Sounds cool, to play with other players using this mod, official password “Converge” is to be used.

Download this mod from here:

 Pocket Souls

Choose your starter by selecting a character class. This mod added new weapons, armour, items, boss battles, trainer battles and mechanics to catch unique creatures from the world of DS3 and use them to annihilate the opponent and to increase the trainer level. So it will help to unlock after a specific number of tokens have been achieved. It is different from overhaul mod. Another cool mod in our list of Dark Souls Mods.

Download this mod from here:

Aggression Mod

It is found in the list of Challenge mod. This mod allows the enemy to attack the player from a long distance. Optional versions will enable the enemy to aggro without seeing the player; it also makes the game more difficult in various ways. 

As if it wasn’t difficult to get rid of the attacks, now you have to do it with a very limited FOV. The thing that makes the game more difficult is that it was not meant to be played like this.

Download the mod from here:

Stray souls 

There are dark Soul fans who especially like the game because of the challenge. Believe it or not, there are many ways to make the game even more difficult. If you are also one of those kinds of person, then you should check out StraySouls. It makes enemies unpredictable. We are all accustomed to the attitude of trial and error, and it will not work anymore.

Even enemies can be multiplied up to 9x. I don’t know if you would want this, but if you love challenging games, you should try this mod.

Download the mod from here:

Enable Classes Poise

Most of the fans of Dark Souls were downhearted by the poise machine in DS3. The poise machines were not working at all. By enabling this mode, you can use poise machine just the same as they worked in preceding Souls games. This mod is exciting and attractive for those who are into building tanks. This is a must-try mod, and you should give it a shot. 

Download the mod from here:

Vulgar Death Message Replacement 

Same as Bone Fire Replacement mod, this mod replaces the death message from game. It has turned into something you might have been thinking about after getting defeated by the same boss for 30th time. This mod makes the dying less irritating. 

Download the mod from here:

Colour Clarity

There are many visual presets that are accessible in iGP11.In all possibilities, clarity is the best. This mod enables you to have a better view of the game. If you want everything to look better and clear, this mod is meant for this purpose. The colours are more lively and spirited, that makes the world look more pragmatic.

The environment of game stripes sharply whereas gameplay is not affected. This mod doesn’t affect the shadows and brightness so that everything may still be visible. Last mod in our list of Dark Souls Mods.

Download the mod from here;

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Is Dark Souls 3 Co-Op?

Up to four players can play in co-op, and the player should be standing in the same area before starting this process, so another player can quickly locate the sign of you. This process does not require Ember. The first step is to open the ‘Settings’ menu and turn to the ‘Online’ tab. Secondly, click the box marked ‘Password Matching’ and enter a password of your own choice. Simultaneously, the other player with whom you wanted to play should enter the same password in the same box in his game.

What is Dark Souls 3 Mugenmonkey?  

MugenMonkey is considered to be the most popular tool for the Souls series. MugenMonkey is a unique site reserved to provide tools, calculators, and build planners for video games of the Souls and Bloodborne series.

Some of the things that can do with MugenMonkey are:

  • Can craft a min-maxed character for, Dark Souls 3 perfectly 
  • Your builds can be saved so you can and share them with friends
  •  people’s submitted builds can be browsed
  • The player can make lists of all their favourite builds and can also share them online
  • Attack Rating for any Dark Souls 3  weapon can be calculated
  • optimal armour for your body can be determined
  • optimal starting class for the character can be determined

Which one is Dark Souls 3 Best Armor?

In Dark Souls 3 the armour sets are incredibly varied in their detail and orientation it has all from the plated armour of the Lothric Knights and thee leather garb of assassin Leonhard. There are some sets like an undead legion set, Leonhard’s set, wolf knight set, Alvas armour set, and the sun’s armour. Each set of armour is having a bit different set of resistances.

If technically seen, the armour can significantly make the game more accessible because the damage is sure but doesn’t matter so much as the player can beat the game without receiving any hit. As the game was built on the bloodborne engine, if the player wears just a loincloth, that will be enough armour.

What is Sorceries in Dark Souls 3?

Sorceries are a sort of Magic with the widest variety of damage types, effects and scales basically with Intelligence. There are a total of 38 sorceries, unique Key Items called Scrolls) like Miracles, pyromancies and the ringed city spells) are to be given to unlock them from merchants.   

How long is Dark Souls 3?

In Dark Souls 3 NPCs assigned many tasks, and there are many further bosses and locations that the player has to find first then defeat, or complete. Time can be more significant if the player wants to kill all the bosses and varies with the number of tries. But the estimated completion time for Dark Souls 3 is 32 hours just if the player focuses on the storyline itself, defeating only the main bosses. You can play Dark Souls Mods to enjoy more many hours.

What are Bloodborne Monsters?

Bloodborne is awful. Rotting bodies in rotten sacks scrap its streets; pieces of bone and stained blood are their set dressings. But Bloodborne is a twisted vision of London with natural views. Enemies in Bloodborne are different in size, their mod of attacks and their aversion. It is essential to learn to attack patterns and habits of Bloodborne enemies to succeed in the game. 

 What is Dark Souls 3 Katana Build?  

Katanas are a Weapon Category in Dark Souls that are fast-swinging weapons for dealing Slash and Thrust damage with strong running attacks. The damage can be from moderate to good and deal Bleed. These are good in many scenarios, but their durability is very low.

How to Access Dark Souls 3 DLC?

Announced on January 23rd, 2017 by Bandai Namco, The Ringed City DLC is the second and final DLC for Dark Souls 3 released on March 28th, 2017. There is the following access method:

The Ringed City DLC is accessed by travelling to Kiln of the First Flame and discovering a new bonfire before Soul of Cinder that transports you to the DLC location.

 If you are choosing the second method, you have to port to the Sister Friede bonfire first. If you last saved there and then start the DLC the bonfire will not be there. You have to port to Firelink and port back, and it will be there. The area is suggested for SL100+.

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Perfection doesn’t exist, and there are always some little gaps to be filled. Developers make the game more missionary and adventures, but these adventures might sometimes make your destination challenging to achieve. To overcome these hurdles, few of the best mods are presented above to choose and have a guide.Hope you love reading “Dark Souls Mods”

I hope this guide would have been handy to you!

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